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Bulk SMS Service In Bangalore

Want to become a well-known and established brand in the business market of Bangalore? Don’t worry! Fonada is the one-stop solution for all your customer engagement needs. Our premium bulk SMS service in Banglore is designed to assist businesses in every possible manner so they can seamlessly connect and interact with their targeted audience. 

Bulk SMS services have become integral to every business’s marketing strategy, irrespective of their sector or industry. These services enable businesses to connect with their target audience and extend their reach. Bangalore has a fiercely competitive business market compared to other cities in India. The city is renowned for its advanced technologies and openness to new ideas, making it a startup hub. Due to endless business opportunities, it has attracted businesses from all sectors, leading to increased competition. 

Fonada, the best bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore, understands the exact need of businesses and offers reliable bulk SMS services, voice SMS services, IVR services, and bulk email marketing services to help enterprises survive in Bangalore’s competitive environment


Features That Make Fonada, Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Bangalore

Transactional SMS

Get access to instant and reliable communication channels for sending alerts, reminders, and OTPs.

Integrated DND Check

With an Integrated Do Not Disturb (DND) check, reach your target audience effectively.

Supports Multiple SMS Campaigns

Customize and manage all your SMS campaigns simultaneously from a single portal.

Promotional SMS

Keep your audience informed about new launches, updates and offers with promotional SMS.

High Open Rates

It's a proven fact that SMS messages have a higher open rate than any other form of communication tool. By ensuring reliable delivery, connect with your target audience and boost customer engagement.

Affordable and High ROI

Fonada's bulk SMS service in Bangalore is popular among businesses due to its affordability and effectiveness. Compared to traditional marketing methods, SMS marketing provides high returns at low costs.

Why Choose Fonada For Bulk SMS Service In Bangalore?

Elevate Your Marketing Campaign

Boost Customer Engagement

Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy With Our Bulk SMS Service In Bangalore

Quick SMS Deliveries With Detailed Delivery Reports

Highly Affordable

Modify And Update Your Contact Lists As Per Your Needs

Reach Your Target Audience

24*7 Customer Support

Due to its dependable and cost-efficient services, Fonada’s bulk sms in Bangalore has emerged as the preferred choice of numerous businesses and enterprises.

Who Can Use Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service In Bangalore?

Our bulk SMS services cater to a diverse range of industries and sectors. Whether you’re an individual or a business looking to expand your customer base, you can rely on our services to send alerts, provide information, or deliver promotional SMS to your target audience

Banking & Finance




Consumer Goods


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Media & Advertisement

Consulting Services




Government & Public Utilities

Food & Beverages



Beauty Services

Web CRM & ERP Technology

About Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service

Fonada is India’s top bulk SMS service provider, offering a range of solutions such as promotional and transactional SMS, chatbots, WhatsApp business API, Voice SMS, and WhatsApp OTP service. Our aim is to help businesses reach their target audience quickly and efficiently, enabling effective marketing strategies for their products and services. We ensure proper audience reach by promoting steady growth and expansion for our clients.

We Offer Popular Bulk SMS Services For Various Cities, Including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get online technical support from bulk SMS service providers in Banglore?

Yes, you can get in touch with our customer support team round-the-clock for any queries you have. Contact us through our official toll free number or email ID.

Can I send promotional messages anytime to my customers in Banglore?

Yes, you send promotional SMS to your customers anytime in the day using our bulk sms service in Bangalore.

Who is the best bulk SMS service provider in Banglore?

Fonada leads the bulk SMS service industry in Bangalore because of its highly affordable bulk SMS plans and excellent services.

Can I send messages on both DND and NDND numbers using your service?

Yes, our bulk SMS services empower you to send and deliver text messages to both DND and non-DND registered numbers.