Transactional SMS

What is a transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is a company’s automated response to a customer’s action or event. It enhances customer interaction by providing real-time alerts and confirmations for bookings and orders.

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Advantages of transactional SMS service


Transactional bulk SMS messages have limited characters, making them easier to read and act on.


Send reliable transactional bulk SMS to any location with a 99.9% uptime and delivery assurance.

Saves time

The specified auto-trigger may start the message; thus, no user input is necessary for each message.

Features of transactional text messages

Unlimited texts

Send as many texts as you want with your brand name and a unique number to stand out.

Trackable SMS

Obtain access to the entire number of SMS sent and received by clients, and keep track of them.

API Integration

Integrate it into your software for smooth operation and auto-sending messages.

Customized templates

Send bulk transactional messages from your send id using a customized template.

24/7 availability

Transactional SMS service is available to your consumers 24×7, 365 days a year.

Real-time delivery report

Get a real-time confirmation report on the messages sent and their delivery status.


Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations, enterprises, institutions, and other businesses send their contacts the transactional message, an automated non-marketing SMS, to provide them with critical updates and information.


Mobile SMS needs a basic cellular connection; a data connection is unnecessary. Accessing information is easier, especially for time-sensitive messages like OTPs.



Email services continually improve their spam filters to ensure users get fewer unwanted messages, affecting businesses that want to contact consumers. SMS avoids these irritating filters and has high open rates, making it the best medium for sending transactional messaging.


Low price

The cost of delivering transactional SMSs is very low—just a few cents each message—but the benefits in customer retention.



Customers receive and read SMS messages very instantly since they may send and deliver them in a matter of seconds. Sending time-sensitive information through transactional SMS is preferable.

A transactional SMS gateway is a procedure that updates the customer’s SMS and the delivery report, which contains information like the delivery status and time of the delivery. The gateway service shows the mobile network the recipient’s number is on. The message gets delivered directly to the appropriate mobile network operator, who gets the delivery report from the mobile company’s system and delivers the information from the original Transactional SMS software.

Transactional SMS software is a kind of text messaging software businesses use to plan, implement, and deliver messages to targeted mobile devices with important information and updates about their services and products.

Reservation status

Sending customers transactional SMS messages is an effective way to confirm/cancel hotel, airline, or other bookings.


Transactional SMS lets you deliver customers’ product and service information. If you manage an e-commerce firm, you may send your customers these messages to update them on their order, shipping, delivery, and payment status. It keeps clients informed.

General warnings

Sending transactional SMS notifications to customers improves customer service. Informing your customers about important events, like an appointment or a financial transaction, is key to a healthy business-client relationship.

One-time passwords

Businesses give OTP to consumers to increase security. OTPs can verify sign-ins, payments, and more.

Marketing strategies sometimes include using promotional SMS to inform clients about deals or discounts, encourage them to act, and increase sales. Transactional SMS informs clients of order progress, corporate updates, or other non-promotional business information.

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