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Unlocking A2P Messaging: Revolutionizing Customer Service and Experience

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With the rise of mobile technology, companies have more chances to improve their customer service and deliver a personalized experience. One tool that has changed how companies talk to their customers is A2P messaging, which allows them to send automated messages. Businesses can manage enormous volumes of support inquiries quickly and effectively while providing meaningful interactions to each client using this technology.

Several industries, like BFSI, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce, use A2P messages extensively.

Some essential business communication tools include:

  • A2P: Application-to-Peer messages sent to humans by automated services.
  • P2P: Peer-to-Peer messages, also known as “Person-to-Person” messages, are transmitted between individuals.
  • SMS is short for “Short Message Service.” An SMS message can only be 160 characters or less.

Definition of A2P (Application to Person) Messaging:

What is A2P messaging? 

A2P (Application to Person) SMS is software that sends messages to mobile devices. Thousands of messages can be sent every second using an SMS gateway to various phone numbers worldwide. A2P messages like these are often called business or professional messages.

Since over 98% of messages are opened, A2P texts are cost-effective for businesses to increase customer engagement. The consumer can be updated via A2P messaging about new orders, reminders for service appointments, recalls for products, and emergency notifications. Two-factor authentication and messaging of a promotional and sales-type are also on the list.

A2P SMS platformthat facilitates client communication delivers time-sensitive notifications and verifies active users and mechanisms. Businesses are using it more to achieve marketing goals. 

One-way communications include reminders, code authentication, and account logins.

A2P messages are mainly:

  • It is one-way or two-way
  • With CRM integration or automation
  • Informative, conversational, or transactional

Definition of P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Messaging:

What is P2P messaging?

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) SMS is the simplest form of text messaging and occurs when two users with different smartphones and SIM cards exchange text messages.

Consider the messages we send to our acquaintances, coworkers, and family. For example, we may text our mother a simple text message to see how she’s doing.

P2P messaging is mainly:

  • Two-way
  • Individual use only; not for commercial purposes
  • Only for use in conversation

How To Conduct A2P Messaging?

A2P SMS integrates messaging into software, systems, and websites. Typically, businesses use an SMS API to incorporate SMS, enabling the system to automatically control the a2p sms traffic according to their specifications.

Carriers must have accepted your business case before you can continue transmitting A2P messages.

You must also adhere to all applicable regulations and laws concerning compliance. Service providers offer three sender IDs for businesses sending SMS.

These are:

  1. Promotional SMS Marketing Initiatives: SMS marketing campaigns are the most efficient methods of communicating with customers.
  2. Text message appointment reminders: Appointment reminders are widely used in the service industry to maintain high customer satisfaction and low no-show rates, increasing revenue.
  3. Notifications and alerts for emergencies: Text messaging is widely used to notify patients, customers, cities, or countries of changing conditions or emergencies.

A2P Message Types

Based on the messaging service and the country, A2P messaging offers a variety of number types. In general, the following are the most popular number formats used for A2P messaging:

  • Messaging shortcodes are four- or five-digit numbers. They are frequently used in marketing campaigns, voting, and other interactive message services.
  • Long codes are conventional phone numbers used for A2P communication. Businesses frequently use them for two-way communication, such as consumer service and order tracking.
  • A 10DLC number is a 10-digit phone number made for A2P messages. They have faster messaging throughput than lengthy code numbers and have been validated by carriers to guarantee they adhere to industry norms and best practices. 10DLC numbers also offer message templates to assist organizations in complying with carrier and industry rules.
  • Toll-free numbers begin with digits like 800, 888, or 877. Customer support, marketing, and A2P messaging use them.
  • There is no need to have a physical phone line while using a virtual phone number. A2P messages are prevalent in countries without short codes or long codes.
  • Alphanumeric strings called sender ids are used to identify message senders. In countries without short codes or long codes, they serve for A2P messaging like virtual numbers.

The Benefits of A2P Messaging for Business

A2P messaging’s significant business benefits are:

1. Affordable Tool

Investing correctly in marketing initiatives can be highly challenging. Consider cost when choosing the most effective marketing tools. With their ever-changing guidelines and fees, social media networks are inconsistent marketing channels. An A2P messaging service provides a reliable tool at a low cost.

2. Automates SMS Marketing

A2P SMS Platforms eliminate the requirement to transmit SMS messages to each client. Instead, one can use an A2P SMS Service to enter the text, share a list of clients’ mobile phone numbers, and click the “Send” option to send the message instantly. One can also schedule campaigns by selecting an appropriate date and time for the automatic delivery.

