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What Is A Missed Call Service?

Missed call solution is a cloud-based, fast and cost-efficient way to collect customer data and generate quality leads for your customer. The missed call solution enables you to handle your marketing campaigns anywhere. With missed call services on board, you can now organize quick polls, surveys and engaging customer contests with no cost involved to the caller side.

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Why Missed Call Services For Your Business?

For Indian businesses, missed call services have become an increasingly popular way to utilize the power of low-cost telecom networks. From customer feedback to lead generation and verification, there are numerous innovative solutions provided by missed call solution providers that help make customers’ lives easier.
Get Quick Updates with Advanced Missed Call Services

Quick Updates

Captured detailed lead information With missed call service, you can now easily and quickly update any customer's data.

DO Customer Verification With Best Missed Call Solution Provider in india

Customer Verification

Customer verification is a worthy substitute for OTPs to authenticate your customers. Ask your customers to verify their phone numbers by just making a missed call.

Faster lead generation with missed call services

Faster Lead Generation

Missed call service is the easiest way to generate potential leads and fetch relevant information from customers.

Track Calls easily with missed call service provider

Track Calls

With missed call solutions, you can easily and quickly track and analyze missed calls to build better products and services.

Collect Crucial Data From Customers through missed call marketing

Collect Crucial Data
From Customers

When it comes to data collection, missed call service does it seamlessly. Entice your customers, grab their attention and contribute to surveys.

get Cost-Effective Results with best missed call service provider

Cost-Effective Results

With the missed call solution, you can collect data from any survey or promotion at minimal cost and time compared to other marketing strategies.

Powerful And Impactful Missed Call Services Features

One Missed Call, Many Effective Leads

Automated Messages

Customize SMS for your missed call number and integrate with social media campaigns to send automated messages to leads.

Real-Time Updates

Receive call-related updates instantly with the missed call number solution, ensuring faster and easier access to information.

Cloud-Based System

With the cloud-based missed call solution, you can securely store all your data in one place, ensuring its safety and reliability.

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor all business call activities and caller trends in real-time with a live analytics dashboard, gaining valuable business insights.


Establish instant and efficient customer interactions with a multi level ivr menu, fostering long-term relationships through seamless communication.

Call Recording And Disconnecting

Calls are automatically disconnected after a ring, and conversations are recorded automatically, providing complete call recordings.

How Does Missed Call Service Work?

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Stage 01
Customer Check Out Your Ad/Promotion.

The customer sees your ads or promotions and calls the virtual phone number seen on the ad.

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Stage 02
Call Lands And

Calls get disconnected when they land on your virtual number and are connected to a missed flow in your account. The number has been added to your database.

missed call campaign

Stage 03
Leads Are Generated To Spreadsheets

The information collected from missed call customers is exported to a Google spreadsheet. The contact information of your callers can also be exported to CRM.

Best missed call solutions in India

Stage 04
Automated Callback

An automated callback or SMS is triggered once a missed call appears on your virtual number to notify your customer.

Benefits Of Missed Call Solution For Businesses

Accelerate quality leads by a significant percentile to boost campaign effectiveness, regardless of the organization size. 

Generate Quality Leads with missed call campaigns

Quality Leads

Boost campaign effectiveness and acquire prospect details in real-time for faster user engagement.

accelerate customer engagement through Missed call services

Zero Cost To

Involve no to minimal cost for customers, making it a cost-effective solution.

review your campaign progress with missed call services

Launch Outbound Calling Campaigns And Measure Success

Review progress and performance through comprehensive data reports on received missed calls.

Market Reach

Increase brand awareness and widen market reach through missed call SMS campaigns.

Seamless Customer Communication

Facilitate easier and cost-efficient customer communication, upgrading customer service.

Build Brand Image

Enhance brand reputation and increase marketing ROI, widely adopted by small and medium enterprises.

Why Choose Fonada For Best Missed Call Solutions in India?

Fonada is one of the leading missed call service providers in India, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions. Businesses can enable customers to dial their number, and receive an automated message with requested information. Ideal for reliable missed call solutions.

Superior Quality

Get superior quality missed call solutions an an affordable price

Best Pricing

Get a high-quality cloud telephony suite with minimal effort and cost investment.

Round-The-Clock Support

From research to post-purchase maintenance, we ensure hassle-free customer service at every step round the clock.

Scale At Ease

Get highly scalable solutions with our missed call to service at par.

Facilitate API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party integrations.

Best Missed Call Service Provider in India

Frequently Asked Questions

What is missed call service?

Whenever a missed call is placed, the call gets disconnected, and the data is made available for your experts to call back on the number, or you may even send a trigger-based SMS to your callers.

Why do I need missed call service?

It's the simplest and most convenient way for customers to reach you. In India, people have long used missed calls to signal a callback request. A missed call service removes all barriers to contact, helping you build an opt-in database for future outreach.

Is there any limit to using miss-call per day?

There is no limitation on miss calls on per-day usage.

What are the benefits of using a missed call service?

Benefits of using a missed call service provider include increased customer engagement, cost-effective marketing, lead generation, real-time feedback collection, and improved customer service.