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Bulk SMS In Pune

Over the years, Pune has emerged as an IT hub for startups and new business ventures. This rapid growth brought huge opportunities for both individuals and corporations. The expansion of businesses needs potential marketing efforts that help them to define their target audience and boosts brand awareness among users. To maintain a smooth flow of communication with customers in a business environment, bulk SMS marketing has become necessary for businesses to compete in the market competition.

Fonada, a renowned bulk SMS service provider in Pune, understands the exact need of today’s business landscape and offers various solutions that help businesses grow and build strong relationships with customers. 

If you are running a business and want to survive in the competitive business environment of Pune, bulk SMS services can be an absolute solution for your marketing requirements. With our advanced bulk SMS service in Pune, you can efficiently run your marketing campaign, generate leads, make announcements, update your customer about new products, services, etc.

Unique Features Of Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service

SMS Retries

No more failed deliveries. Our SMS retry functionality ensures your SMS marketing campaign is safeguarded from all network-related issues.

DND Check

Filter numbers with advanced Do Not Disturb (DND) check and effectively reach your target audience.

Multiple SMS Campaigns

Customize and manage all your SMS campaigns simultaneously from a single portal.

SMS Scheduling

The SMS scheduling feature enables you can run the same campaign in multiple slots or multiple SMS campaigns in the same slot.

Transactional & Promotional SMS

Fonada’s Bulk SMS service in Pune effortlessly enables you to send both promotional and transactional SMS to the masses and keep them updated on new offers, promotional SMSes, OTPs, etc.

3rd-Party Application Integration

Our bulk SMS supports integration with third-party applications, streamlining your campaign procedures by linking your system with CRM, Google Sheets, Zoho apps, and other platforms.

Why Choose Fonada For Bulk SMS Service In Pune?

Fast SMS Deliveries With Detailed Delivery Reports

Cost-Effective Solutions For Your Messaging Needs

User-Friendly Contact List Management Features

Effective Targeting Of Your Desired Audience

Improved Marketing Campaigns Resulting In Increased Revenue

Enhanced Customer Engagement With Our Services

Professional Assistance In Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

24/7 Customer Support To Address Your Concerns And Queries.

Who Can Use Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service In Pune?

Our Bulk SMS Services cater to an array of industries and sectors. Whether you are an individual or a business looking to expand your customer base, you can count on us to deliver alerts, information, or promotional SMS to your intended audience.

The Sectors That Can Benefit From Our Services Include:

Banking & Finance




Consumer Goods


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Media & Advertisement

Consulting Services




Government & Public Utilities

Food & Beverages



Beauty Services

Web CRM & ERP Technology

About Fonada’s Bulk SMS Service

Fonada is India’s leading & bulk SMS service provider in Pune, offering an array of solutions that include transactional, promotional SMSes, voice OTP, chatbot, WhatsApp business API, Voice SMS, Whatsapp OTP service, and more. As a Trusted Bulk SMS Service Provider In Pune, we help enterprises reach their target audience by facilitating effective marketing strategies for their products and services.

We Offer Popular Bulk SMS Services For Various Cities, Including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is providing reasonable bulk SMS services in Pune?

Fonada stands out as the sole Bulk SMS Provider in Pune renowned for delivering cost-effective Bulk SMS Services to businesses.

Does Fonada offer online technical support in Pune?

Our technical assistance is available 24/7. You can contact us by dialing our toll free number or via our official email address. Our team of experts is always ready to provide you with complete assistance for all your queries in every possible manner.

Can educational institutes use bulk SMS?

Yes, educational institutes can use bulk SMSes to keep their students posted about new updates, notices and information about academics and others.

How to Send Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a web-based messaging service. To send bulk SMS, you need to Log-in via our bulk SMS dashboard with your username and password. After a successful login, you can send bulk SMSes to your intended audience.

How many letters or characters are limited to a single message?

As per TRAI's rules and regulations, an SMS typically consists of 160 characters. However, the character count may vary depending on the message type or language used in the SMS.