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What is IVR Phone System?

IVR Phone System (Interactive Voice Response Phone System) is an automated telephony architecture that allows businesses to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages and touch-tone keypad inputs. 

The IVR Phone System plays a pre-recorded message that guides callers to select an option or enter information via the keypad. With each caller’s input, the IVR system can provide relevant information, transfer the call to the appropriate agent or department, or even perform a transaction. IVR Phone System is commonly used by businesses to handle a large volume of calls, deliver exceptional customer service, and streamline overall operations.

What are the Different Types of IVR Systems?


IVR for Self-Service

An automated IVR system, also known as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), enables businesses to handle large call volumes at a reduced expense. It can recognize and direct callers, as well as resolve their inquiries without having to transfer them to a human agent. Calls are transferred to live agents solely when the caller demands additional support.


Hosted IVR

Implementing an IVR phone system on a cloud-based software platform allows businesses to access the IVR application online. This facilitates the provision of round-the-clock customer service, even outside of standard office hours, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and improved satisfaction rates.


Agent-Assisted IVR

IVR software can assist a contact centre in maximising its operational efficiency while ensuring consistent customer service. The software enables agents to dynamically direct pre-recorded messages to initiate a conversation with customers without disclosing the agent’s involvement to the customer, resulting in optimized cost-effectiveness.

How Does IVR System Work?

Step 01

The caller dials the IVR phone number, typically a toll-free or local number.

Step 02

The IVR system is designed to answer the call and play a pre-recorded message that provides instructions to the caller.

Step 03

The caller selects an option by pressing a number on their phone keypad or speaking a command.

Step 04

The IVR phone system processes the caller's selection and performs the appropriate action to solve his queries and issues.

When Do Businesses Use an IVR Number?

Automate Customer Care

Offer self-service options to callers by automating common queries.

Collect Feedback

An IVR system can effectively gather callers’ feedback or run a survey.

After-Hours Customer Support

Play a pre-recorded message stating that the office is closed during post office hours.

Personalised Experience

Customise your IVR flow and messaging with the IVR system based on callers’ region, transaction history, or other relevant factors.

Reduce Operational Costs

IVR systems replace a receptionist or customer service representative by answering calls and routing them to the appropriate agents.

Improve First Call Resolution

Automated IVR system enhances customer satisfaction and minimises call transfers by directing callers to the most suitable department and proficient agent for their queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is IVR used?

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is used to efficiently route and manage incoming calls by providing a self-service option for callers to interact with a computerised system through voice or touch-tone inputs. This helps businesses save time and money by automating routine tasks, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

What is the IVR system used for?

IVR system is used for:

  • Routing incoming calls to the appropriate department or agent based on the caller's inputs
  • Collecting information from callers through voice or touch-tone inputs, such as account numbers or survey responses
  • Providing self-service options to callers for routine tasks, such as checking account balances or making payments
  • Reducing wait times and call abandonment rates by automating certain tasks
What are the different types of IVR?
  • IVR for Self-Service
  • Hosted IVR
  • Agent-Assisted IVR