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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Products

Our AI solutions provide agents the intelligence, insights, and context to deliver accurate, timely responses that boost customer satisfaction, lifetime value, and loyalty.

speech recognition
Speech Analytics

Fonada’s Speech Analytics platform enables you to design an easy-to-use app and analyze user intent based on empathy. Quickly and accurately analyze phone calls using speech-to-text transcription.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Efficiently convert written text into speech. Leverage TTS to conversate with customers in a more human-like voice, enabling IVR greetings to provide instant human satisfaction.

voicebot chatbot
Chat Bot/ Voice Bot

ChatBots and VoiceBots can help you automate support and lead generation. Use chatbots to deliver omnichannel experience via Website, WhatsApp, and virtual assistants like Google Assistant & Alexa.

For Small Business & Startups

Fonada can help startups and small businesses leverage premium customer engagement solutions without worrying about steep setup and infrastructure costs. You can instantly start marketing and selling your products or services through our cloud-based solutions that can scale concurrently with your business.

For Enterprise Business

Fonada offers reliable and scalable cloud-based customer engagement solutions for enterprises. We can help you build custom solutions that can handle your growing business requirements while ensuring the best cybersecurity practices. We constantly innovate to help you stay ahead of the market.

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Fonada has partnered with top companies including Google and TrueCaller to deliver flawless customer engagement solutions. We work strategically with our partners to ensure innovation and quality are delivered cost-efficiently and reliably.

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