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Bulk SMS Service In Chennai

A business can survive in the competitive marketplace of Chennai only if it knows how to establish quick and reliable communication with its customers. Fonada understood this growing need of businesses and created the perfect solution in the form of a Bulk SMS Service in Chennai. The solution is affordable and has the potential to revolutionize how businesses engage with their target audiences.

 We are one of the leading bulk SMS providers in Chennai, popularly known for offering cost-effective solutions to reach a large number of recipients simultaneously. Whether you are a startup, a small-scale business, a non-profit organization, or a large corporation, our service caters to all, enabling businesses to engage, inform, and interact with their customers effortlessly.

Features Of Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service In Chennai

Rapidly expand your customer database with Fonada, the most affordable bulk sms service provider in Chennai.

Transactional SMS

Deliver notifications, prompts, and one-time passwords via the most dependable communication channels.

Promotional SMS

Ensure your audience stays informed about the latest launches and offers through promotional SMS messages.

Large-Scale messaging

Efficiently distribute a high volume of text messages to your target audience in real time.

Scheduled Messaging

Plan and schedule your SMS campaigns to be delivered at your desired date and time.

Delivery Reports And Analytics

Fetch delivery reports and analytics using our advanced dashboard.

Integration With Existing Systems

APIs or integration capabilities help you to connect and integrate the service with your existing buisness systems or CRM.

Two-way Communication

Our Bulk SMS service supports 2-way communication, which means you can engage with your customers in real-time & strategize sms marketing in chennai.

Why Choose Fonada As The Bulk SMS Service Provider In Chennai?

If you want an affordable and user-friendly bulk SMS service in Chennai, it would be wise to choose Fonada as it offers notable features, including:

User-Friendly Interface For Easy Management And Execution Of SMS Campaigns

Competitive Pricing Plans That Fit BusinessesOf All Sizes

Customizable Options To Personalize Your Messaging

Prompt And Responsive Customer Support To Address Any Inquiries Or Concerns

Highly Affordable

Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing Campaign

Lets Businesses Engage With Their Customers At The Scale

24*7 Customer Support

Smartly Strategize Your Marketing Strategy With Our Bulk SMS Service In Hyderabad

No Failed Delivery And Detailed Analysis Of Every Message Sent To The Recipient Highly Affordable

Who Can Use Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service In Chennai?

Fonada’s Bulk SMS service in Chennai is suitable for a wide range of individuals and businesses that can benefit from effective and efficient communication. Here are some examples:

Banking & Finance




Consumer Goods


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Media & Advertisement

Consulting Services




Government & Public Utilities

Food & Beverages



Beauty Services

Web CRM & ERP Technology

About Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service

Fonada is India’s most trusted and affordable SMS service provider, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions encompassing promotional and transactional SMS, chatbots, WhatsApp Business API, Voice SMS, and WhatsApp OTP service. Our primary objective is to empower businesses by facilitating efficient communication with their target audience through strategic and impactful marketing tactics.

We Offer Popular Bulk SMS Services For Various Cities, Including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing structure for bulk SMS services?

We have designed our pricing structure to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We give priority to offering highly cost-effective services which are not heavy on the pocket.

Which bulk SMS service provider among businesses is considered the top choice in Chennai?

While there are many Bulk SMS service providers in Chennai, FONADA is the most reputed and preferred option trusted by businesses.

Does your service support filtering of DND numbers while running bulk SMS campaigns?

Yes, you can filter DND numbers while running your Bulk SMS campaign using our service.