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What Is Click To Call?

Click-to-call is an advanced technology that can be easily embedded into a website or mobile app as a calling widget for customers to reach a business instantly. This technology acts fast and helps businesses boost their sales prospects exponentially by offering instant one-to-one communication facilities between businesses and customers.

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click to call

How Click To Call Service Works?

Website visitors make a callback request by clicking on the integrated software in the form of a calling widget appearing on the website’s web pages. The software is configured to redirect the customer’s call via voice-over-internet protocol to the company.

click to call functionality

Click To Call Working Functionality

Stage 01

A smartly integrated API system connects the customers to the company's representative.

Stage 02

When customers click on the calling widget, it asks customers to provide their number.

Stage 03

The API is configured to redirect the customer calls via VOIP to the company.

Stage 04

The customer receives a call as soon as the agent gets connected.

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Why Your Business Needs Click-To-Call Solution?

Turn Simple Clicks into Potential Sales Calls With Fonada’s click-to-call widget

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Every visitor who enters their phone number receives a call from our agent, even the ones you’ve lost!

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Every visitor who enters their phone number receives a call from our agent, even the ones you’ve lost!

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Fonada’s click-to-call solution keeps track of visitors and analyzes visitor behavior to tell the right time to engage with them.

Say Good Bye To Poor Sales Experience With The Best Click-To-Call Solution In India

Features Of Fonada’s Click-To-Call Solution

zero missed call

Zero Missed Calls
Customers can reach out at any time of the day by clicking on the calling widget.

detailed repoting

Detailed Reporting
Get detailed real-time analytics of all the calls made from your dashboard.

crm img

Advanced Click-To-Call Solution For CRM
Seamlessly Integrate the solution with all the leading CRMs in the market.

unlimited channel

Unlimited Channels
Have multiple parallel calls using the same number.

offer high conerstion

Offers High Conversion Rates
The click-to-call solution enables your customers to have an instant one-to-one call with businesses without keeping them in the queue and boosts the conversion probability.

no manual dialing

No Manual Dialing
The click-to-dial solution lets your agents connect with customers instantly without the need to dial a number manually each time.

call tracking

Track Conversations
Easily track and record customer communication, their reason for calling, discussions you have had in the past, and more.

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Better Customer Experience
Offer a seamless customer experience with Fonada’s advanced instant callback solution.

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