3. Quick and Efficient Tool

Social media and email messages might go ignored for days or weeks. Most people must pay attention to a new SMS in their phone’s inbox. Businesses can also reach more devices over IP when they use push notifications. If someone gets a notification, they are more likely to read and respond to it. SMS messages are concise and meaningful, making them faster than emails.

4. Secure Environment

A2P SMS Platforms use role-based access control with 2FA login. In addition, IP login blacklisting and whitelisting, as well as topology hiding, provide further layers of protection against malware and exploits. A2P SMS market with SMS Firewall blocks and monetizes SMS traffic to prevent virus attacks.

5. Analytical Reporting

A2P SMS Solutions have advanced analytics and reporting. These technologies give businesses clear, valuable SMS campaign insights. To improve, compare campaign reports with similar aims. This data view helps companies to understand client behaviour and plan marketing efforts.

What Numbers or Senders Should You Use For A2P?

According to the latest regulation from the India TRAI, Sender ID registration must be done through the DLT site. All businesses must register under the new law on the DLT system with Headers, Templates, and Consents. When you register your business, you’ll be assigned a unique ID number.

  • OTP/Transactional SMS with 6 Digit Alpha.
  • Six-digit numeric for SMS promotions.

The SMS sender ID will have a two-letter prefix that indicates the carrier responsible for delivering the message.
International customers cannot use Alpha Sender ID, which will be altered to a random shortcode.

The Top A2P Messaging Trends Use Cases

As SMS becomes more popular, more sectors and service providers recognize the advantageous features of A2P messaging. Due to increased competitiveness, many sectors are investing in A2P messages. OTT platforms are among the most recent trends driving the expansion of the A2P SMS market. Here are some A2P messaging trends that businesses can plan.

  • Self-Service: Real-time cloud communications are growing; organizations want easy, configurable solutions to incorporate messaging applications.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (TFA): A2P messaging for two-factor authentication (via a one-time passcode [OTP]) is a fast, reliable, and secure solution that is becoming an industry standard and gaining end-user popularity.
  • OTT Applications: SMS is the channel for brand/business messaging, even as people use OTT platforms for personal communications.

Examples of Current Trends

Here are some examples of recent A2P messaging advancements. They could connect businesses and customers. To be more specific concerning the context of marketing and sales:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) sends a one-time password to a mobile device to secure an account.
  • Suspicious account activity prompts anti-fraud notifications.
  • A2P messaging is used in the retail, banking, and travel industries to notify customers of flight status updates, account activities, and more.
  • Smartphones and OTT platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and others enable rich communication services like videos, images, sound clips, and more, which boosts customer engagement and opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Reservation confirmations and status updates are made available online in real-time.
  • IoT updates and notification messages between AI assistance and mobile phones

Top Factors Guiding the Global Market for A2P Messaging:

A2P (application-to-person) messaging lets organizations offer clients real-time information and services. A2P messaging is becoming more popular because of several things, such as more people using mobile internet, lower business costs, and easy customer communication. The most vital factors that affect the A2P SMS market around the world:

1. Greater Customer Engagement

Especially now, when face-to-face interactions are declining, A2P messaging providers rapidly replace traditional client engagement methods. A2P platforms provide scalable, tailored interaction with multiple clients via one-way or two-way conversation.

2. Better than emails

Text messages are among the most effective communication methods with consumers and employees. Texting is immediate, has a higher immediate response rate than email, and is simply readable on mobile devices. With a 98% read rate and a nearly instantaneous response time, it is a fantastic medium for spreading your message. On-the-go readers respond more to these messages.

3. Scalable Design

A2P SMS platforms are scalable and reliable for high-volume message connections. It helps maximise customer reach to achieve global scalability. A2P messaging services are the backbone of business communication that can grow quickly because they can be changed for different uses and linked with different systems.

4. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Advanced messaging systems offer real-time message campaign analytics and reporting. These tools help companies enhance their message efforts by comparing reports of initiatives with similar goals. This helps them understand client behavior and plan marketing efforts.

5. Security

A2P SMS platforms offer comprehensive security and support for message delivery, preventing detrimental or malicious activities. For security, the platforms use 2-factor authentication and monitor access. Topology concealment and SSL support to safeguard your network from malware and exploits. SMS Firewall blocks and monetises SMS communications to prevent malicious messages.

