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Automated outbound calling uses voice recordings to engage callers without human intervention. It helps businesses simultaneously send outbound automated phone blasts to their target customers.

What is an outbound automated calling system?

The Automated calling system saves time and money by enabling the simultaneous placing of hundreds or thousands of calls to a group or organization. Automated phone systems engage with callers without human interaction. We provide a phone system with automatic dialing that makes automatic calls. Unlike traditional automated phone systems, we make calls using a technological application, not hardware. No hardware or software is necessary for our phone system. Our call system imports phone numbers from a spreadsheet or database. It plays a message when the call comes. If a voicemail responds, it may provide an alternative message.

Why Automated outbound calling is important for business

Reach a wider audience

A successful business needs a large customer network. When you implement automated calls into your business, you improve communication to reach more consumers quickly.

Increase the response rate

Customer interactions help expand a business. It’s directly related to business growth. Regardless of age, consumers prefer calls over SMS. Integrating calls may enhance your interactions and help you improve your offerings. It helps you respond to customers quickly.


An outbound calling service minimizes the number of customer care help desk personnel. If clients need assistance, pre recorded messages may instruct them. Your office staff may prioritize other responsibilities.
It also helps you lead your personnel to more satisfying and demanding responsibilities instead of regular and repeated calls that limit productivity.

Consistency improved

Consistency is important for corporate growth. Customers value a constant and trustworthy support system from company owners. Without it, you may lose customers. You may answer your consumers’ requirements with an automated call. You may also help customers 24/7.

Boosts efficiency

Your operations’ efficiency will improve service. You may schedule automated calls for a certain day and time. It helps you arrange and complete tasks on time.
When you arrange your process, you’ll fulfill common customer needs without having customers wait. You may also route customers with urgent needs to a live agent.

Automated outbound calling solutions features


Automated business calls

Quicker reach more customers. The automatic calling system triggers alerts and reminders.


Call recording

Call recordings help in decision-making.


Call scheduling

Schedule automated calls at any day and time.


Detailed reporting

Your dashboard provides real-time call analytics.


Unlimited channels

Call the same number many times. All calls answered or not will be on your dashboard.



Integrate our APIs with market-leading CRMs.


No setup costs

Automated calls need no specific equipment or setup costs.

How does the automated calling system work?


Customers who call a company’s local or toll-free number hear a recorded message.


Customers may choose a menu by dialing a number to resolve issues or live agent help.


Interactive voice response systems enable consumers to speak instead of pushing a button.


Outbound calls work the opposite way around. The automated messaging system plays a recorded message or connects the caller to an agent once it recognizes a voice. Otherwise, it uses Auto leave voicemail.

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Benefits of Automated outbound calling solution

Efficiency and flexibility

Our automated outbound calling solution ensures an agent is online when dialing customers from the list. It adds agents in groups and assigns the list. The system will dial automatically.

We enable the company to define caller retries. It helps businesses decide when to retry a customer. Businesses can easily monitor campaign results, expired calls, etc. After a call, companies may send a message and get feedback.

Depending on the campaigns, businesses may upload or put in a personalized welcome message. Businesses may specify agent business hours and call center date and time, and only callback customers may receive feedback

Intelligent dashboard

Our intelligent dashboard filters duplicate entries, so businesses dial customers just once. Businesses may clone campaigns to save time and improve efficiency.

UX improvement

Our Outbound calling software eliminates consumer wait time and extended pauses while agents get client info. Progressive dialing in the thousands makes the contact center incredibly functional and boosts agent productivity. These dialers select out calls with no response and retry based on the business's response.

Why Choose Us?

Productivity increases

We increase efficiency. Automated outbound calls decrease manpower so that employees may concentrate on other activities.

Better Efficiency

With our automated calling system, you may schedule automatic phone calls at a certain time and date.

Wider Reach

Our automated calling solution reaches many individuals in a few minutes and clicks simultaneously.

Dialing software helps your business.

Our Progressive Dialing system boosts marketing campaigns. We are one of the most secure Cloud business communication providers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Automated phone systems interact with callers without human interaction.

Automated outbound calls feature a prerecorded message that plays when customers pick up the call.

Outbound call centers manage outgoing calls, and outbound call centers use outbound calling solutions to contact prospective leads, business visitors, and existing customers. A business hires an outbound call center or agents to communicate with prospects through calls, SMS, and emails. The outbound call center acquires consumer feedback, promotes products and services, performs inbound sales, collects debts and contributions, and reminds clients of bill due dates, and operators have more time to connect with consumers with AI-powered outbound calls.

OBD is Outbound and IVR is Interactive Voice Response. Outbound solutions give consumers information through calls, SMS, or emails. IVR is an interactive recorded message where the customer uses the dial pad. You may combine IVR and Outbound to communicate with customers and get feedback.

E-commerce, healthcare, hyperlocal, real estate, NGOs, BFSI, and retail use automated calls. Political parties use automated calls to gain support.

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