What is Truecaller Brand Caller ID solution?

According to the Global Spam Report published by Truecaller, a staggering 93.5% of spam calls were from sales or telemarketing calls. The results are visible as India ranks as the 4th most spammed country in the world.

To protect customers from unwanted attacks by spammers and frauds, Fonada exclusively avails its premium Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution to businesses of any scale.

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 Key features of Truecaller Verification

make an impression
Make an impression

Shield your brand image from fraud attacks and signal your customers or new prospects about the validity of the call.

Comprehensive Analytics
Comprehensive Analytics

Get access to rich data insights about listed numbers, call analytics, and spam reports to improve calling patterns for better customer engagement.

increase call pickup rate
Increased Call Pickup Rates

With features like a green backdrop, verified badge, brand name, and logo, consumers are informed about the call authenticity, improving call pick-up rate up to 52%.

Why integrate Truecaller for business?

Colored Backdrops

The cloud contact center provides access to reach a large number of people without transferring calls through a telephone line.

Verified Badge

Allow seamless communication between your business and customers with a Truecaller verified badge displayed on top of the caller ID screen.

Detailed Caller ID

Showcase your brand logo, green backdrop, verified badge, and call reason to provide positive reassurance to customers.

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