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Healthcare Operations

The Role of Fonada in Streamlining Healthcare Operations

Fonada offers cloud telephony solutions that streamline healthcare operations. Its CPaaS solutions help the healthcare sector enable efficient patient communication, appointment scheduling, and staff coordination. Our advanced customer engagement tools and solutions help businesses enhance operational efficiency, improve patient satisfaction, and ensure seamless communication among healthcare professionals. Leading to better service delivery and higher operational efficiency. 

What Makes Fonada The Perfect Fit For The Healthcare Industry?

Fonada is a perfect fit for the healthcare industry due to several key features and capabilities that cater specifically to the unique needs and challenges of healthcare service providers:

Healthcare Business
Sales and Lead Generation

Sales And Lead Generation
Empower your healthcare business with our advanced cloud contact centre solution. Capture high-quality leads, fetch business opportunities and maximize agents’ efforts. Leverage advanced data analytical tools and automated systems for maximized sales and lead generation. 

Track Marketing ROI

Track Marketing ROI
Seamlessly track the performance of all your campaigns using one unified platform. Connect your campaign with missed call solutions and temporary phone numbers to capture detailed lead information seamlessly. 

Remote Working

Remote Working
Embrace remote working with our advanced cloud telephony solutions. Fetch the maximum output from your remote employees using our customer engagement and collaboration tools. Track the performance of each agent for better productivity and ROI.

Logistics & Delivery

Customer Support & Feedback
Offer highly proactive customer support to strengthen your relationship with customers and earn their trust. Leverage chatbots/voicebots, automated calls, and SMS to collect customer feedback and improve your services. 

Case Study

Stories of Innovation & Transformation


Enhanced Appointment Scheduling for a Large Hospital Chain


Challenge: A popular Hospital chain in a town was facing challenges with manual appointment scheduling, which prevented them from dealing with a high volume of customer queries. This resulted in longer wait times, missed appointments, and patient dissatisfaction.

To solve this challenge, Fonada implemented an IVR system with speech recognition capability. With this solution, patients were able to schedule appointments easily over the phone through IVR inputs. Also, this helped them handle customer queries efficiently without exceeding wait time.

This implementation helped the hospital chain significantly reduce wait times, improve patient satisfaction, and decrease missed appointments.


Automated Health Campaigns for a Health Insurance Provider


A health insurance provider wanted to improve member engagement and health outcomes but faced manual outreach and communication challenges.

Using an OBD (Outbound Dialer) system, the provider launched automated health campaigns to educate members about preventive care, remind them of upcoming screenings, and promote healthy lifestyle choices. The system was integrated with CRM for personalized messaging.

Through automated campaigns, the health insurance provider saw increased member engagement, improved health outcomes, and reduced administrative burden.

Why Choose Fonada?

Achieve higher operational efficiency and agent productivity with Fonada’s advanced cloud telephony solutions.

Multi-channel Platform

Multi-channel Platform
Manage all your communication through one unified platform. 

CRM Integration

CRM Integration
Experience seamless integration with all CRMs.

Secure & Reliable

Secure & Reliable
Experience enterprise-level security standards for secured business communication.


Expand your business with ease and no restrictions.


Get customized solutions as per your business needs.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support
Be available around the clock for your customers.

Why Choose Fonada

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