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What Is An Outbound Automated Calling System?

Automated call systems save agents’ time and effort by automating the calling process. These systems can engage with callers without human intervention. They also allow businesses to maximize their outreach and get better outcomes with minimal effort. These systems are used for telemarketing, sales, lead generation, surveys, and other proactive customer outreach activities.

Features of Automated Calling System

Connect with Your Customers Like Never Before with Our Outbound Call Center Solutions in India

No Setup Costs

There are no setup costs associated with Fonada’s outbound call center software.

Call Recording

Make informed decisions using call recording feature and always ahead of your competition.

Call Scheduling

Schedule automated calls in advance for any preferred date and time.

Detailed Reporting

Access comprehensive real-time analytics for all calls made through your dashboard.

Unlimited Channels
Conduct multiple calls using a single number and view them all on your dashboard.
CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate outbound call center solutions with all the leading CRMs in the market.

Dynamic Caller ID
Experience higher call pickup rates with dynamic caller ID.

Type Of Automated Phone Calls System

TYPE # 1

Outbound Calls

Automated Phone calling system utilizes a pre-recorded message that is played when the recipient answers the call. The calls may be activated in response to particular customer behavior or simultaneously for numerous recipients.


Inbound Calls

These calls are known for initiating action. Inbound calls enable customers to call a specific number to take action, such as unsubscribing, canceling a booking, inquiring about their balance, and more.

How Does Fonada Outbound Calling Service Work?

Stage 01

Customers hear a recorded message when they call a company’s local or toll-free number.

Stage 02

Customers can select a menu by dialing a number to resolve their issues or receive assistance from a live agent.

Stage 03

Interactive voice response systems enable consumers to speak instead of pressing a button.

Stage 04

When the system detects a voice, it either plays a pre-recorded message or transfers the caller to an agent.

Use Cases Of Automated Calling System

Automated Call system uses voice recordings to engage callers without human intervention. It helps businesses simultaneously send outbound automated phone blasts to their target customers. Some of the popular use cases of automated calling system includes:



Efficiently strategize your marketing with Fonada’s automated calling system to promote your products or services and generate leads.


Appointment Reminder

Keep your customers posted on upcoming appointments.


Payment Reminders

Automated calling system can be used to remind customers of outstanding payments or bills.


Customer Surveys

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys and gather feedback using automated outbound calls.


Emergency Notifications

Automated outbound calls can be used to notify customers of emergencies such as weather-related closures or service disruptions.


Debt Collection

Debt collection agencies can use automated outbound calls to contact customers who owe money.


Political Campaign

Automated outbound calls can be used to reach out to voters during political campaigns.

Automate Your Business Communication With an Outbound Calling Service- Here’s Why!

Transform Your Business with Fonada’s Comprehensive Outbound Call Center Services in India

Increase Call Pickup Rates

Boost call answer rates with Fonada's dynamic caller ID, expanding your customer base and improving conversions.

Increase Agent Productivity

With Fonada’s auto dialer, eliminate manual dialing to boost agent productivity.

Manage High Call Volume

Efficiently handle high call volumes with Fonada’s automated calling system, including call routing, auto dialing, and intelligent call transfer.

Enable Remote Work

Enjoy seamless communication from anywhere with Fonada's remote solutions, no extra hardware needed.

Gain Useful Insights

Monitor and document calls with precision, access comprehensive reports and analytics even when working remotely.

Drive Engagement With Personalization

Empower agents to personalize each call, seamlessly integrated with your CRM for real-time information.

Why Choose Fonada For An Automated Calling System In India?

Increased Productivity

Our outbound automated calls solution improves the efficiency and productivity of the process by automating operations so that employees may concentrate on other activities.

Better Efficiency

With our automated calling system, you may schedule automatic phone calls at a certain time and date.

Wider Reach

Our automated calling solution reaches many individuals in a few minutes and clicks simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the outbound calling process?

Outbound automated calling is a sales and marketing strategy in which a company initiates contact with potential customers or clients over the phone. The outbound calling process typically involves several steps, which may include the following:

  • Building a database of potential customers
  • Creating a script
  • Dialling the phone
  • Introduction
  • Qualifying the prospect
  • Presenting the offer
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the sale
  • Follow-up
What are outbound call center services?

Automated outbound calling services are a type of customer service that involves agents making calls to customers or potential prospects on behalf of a business. These services may include telemarketing, lead generation, customer surveys, appointment setting, and market research. The goal is to increase sales, gather customer feedback, and improve customer satisfaction.

Are your outbound call center services available 24/7?

Yes, our outbound call center services are available 24/7

What are the types of outbound calls?

Outbound calls can be categorized into two parts.

  • Cold Calls
  • Warm Calls
Cold Calls Warm Calls

Automated calling systems are popular among businesses because they:

  • Enable efficient and cost-effective communication with customers.
  • Provides options for personalized messaging and call routing.
  • Lead to better customer engagement and satisfaction.
What exactly is an automated calling solution?

Automated phone systems interact with callers without human interaction.