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Cloud Telephony Solutions

Grow Customer Engagement. Build Strong Relationships.

Fonada offers end-to-end cloud telephony services to help businesses connect, inform and sell cost-efficiently. Our Voice, SMS and AI-Enabled solutions can help you become a household name cost-efficiently.

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Connect with customers via a choice of voice solutions that include IVR, Cloud Contact Center, Number Masking, Click to Call, and more.

AI-Powered Customer Engagement

Leverage AI-powered voice bots and chatbots to build customer engagement at scale without infrastructure investments.

Build Omni-Channel Integrations & Conversations

Readily integrate with CRM, SMS, WhatsApp or any enterprise system for promotional/ transactional messages via APIs.

Customer Engagement Products To Help You Scale

Fonada is your one-stop CPaaS Provider and customer engagement platform. Manage customer engagement with Fonada’s end-to-end cloud telephony and customer engagement contact center, supported by a suite of communication APIs and conversational, cloud-empowered AI platform.

Calling API

Develop a unique calling experience with call recording, call routing, and analytics. Deliver more personalized calls for long-standing customers within a website or app.

Virtual Number

Access advanced, cloud-based, call management features such as call forwarding, number masking, and voicemail. Manage business calls from anywhere, anytime with a single virtual number.

Number Masking

Put customers first and protect their identity and privacy. Prevent off-portal engagement and enable call tracking and monitoring and real-time data insights.

Toll-Free Number

Get an 1800 toll-free number in minutes. Deliver robust, 24/7 customer support cost-efficiently. Build brand credibility and boost call delivery rates.

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How Fonada Makes A Difference!

Inform And Interact With Customers At Scale

Fonada is the trusted CPaaS Solutions provider your business deserves! Leverage the AI and cloud-based technology solutions that help you reach millions of customers within seconds cost-efficiently.

Productive Brand Promotion

Elevate your brand promotions with strategized and synergized campaigns covering products & services, brand visibility, ranking, and government policy compliance.

At-Scale Business Growth

We enrich businesses, government enterprises, and NGOs with our path-paving business communication tools, helping drive new leads at scale for the sales team.

Customer Engagement

Integrate key marketing platforms to build and grow customer loyalty using surveys, polls, promotional offers, transactional messages, business feedback, and more.

Consumer Connect

Conduct massive outreach programs to promote and monitor the effect of the promotional campaign. With our advanced CPaaS solutions, increase sales and customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Get More Out Of Less

Big Business Outcomes From Minimal Resources

Fonada’s advanced AI-based solutions, including chatbots and voice bots, help you deliver customer support and engagement at a fraction of traditional costs. Leverage our industry-pioneering and unique AI-based, business-empowering CPaaS Solutions.


Speech Analytics As A Platform

Analyze phone calls for enhanced business intelligence. Learn customer sentiments and intent. Strengthen strategic business decisions and leverage automation to lower costs. Leverage real-time speech recognition, recognize multiple-participants in a conversation, and filter content.


Personalized Automated Text-To-Speech

Enhance your customer’s experience with customized, human-like voice messages with empathy. Offer a more familiar human-like accent in multiple languages, set reminders, make public announcements, set branded custom voices, customize speech and voice based on your campaign’s preferences.


AI-Powered Bots

Conversational AI-powered voicebots / Chatbots enable conversation automation for support, lead generation, and more. Deliver omnichannel experience via WhatsApp, Website, and AI-based virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Ensure 24/7 availability, offer multilingual support, schedule follow-ups, and boost lead conversion rate.

Trusted SMS-CPaaS Solutions

Grab your customer’s interest with automated, cloud-powered promotional SMS solutions. Run promotions at scale! Leverage Fonada’s SMS- CPaaS Solutions!


Launch SMS Promotions

Send product updates, discounts, offers, and more to millions of customers within minutes. Our key features include compliance, trackable SMS, unlimited texts, real-time delivery report, and API integration.


Transactional SMS

Deliver transactional notifications, offers, and OTPs safely and timely to your customers’ cell phones! With transactional SMS engage your customers globally with quick scalable and customizable messages.


WhatsApp Business API

Use WhatsApp to boost operational efficiency, engagement, and to deploy an end-to-end communication platform. Leverage features such as IVR deflection, conversational bots, and automated notifications at scale.

Empowering Small Businesses & Startups

Empowering Small Businesses & Startups

Get onboard a smart communication platform to simplify customer engagement. Fonada assists small businesses and startups leverage premium AI-powered cloud telephony solutions without steep setup and infrastructure expenses. Get started promoting, communicating, and selling through our cloud-based solutions that scale with your business!

Empowering Business Enterprises

Empowering Business Enterprises

Get access to a multi-channel communication platform to consistently deliver enhanced customer engagement. Enterprises need highly reliable and scalable cloud-based CPaaS solutions and Fonada has the capabilities to deliver! Leverage the best cybersecurity practices and consistent innovation to maintain market leadership.

Why Fonada?

Get your business communication process streamlined with robust, AI and cloud-powered solutions. Engage with your customers and prospects on their preferred channel and deliver a more personalized journey.

Fonada’s CPaaS Solutions mean:

Multi-channel Platform

One platform for all your communications.

High Scalability

Smart technology platform to expand your business without any restrictions.

Superior Quality

Best voice quality, reduced latency and optimal success rates.


Customized solutions with instant on-cloud deployment.

24/7 Support

Available around-the-clock to serve your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fonada’s Telecom Automation?

Starting in 2014, Fonada avails automated broadcasting solutions to its clients for brand promotion, customer engagement, and transactional information. Fonada’s telecom automation helps businesses scale efficiently by boosting brand image, ROI, and future insights for better marketing strategies. With products like bulk SMS, IVR, OBD, click-to-call, number masking, and more, enterprises can rest assured to get unique solutions catered to their operational efficiency.

How Does Fonada Help Your Business Scale?

Fonada, a leading contributor in the telecom automation industry, offers many broadcasting tools for businesses of all sizes. Fonada helps enterprises incorporate proficient products and services like IVR, OBD, Bulk SMS/Calls, google verified calls, Truecaller business caller ID solution, click-to-call, which offers substantial growth in business prospects and reduced operational costs.

Fonada’s communication APIs provide wide-scale relevancy and technical support that can be integrated into a mobile application or web-based applications. We cater to industries, including the automotive sector, communication services, retail, education, financial services, publishing, travel, media and entertainment, logistics, e-commerce, and healthcare.

Does Fonada Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, Fonada offers a demo panel for businesses looking to get a broadcasting solution like SMS, OBD, IVR, and Whatsapp. Upon further request, we avail a volume of 100 – 1000 credits, depending upon the scale of the enterprise.

How Does Fonada Confirm The Payment?

After the trial period ends, Fonada asks the user to enter their payment details according to the volume requested by the company. Payment initiation can be done through any method, be it credit or debit card, net banking, or UPI portal.

What Is Fonada’s Privacy Policy?

At Fonada, we protect our consumer’s privacy by implementing consensual corporate legality. By filling up our service form, we gather personal information like name, email, address, phone number, and services to enter your details in the database. Protecting confidential information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which can be authorized by only special access rights. We don’t share any information with outside parties and keep the information confidential to protect our consumers from fraud attacks and hackers.

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