Advanced Multi-Level IVR Solutions for Businesses

Leverage multi-level IVR to automate your call center and empower your agents to deal with massive call volume with perfection.

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    Enhance Customer Experiences With the Best IVR Solution Providers in India

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      What is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

      Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a highly advanced automated telephony system that is designed to respond to human voice and keyboard inputs with prerecorded voice messages. IVR systems automatically route customers’ incoming calls to the most suitable agents based on their inputs. 

      By integrating the IVR number into your cloud telephony system, you can easily handle large volumes of calls. The system enhances the identification, segmentation, and routing processes of all the incoming and makes the business call flawless.

      Features of IVR Solutions

      Easy CRM Integration

      Enhance your business productivity with an intelligent plug-n-play IVR solution. Simply integrate your existing CRM software for easy access.

      Multi-level IVR

      With Multi-level IVR, leverage auto-receptionist and self-help features for intelligently-designed call flows.

      Multilingual Support

      Offer multilingual support to customers with customized English, Hindi, and regional custom messages.

      Intelligent Call Routing

      Intelligently routes every caller to the right department & decreases customer wait time.

      Customizable Menu

      Customize the incoming call flow with a dedicated menu, sub-menu, and categories to navigate your customers to the right department.

      Call Recording

      Real-time call recording helps you to maintain quality standards.

      24 x7 Customer Support

      Offer 24x7 support to your customers and resolve their queries instantly.

      Why Do Businesses Need IVR?

      IVR technology help enterprises to deal with a large number of inbound callers by routing them to the right department or agent instead of relying on agents who may face difficulties in handling massive call volume. With the help of this advanced telephony solution, organizations boost customer service efficiency, answer multiple incoming concurrently, boost customer satisfaction, and uplift customer experience.

      How Do Businesses Benefit From IVR Solutions?


      Automate Customer Care

      Auto-receptionist and self-help features enable callers to get their queries answered without interacting with a human operator.


      Enhance Brand Image

      The IVR’s brief message conveys the company’s approach toward customers’ queries and allows them to connect with experts for better assistance. 


      Collect Feedback

      IVR system helps you to conduct surveys and opinion polls to collect important information.


      After-Hours Customer Support

      Prerecorded messaging and calls keep your business running even after office hours and help you resolve customers’ queries efficiently.


      Personalized Experience

      Customize your IVR flow and messaging based on callers’ region, transaction history, or other relevant factors.


      Engage customers in Real-Time

      Customer involvement is necessary to retain clients in your business’s orbit. IVRs may help your firm create a customer interaction platform.

      Your Trusted & Reliable IVR Service Provider In India

      Why choose Fonada for IVR Solution?

      Instant Setup

      With our instant installation process, you can connect with your customers in no time.


      Fonada offers fully developed cloud telephony solutions at the most cost-efficient price.

      Real-Time Reporting

      Track your call center activities in real-time using our intelligent dashboard.

      Superior Quality

      We offer high-quality cloud telephony services at the most affordable rates and ensure success rates, voice quality, and reduced latency.

      User-Friendly Portal

      With our user-friendly portal manage and monitor calls easily.

      24×7 Improved Customer Support

      We are available 24×7, you can connect with us via phone, email, and Twitter.

      Enhance Customer Experiences With the Best IVR Solution Providers in India