A2P Vs P2P Messaging

Typically, the primary distinction between A2P vs P2P messaging lies in their respective purposes and send volumes. P2P messages are frequently used for confidential purposes and between a single sender and receiver. A2P messages can reach thousands of recipients and are widely used for marketing.

AttributeP2P MessagingA2P Messaging
Throughput15–60 messages/minA lot more than P2P; however, the precise number varies from provider to provider
VolumeEvery day, people can send and receive 1,000 texts.It allows up to 200,000 daily messages.
Unique SenderAn individual uses one 10-digit mobile number.There may be multiple registered phone numbers for businesses. Included are 10DLCs, shortcodes, and toll-free numbers.
Unique RecipientsThe number varies depending on your network and mobile device.Businesses can text their full opt-in database.
Balance1:1 outgoing-to-incoming ratio per phone number.Promotional messages prevent most 1:1 interactions. 10DLC numbers with A2P messages provide 1:1 conversational messages.

The Best Ways To Use A2P Messages In Customer Service:

A2P messaging requires careful preparation and execution to achieve optimal results. Best practices for A2P messages for delivering superior customer support are outlined here.

1. Data collection and segmentation:

Before using A2P messaging, you should collect information about your customers to determine the best way to reach them. Customers should be segmented by demographics and buying history. This lets you target specific client groups with your A2P messages, enhancing relevance and engagement.

2. Put privacy and security first:

A2P messaging is susceptible to attack, particularly when transmitting sensitive information. Thus, a secure messaging platform should include encryption of data, two-factor authentication, and SSL. Businesses must also communicate clearly with customers about data usage, privacy rules, and opt-out options.

3. Give distinct opt-out options:

To respect customer choices and avoid legal issues, provide a simple procedure for opting out of A2P messaging. This may involve providing consumers with an opt-out keyword search or a link to a preference section where they may control their messaging preferences.

4. RBM and customised messaging:

With the help of Rich Business Messaging (RBM), businesses can reach their clients with messages that include graphics, videos, and interactive buttons.
This A2P SMS platform offers a great chance to explore client engagement through targeted communications. Companies may send more personalised, customer-responsive messages by using data segmentation insights.

5. Keep An Eye On Message Frequency:

Businesses should monitor and alert messaging frequency to prevent overwhelming clients. One option is limiting how many messages can be sent daily or weekly.

6. Connect with the CRM Platform:

A2P messaging integration with existing customer relationship management systems allows firms to streamline communication channels and increase efficiency. Teams can organize client, complaints and service inquiries by combining customer relationship management (CRM) platforms with A2P messaging providers.

Common Applications for A2P SMS Messaging:

A2P messaging can improve customer service in many ways for modern enterprises. Here are some examples:

1. Updating orders

E-commerce companies can notify clients via SMS when their orders are shipped or delivered. As a result, fewer custo

2. Appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders are useful for service industries such as healthcare services, salons, and vehicle repair shops. This reduces no-shows while also improving overall customer service.

3. Requests for surveys

Businesses can use SMS surveys to collect feedback from clients on their experiences. Companies This can help organizations find ways to improve customer service.


Challenges With A2P SMS Messaging

  • Fraud, malpractice: A2P messaging providers are vulnerable to malpractices since intermediary organizations process and send client messages. Telcos lose termination fees because intermediaries use the lowest SMS routes. A2P messaging can phish subscribers and impersonate banks to steal sensitive data. To secure themselves and their subscribers, telecoms require firewalls and surveillance.
  • Losing Behind OTT Competitors:  Unlike SMS, OTT messaging programmes like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram offer greater features and functionality. With OTT platforms giving corporations interactive features, telecommunications firms worry about losing their lead in A2P messaging.

A2P SMS Advantages for the Marketing Campaign

A2P messaging has grown in popularity for commercial applications for many reasons.

  1. Personalisation: Consumers prefer brief, personalized communications specific to their needs. Businesses can provide a more personalized service to their clients with A2P messaging.
  2. Reach and Engagement: Open rates for SMS are greater and faster than open rates for emails. AllIn actuality, 98% of messages sent through SMS get read compared to 20% of emails.
  3. Relevancy: SMS messages are accessed more frequently and faster than email messages, allowing messaging to satisfy the end-users more immediate needs. SMS messages are usually read within 3 minutes, and 19% of people click on them, while only 2% click on emails.
  4. Cost-effective: In recent years, digital marketing has grown excessively expensive. Some digital channels seem less ROI-effective when you compare their costs to their returns. The most cost-effective direct marketing is A2P Messaging.
  5. A2P simplifies scheduling: A2P marketing lets businesses instantly remind clients of appointments. Using A2P, this procedure is fully automated with minimal human involvement. People find out about their future appointments quickly and with minimal effort.
  6. A2P sends messages rapidly: A2P marketing helps marketers quickly share important information with clients and customers.

