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Features of Bulk SMS Service

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Bulk SMS Service

Promotional & Transactional SMS

Send OTPs, alerts, promotional offers, and transactional messages to your target audience with our seamless messaging system.

DND Check

Filter the numbers based on the Do Not Disturb check and effectively reach your intended target audience.

Supports Multiple
SMS Campaigns

Run multiple SMS campaigns simultaneously without any interference and efficiently customize and manage them all from a single portal.

Marketing Campaigns

Schedule SMS campaigns of your choice by running the same campaign in multiple time slots or multiple campaigns in the same slot.


Broaden your customer base through SMS retry functionality and safeguard your marketing campaign from network-related issues.

3rd Party
Application Integration

Streamline your campaign procedures by linking your system with CRM, Google Sheet, Zoho apps, and other platforms.

Use cases

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS is a service that enables businesses of all sizes to send a large number of SMS messages to a group of recipients at once. It is generally used to send promotional and transactional SMS to a mass audience, such as sending alerts, promotions, reminders and other types of information to the target audience. Businesses can send bulk SMS using a web-based platform, API integration with the company’s systems, or a standalone software application.

Bulk SMS services are widely used across various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and more, for multiple purposes such as customer engagement, marketing, brand awareness, etc. Bulk SMS services help enterprises quickly and efficiently reach the target audience and contribute to their growth.

How Bulk SMS Services Work?

Bulk SMS services enable businesses to send bulk text messages to their target audience through web-based platforms or APIs.

Here’s a general outline of how the process works with Fonada’s Bulk SMS service:

Stage 01
Account setup

To start using Bulk SMS services, you need to create an account with us. Account creation requires details such as your business name, contact information and payment details.

Stage 02
Message Creation

You can create and send text messages directly from our Bulk SMS platform. You can also schedule messages for a specific date and time.

Stage 03
Message Delivery

We send your messages to the intended recipients through participating mobile network operators.

Stage 04
Reporting and Tracking

To track the performance and success of your campaigns, you can ask us to provide you with detailed reports and analytics, such as delivery and response rates.

Benefits of Using Bulk SMS Service

Achieve Greater Outcomes With Less Investments

Instant Delivery

Reach your customers instantly. Our bulk SMS platform guarantees your message will reach your customers’ inboxes in real-time.

High Conversion Rate

Maximize your conversion rate through SMS Campaigns. Unlike emails, SMS have high open rates, which ensure maximum conversion.

Target Right Audience

Filter your campaign effectiveness to reach your target audience by conducting a Do Not Disturb (DND) check.

Low Investment
& High Returns

SMS platforms hosted on the cloud offer valuable features like campaign tracking and analysis.


Generate message templates featuring personalized content to engage your audience.

Our Clients


Across several industries, you can use our bulk SMS service to notify, converse and engage with your customers.

Banking & Finance




Consumer Goods


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Media & Advertisement

Consulting Services




Government & Public Utilities

Food & Beverages



Beauty Services

Web CRM & ERP Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS service allows businesses to send text messages in large quantities to their target segment. This service is often used for marketing campaigns, notifications, alerts, reminders, and other purposes.

Bulk SMS service connects businesses to SMS gateway providers with direct connections with mobile network operators. The businesses upload their contact lists, create messages, and specify the desired delivery time. The SMS gateway providers then distribute the messages to the designated recipients’ mobile phones.

The benefits of using bulk SMS service include high open and read rates, cost-effectiveness, scalability, instant delivery, customizability, trackability, and audience targeting.