WhatsApp Business API

What is Whatsapp Business API?

For businesses of any scale, the Whatsapp Business API elevates your communication with nationwide consumers. Connect with them on Whatsapp via a secure and reliable channel.

With Whatsapp business API integration, you can send promotional as well as transactional messages to clients or new prospects with creative inclusions such as audio and video options.

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Advantages of Fonada’s Whatsapp Business API

Centralized Dashboard

Manage incoming texts and calls with a personalized dashboard for easy communication and customer engagement.

Universal Integration

A Whatsapp Business API provider, like us, allows multiple user sign-in to the dashboard. In addition to the previous feature, we permit third-party software integration.

Track Performance

With a green checkmark and provided verification, measure key metrics such as message open rate to improve campaign efficiency.

Instant delivery and high open rate

With a promotional SMS service, you can deliver messages instantly to the customer base. SMS promotions have a higher open rate due to their enhanced reachability than emails.

Features of Whatsapp Business API

Be Seen

Communicate easily via the best Whatsapp API provider as 68% of users nominate Whatsapp as the easiest method of contacting a business.

Build Deeper Customer Bonds

71% feel more comfortable connecting with a business over Whatsapp, and about 64% of customers agreed that it helps cultivate a personal connection.

Multi-Dimensional communication

Interact confidently with your clients through text, audio, or video formats, offering better connection versus sending an email.

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