How Businesses Can Use A2P Messaging to Increase Customer Engagement

Customer engagement and feedback are essential for businesses promoting products or services. It generatesIt helps create focused marketing initiatives and gather product/service improvement feedback.

A2P worldwide SMS services let you market or authenticate to overseas customers. It helps many organisations, from big multinationals to small businesses. The goal of all of these organizations is engagement. You can use secondary sales services, surveying, service-based subscriptions, tracking, and even more forms of feedback generation.

Using A2P messaging, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and engagement. This is because it facilitates prompt feedback from customers and communication.

Businesses can more easily reach and update their clients using the A2P SMS platform.

A2P messaging lets enterprises mass text. This allows you to reach out to many people with a unified message. You can automate sending SMS messages to clients appropriately when using A2P SMS platforms.

You can link to the following:

  • Order tracking
  • Make a voucher claim
  • Take part in a survey.
  • Experience a video.
  • Open an email or PDF about a new release.

Best A2P Messaging Providers

  1. Fonada is an A2P messaging provider that enables your company to send notifications, reminders, and even promotional messages to your customers via any application. The simple SMS API allows developers to quickly add SMS functionality to enterprise apps, allowing you to reach out to customers in the most convenient way possible.
  2. Infobip is the best digital communication company in the world. It offers a full-stack Communications Platform and zero-hop connections to global telecommunications. The company helps organizations globally connect, engage, and satisfy customers.
  3. SAP is a well-known company that makes business resource planning software. It builds systems that make it easy for organizations to process data and share information. Businesses can improve complex business processes by providing real-time information to employees across departments.
  4. Sinch, formerly CLX Communications, provides cloud communications, A2P SMS, and telephone services. It uses sign-ups and logins that are easy and safe to protect companies, improve the user experience, and boost conversion rates.
  5. Tata Communications is a digital ecosystem that helps organisations reach their full potential by enabling borderless expansion, boosting product development and customer experience, productivity and efficiency, agility, and risk management. Tata Communications powers the next level of intelligence driven by cloud, mobile, IoT, collaboration, privacy, and network services.

How Can Businesses Evaluate A2P Message Campaigns?

To evaluate the efficacy of their A2P messaging efforts, firms can use the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

1. Rates of Response:

The success of an organisation’s A2P messaging strategy can be analysed by tracking the percentage of recipients who take action in response to communications.

2. The rates of conversion:

Tracking the number of individuals who make a purchase or book an appointment after getting an A2P communication can help marketers measure the effects of their initiatives.

3. Scores for customer satisfaction:

Businesses may improve their A2P communications by asking customers for feedback.
Data analytics can help businesses optimise A2P messaging initiatives by revealing customer behaviour and preferences.

Why Fonada for Your Business Communication

Effective business communication helps create a positive work atmosphere and outperforms competitors. Fonada is renowned for revolutionising communication through the use of cutting-edge technology.

A2P messaging is used for various including customer support, marketing, and notifications. It authenticates users and sends OTPs for two-factor authentication. Fonada provides a variety of services to assist you in locating profitable solutions. An SMS gateway mediates a texting app’s connection to the mobile network called an SMS aggregator. They connect carrier networks and A2P messaging service providers like Fonada.

Fonada interacts with CRMs and offers advanced messaging features — allowing you to manage all customer communications from one platform.

  • Scheduled text messaging
  • Automated text messaging
  • Simple conversation management
  • Assigning team members to conversations
  • Broadcast messaging and group messaging
  • Message customisation and much more


Demand for seamless integration solutions is rising as more companies use A2P messaging systems. Because of its adaptability, superior quality, and worldwide reach, A2P SMS platforms are experiencing a meteoric rise in demand worldwide. Quick information transmission has increased productivity and introduced new revenue streams. All these reasons explain why A2P messaging services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses around the world.

Contact Fonada immediately to learn how easy it is to implement A2P messaging in your business.