What is a chatbot or voicebot solution?

You can do more than communicate with conversational AI-powered Bots. Automate customer care and lead generation using chatbots/voicebots. Built for omnichannel experience through the website, WhatsApp, and AI technologies like Google Assistant & Alexa.

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Benefits of chatbot/voicebot


Cheap pay-as-you-go pricing. No expensive capital expenditures, no complex licensing.

Schedule your follow-ups

Follow up with clients and send WhatsApp reminders to reduce churn.

Boost lead conversion rate

Reduce drop-offs by helping clients fill out forms over the call or chat.


Reach customers using WhatsApp, website, and Google Assistant & Alexa.

Multilingual support

Respond to customer queries in multiple languages

24x7 availability

Enhance the customer experience and respond to queries 24/7

Features of chatbots/voicebots

Email reports

Configure daily/weekly/monthly emailing of Chatbot usage reports

UI customization

Change themes, include a picture or video as the welcome message, change the Bot’s icon, and enable sticky buttons for frequently asked questions.

Protect sensitive data

Make your clients feel safe by masking their private information.

Auto pop-up bot

Auto Bot pop-up helps consumers with form-filling & documentation.

Manage Intents

Create new intents and update existing ones to add, change, or remove user journeys by importing or exporting an excel file or a URL.

Simple to setup & scale

Set up a great customer experience and grow as you go.


Frequently Asked Questions

A text message-based form of communication is a chatbot. Chatbots, like voicebots, are artificial intelligence software that can chat with users in natural language.


What are the benefits of chatbots/voicebots

Sending reminders

Businesses that get many service requests should use voicebots as an ideal option. They eliminate the need for call queues for clients. Voicebots respond quickly, pleasing consumers. Additionally, voicebots can reach a huge number of customers quickly.


24/7 customer support

You may assist your customer at any time of day or night with a voicebot. In this manner, your consumers won’t have to wait for the human agents’ working hours.


Customers like voice interactions

Calling is quicker than typing a message. Thus many consumers find it easy to do so when they have problems or need assistance. Therefore, having a voicebot is a technique to win their customers’ loyalty.


Cut costs and time.

Recruiting, training, and operating human agents take resources. You can effectively manage your contact center with fewer agents by using Voicebot.


Perfect for a large customer base

Human agents dealing with a huge client base may be tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. However, Voicebot can effectively manage contact center tasks like:

  • Inbound calls
  • Performing surveys
  • Informing customers about offers
  • Outbound calling

When you speak to the voicebot, it turns speech input into text. Voicebot uses natural language understanding to understand the text output. Voicebot uses AI, machine learning, and deep learning to find the correct answer after understanding the user’s sentence.

The voicebot may answer in two ways: text-to-speech or prerecorded responses. In the first, the voicebot uses a knowledge base with prerecorded answers. Use voice synthesis or text-to-speech technology if you don’t have prerecorded responses.

Chatbots are useful in a wide range of industries and situations. Although they are widely famous for their ability to provide top-notch customer service, chatbots are also quite effective in marketing and sales.

Users interact with a chatbot as they would with a natural person through the chat interface. It’s a computer program that simulates a normal human conversation. You may communicate with chatbots through text messages or voice commands.

Chatbots may enhance lead generation, qualifying, and nurturing. Chatbots may ask questions during the buyer’s journey to persuade the user and produce a lead. The sales team may interact with the leads after receiving information about possible customers via chatbots.

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