Promotional SMS

What exactly is a promotional SMS?

Every company and institution uses promotional SMS to deliver their clients’ customized marketing and advertising smss. Engaging the target audience helps businesses promote their services and increase customers.

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Advantages of a promotional SMS campaign

Time and money-saving

A cost-effective channel to reach a broader client base in less time.

Customized messages

Create specific promotional messaging for your target audience depending on the needs of your campaign and your industry.

Launch text message promotions

Customized promotional bulk SMS may help you improve your business’ marketing.

Features of Fonda’s Promotional SMS service

API integration

Integrate it into your software to benefit from smooth operation and schedule automatic message sending.

Report on delivery in real-time

Get a real-time confirmation report on your messages and their delivery status.

Promotional SMS gateway

Get high-priority SMS gateway access as part of the promotional SMS service.

Trackable SMS

Gain access to tracking and monitoring every SMS delivered and received from customers.

Unlimited texts

Send as many texts as you want with your brand name and a distinctive number to stand out.


Schedule SMSs automatically for delivery to customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Companies use promotional SMS software to SMS, organize, and carry out the most recent services, product updates, and campaigns to the targeted mobile devices.

A promotional SMS gateway is a procedure that updates the customer’s SMS and the delivery report, which contains information like the delivery status and time. The gateway service shows the mobile network the recipient’s number is on. It sends the message to the mobile network provider, who gives the delivery report to the Promotional SMS software.

Generate word of mouth

Engage existing customers and drive new business with SMS. If you provide clients with something valuable, they’ll tell family, friends, and colleagues. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and SMS enhances it through fast communication.

Improve communication

Building a long-term connection takes communication. SMS marketing may build these relationships. SMS is personal audience communication. Let them in on the secret sale, send a thank-you note after purchase, and let them know when your product/service is ready to sell. SMS marketing is a quick, straightforward method to interact with your audience.

Fast and effective

You may communicate with many individuals at once by using promotional SMS. Texting is an excellent marketing strategy that gets your message to the correct audience when you want. Customers always have phones, so sending them messages is simple.


Promotional SMS Marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. It reduces marketing operating costs. Maximum public and private companies minimize expenses daily by sending promotional SMS instead of mail or brochures.

Integrate into marketing

SMS Marketing has great potential when used in product marketing campaigns. Social and conventional media aren’t always the most efficient way to reach consumers on time. Integrate promotional SMS with these other marketing methods and give your clients product promotion information by text to ensure they know what you offer.

Straight to the point

 You can send a short, clear SMS message. Making it simple to understand and communicate with clients directly can help your business and them.

Time management

Time is money, and with Promotional SMS Marketing, you’ll save both, allowing you to focus on other business areas. Simple and easy. With SMS scheduling, you may schedule your SMS marketing campaigns for later. It helps you manage your time efficiently.

Build loyal customers

SMS marketing engages and builds loyal consumers. When needed, provide clients specials and company information. It makes your customers/clients feel valued by placing them at the center of your company.

Any company database number may get promotional SMS. Unregistered or DND-registered numbers cannot receive promotional SMSs.

DND is a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) service that blocks unwanted calls and SMS. A telemarketer cannot call or send unwanted SMS to a mobile number registered under DND, especially promotional calls or SMS. Calling DND numbers for campaigns, ads, or surveys is illegal.

Transactional SMS delivers appointments, bookings, order confirmation, and informational messages. Promotional messages get sent to the customer’s phone to advertise an offer, promotion, or bargain.

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