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What is an IVR number?

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a telephone number guided by an automated system to interact with callers and route them to the right agents.

IVR systems use pre-recorded voice prompts and touch-tone keypad or voice recognition technology to collect information from callers and provide them with the appropriate responses or options. Businesses and organizations commonly use IVR phone numbers for customer service, technical support, account inquiries, and other types of phone-based interactions with customers or clients.

How Does IVR Number Work

Stage 01

The caller dials the IVR phone number, which is typically a toll-free or local number.

Stage 02

The IVR system is designed to answer the call and play a pre-recorded message that provides instructions to the caller.

Stage 03

The caller selects an option by pressing a number on their phone keypad or speaking a command.

Stage 04

The IVR system processes the caller's selection and performs the appropriate action to solve his queries and issues.

Benefits of IVR Number

Build Customer Trust with IVR Number

Customer Service

IVR systems can be programmed to provide quick and efficient customer service by providing automated self-service options, such as bill payment, account inquiries, and appointment scheduling.


Handle a high volume of calls simultaneously with IVR numbers, reducing wait times and improving overall customer satisfaction.


Use AI-driven and NLP-powered voice technology that is highly intelligent, intuitive, and user friendly.


Using our IVR Software, you may reduce call handling time and provide agents with the right info.


Collect valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, which can help businesses make informed decisions about marketing, product development, and customer service.

Go Live

Quick setup with no extra infrastructure. You may combine it with current systems using our API.

Scale Endlessly

Our cloud telephony software may increase your business's image and brand loyalty.


Offer round-the-clock service with IVR numbers, which can be particularly useful for businesses that operate across different time zones.


You may talk to customers and obtain feedback by monitoring and analyzing voice conversations.


IVR Numbers can be programmed to recognize repeat callers and personalize their experience based on their previous interactions with the system.


Our IVR helps businesses analyze call recordings to measure print and digital marketing campaigns.


IVR Numbers can reduce costs by automating routine tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. This can lead to lower staffing costs and improved efficiency.

Features of IVR number

Streamline Your Communications with IVR Numbers – The Ultimate Call Management Solution

Automatic Call Routing

Incoming calls to your IVR number will be directed to the appropriate agent or department based on your caller’s input in the IVR menu. An IVR can resolve your customers’ inquiries swiftly and eliminate the need for manual call transfers.

Customized Voice Message

Greet your customers with customized voice messages as an attribute of your business professionalism. You can select from various language options to set the voice greeting on your IVR number, which professional voice artists will record according to your preferences.

Inbound Calling

Your IVR number will handle all incoming calls automatically, without the need for manual intervention. When callers use the IVR menu to select their query, their call will be instantly routed to the appropriate agent. If agents are unavailable, callers have the option to leave a voicemail with their query.

Outbound Calling

You can record an IVR message and menu. When the customer selects an option from the IVR menu, a call is immediately sent to the corresponding agent, and they are automatically connected with the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of IVR numbers?
  •   Provides 24/7 accessibility for customer calls.
  •   Facilitates mobility for business executives.
  •   Improves customer interaction during on-call sessions.
  •   Enhances the credibility and reputation of your business.
  •   Enables faster resolution of customer queries during on-call sessions.
What is IVR call flow?

IVR call flow refers to the framework of the IVR menu and call routing, which can be customized to fit the needs of your business. This involves designing your IVR message, mapping out the phone numbers for each department, and setting up call forwarding to those phone numbers.

What is the IVR number?

An IVR number is a phone number that is equipped with cloud telephony features, designed to automatically attend and route customer calls without any need for manual intervention. By utilizing an IVR number, you can manage both incoming and outgoing calls while delivering your business message to customers in a hassle-free manner.

How Does an IVR Number Work?

An IVR number plays a recorded message and menu for callers, guiding them to the correct department or person based on their phone keypad inputs. For straightforward inquiries, pre-recorded answers can be played in response to the caller's selections.

What is the purpose of an IVR number?

The purpose of the IVR number is to route and manage incoming calls efficiently. It provides callers with self-service options and directs them to efficiently navigate through the appropriate department.

What industries use IVR numbers?

IVR numbers have gained immense popularity as various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, telecommunications, and customer service, use IVR numbers to streamline call handling, enhance customer service, and manage high call volumes effectively.

How can I get an IVR number for my business?

To get an IVR number for your business, you can contact CpaaS service providers, which often offer easy setup and customization options.

What are the benefits of using IVR numbers?

The benefits of using IVR numbers include

  • Improved call efficiency
  • 24/7 availability
  • Personalized customer interactions
  • Reduced wait times
  • Enhanced overall customer experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction