Easily conduct surveys, gather customer feedback, or confirm COD orders without needing agents or additional assistance with IVR call blaster.

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What Is An
IVR Call Blast?

An IVR call blast is a technology-driven automated process that enables businesses to trigger automated calls to one or more people at a scheduled time. These pre-recorded messages can be customized for different purposes, such as marketing promotions, customer feedback, surveys, appointment reminders, etc. This voice blast technology saves time and resources while ensuring effective and personalized customer communication.

What is an IVR Call Blast
How Call Blaster Works

How Call Blaster Works?

Stage 01

Define Your IVR Call Flow And Add Contacts
To start a call blast campaign, record your message, upload the required customer details and schedule a time using our ivr call blasting service.

Stage 02

Campaign is Triggered
Calls will be triggered at the scheduled time. If users don't answer calls, you can configure a retry logic to trigger another call after a set interval.

Stage 03

Track Your Campaign in Real-Time
IVR blasting software lets you access all the campaign details, like call status and responses, which can be tracked in real-time on your CRM.

Benefits Of IVR Call Blaster

Benefits of using Voice Blaster Software in Call Centers

automated voice customer care

Whether conducting research or improving your product, you must understand your customers’ requirements. You can easily and affordably collect relevant survey information with our IVR call blasting service.


Ensure top-quality customer service by triggering automated IVR feedback calls, and utilize multi-level IVR to collect multiple responses.

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification
Irrelevant leads can make you restless. But with Fonada's IVR call blast, you can corner all your worries and fetch qualified leads, allowing your sales team to spend their time only on the leads that matter.

Confirming Appointment

Event Confirmation
Save time and resources by easily confirming appointments or events using our voice blaster or call blasting software.

Benefits of IVR
Features of IVR Call Blaster

Features Of IVR Call Blaster

Transform the way you communicate with IVR Call Blaster

Interactive IVR Call Blaster

With IVR call blaster, conduct surveys, gather feedback, or verify appointments, where customers can provide their responses through DTMF or natural language recognition.

Personalised Experience

The IVR system is designed to automatically gather customer information, such as names, bill amounts, and due dates, from your CRM.

Track Report Performance

Track the performance of your campaign via a live dashboard, where you can review data on successful, failed, and pending outcomes.

Bdrag & Drop IVR

Drag & Drop IVR Designer
Create a new flow in minutes using our intuitive Drag & Drop IVR.

Text to Speech Conversion

Create personalized messages using our natural-sounding text-to-speech conversion.

NLP Powered Voice Technology

Natural Conversations
Use AI-driven and NLP-powered voice technology that is highly intelligent, intuitive, and user friendly.

Why Choose Fonada For The IVR Call Blasting Service?

instant setup voice blaster

Instant Setup
With our instant installation process of voice blaster, you can connect with your customers quickly.

Cost Effective Cloud Telephony Solutions

Fonada offers fully developed cloud telephony solutions at the most cost-efficient price.

Real Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting
Track your call center activities in real-time using our intelligent dashboard that comes with call blaster

User Friendly Portal

User-Friendly Portal
With our user-friendly voice blaster portal, you can manage and monitor calls easily.

Superior Quality Call blaster Software

Superior Quality
We offer high-quality call blaster software at the most affordable rates. We also ensure success rates, voice quality, and reduced latency.

24X7 Customer Support

24×7 Improved Customer Support
We are available 24×7, you can connect with us via phone, email, and Twitter.

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