Text to Speech Solution for Businesses

What is a text-to-speech solution?

Converting written texts into speech is possible using text-to-speech software. TTS may sound more human and deliver rapid human gratification through IVR greetings due to advances in speech recognition technology.

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Benefits of text-to-speech services


Flexible pricing options provide improved cost management transparency.

Set reminders or alerts

Send out automatic reminders for events, deadlines, and appointments.

Customized campaigns

Customize voice and speech modulation based on the product, service, and campaign.

Multiple languages and accent

TTS provides a wide range of vocabulary, mainly in Indian, English, and Hindi accents.

Control your voice

Gain control of the pitch with the flawless delivery of the Indian accent voice.

Provide human-like voice quality

Give your customers a voice experience almost humanly like an Indian accent.

Features of text-to-voice online

Increase the IVR options

Adding recorded voice to the existing IVR script gives callers more options.

Voice quality

Control the speech rate, volume, text emphasis, and pronunciation according to the context.

Pitch control

Control the pitch rate, volume, text emphasis, and pronunciation according to the context.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Text to Speech (TTS) solution?

Text-to-speech (TTS) systems can read digital text aloud using assistive technology. TTS may convert text on a computer into audio with a click. TTS is particularly beneficial for both adults and children who have reading problems. However, it may also help in focusing, writing, and editing.

TTS works with Computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can read any kind of text file aloud, including Word and Pages documents, and you can read aloud even web pages.

How does text-to-speech function?

TTS uses a computer-generated voice, and you can speed up or slow the reading pace. Numerous TTS technologies highlight words as they are being read aloud. It lets the user see and hear text simultaneously.

Some TTS tools can also read text from photos aloud. Users may use their phones to take a street sign picture and can convert the words into audio.

What are the benefits of text-to-speech solutions for business?

Enhancing user experience

Enabling speech in pre and post-sales may reduce the effort of human agents, provide customized services, save operational costs, and increase productivity.

Save money and time

Businesses may save time and money by easily enabling TTS solutions and requiring minimal maintenance.

Increased productivity

The HR department and e-learning specialists may use TTS to create employee training modules. It will enable the employees to multitask while learning the content anywhere at any time.

Global reach

Using human-like, distinct, and customizable TTS voices, you may contact people worldwide. You may integrate translations so people can read in their native language.

How text to speech useful for call centers

It may promote natural, human-like chats and provide customer experiences for self-service. It may give a better level of containment for the self-service system and has made it easy for agents to do essential organizational tasks. It can easily gather real-time data, including names and addresses.

Are text-to-speech and screen readers similar?

Visually impaired people use screen readers to operate their devices, while anybody may use text-to-speech software to listen to digital text.

What are the TTS applications?

Banking and finance

Text-to-speech may help consumers who have difficulty reading screens. One example is at ATMs. Step-by-step audio helps consumers through cash withdrawals, depositing, and checking balances.

Text-to-speech may improve the mobile user experience. Speech-enabled services like checking finances or stock prices help mobile users. You may even enable voice-based stock market notifications.

Health care sector

Businesses should support elderly or vulnerable patients. It is particularly true in healthcare. Voice messages can help people understand your message, and text-to-Speech may help you deliver better service. Appointment reminders help patients remember future appointments. Or, you may send voice messages that read prescription labels.

Reading labels is difficult for the visually handicapped and elderly. Voice messages assist patients in understanding doses and times.

Transportation and travel

TTS is excellent for travelers. It may assist people in safely reaching their destination. Voice announcements assist passengers in getting real-time information. Voice notifications about flight changes help you stand out.


Let’s discuss marketing TTS. Apps may call everyone about a promotion or event. You can send personalized voice messages to many people at a time.

Customers’ apps play recorded or text-to-speech alert messages. This human touch may cut through text messages and emails, and advertising must reach customers through their chosen channels and methods. TTS is a terrific idea for companies looking to stay ahead.

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