Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System For Call Centers

Connect your customers to the right department with Fonada’s Office IVR System. A well-developed Office IVR Solution for small businesses and call centres to enhance customer’s calling experience.

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What Is IVR Service?

IVR service enables companies to design efficient call flows that provide consumers with an interactive and personalized experience. IVR solution routes the customers to the appropriate agent without waiting for an agent to connect them for every issue personally.

Although most companies know IVR as the technology that enables them to personalize call flow to improve customer experience, adding new capabilities to the current IVR features provides organizations with additional benefits.

Why Do Businesses Use IVR Services?

IVR Gives Customers High Satisfaction

IVR systems enable clients to solve problems without a live agent. An IVR system invites clients to engage in the company’s business practices before using the services.

IVR Enhances Call

The number of customers buy online, and it’s important to provide relevant customer support. IVR-based call routing is effective. Most customers may not need an agent; they can use an IVR.

IVR Engages Customers In Real-Time

Customer involvement is necessary to retain clients in your business’s orbit. IVRs may help your firm create a customer interaction platform.

IVR System
Boosts Brand Image

Our best IVR service boosts the company’s brand image. The IVR’s brief message conveys the company’s approach to consumers. IVR is an excellent way for startups and small enterprises to give consumers a wider perspective of the company. With IVR, callers may quickly reach sales, support, etc.

IVR System Routes Call To Department & Agent

A consumer may want to contact a certain agent or department. IVRs help in this area since callers may reach their desired destination with a few button pushes. Once it routes the consumer, excellent customer service becomes more evident. Proper IVR design ensures accurate and smooth routing.

Features Of IVR Solution

CRM Integration

Integrate our APIs with all the top CRMs

Unlimited Channels

Call the same number many times. All calls answered or not will be on your dashboard.

Detailed Reporting

Get complete real-time analytics of every call from your dashboard.

Call Scheduling

You can schedule automated calls at any day and time.

Call Recording

Use call recording for informed decision-making.

No Setup Costs

Automated calls need no specific equipment or setup costs.

How Does IVR Solution Work

Stage 01

VR interacts with callers using prerecorded questions and answers. Auto-attendant features greet callers and provide an IVR menu.

Stage 02

Most IVR systems use Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signaling (DTMF) to let callers use their keypads to choose pre-determined options.

Stage 03

Advanced IVR systems use speech recognition to provide human-like interactions through voice commands.

Stage 04

The menu guides the caller to select resolution or information gathering.

Benefits Of IVR Solution

Help your customers choose the proper agent using multilevel category menus.

1. Omnipresent

Forward business calls to agents’ mobile phones and landlines from anywhere.

2. Personalize Client Interaction

Personalize client interactions using names and past interaction history to predict needs.

3. Enhance Brand Image

Enable your callers to speak with specialists based on their selections from a multilevel IVR menu.

4. Easy Setup And Activation

Integrate your CRM software with a plug-and-play solution.

5. Manage Large Call Volumes

Advanced multi-level IVR manages high call volumes by automatically connecting to many customers.

6. Generate More Leads

Rapid iteration ensures client leads and loyalty by meeting customer needs.

Why Choose Fonada For Best Office IVR Systems?

Go Live Easily

Quick setup with no extra infrastructure. You may combine it with current systems using our API.


You may talk to customers and obtain feedback by monitoring and analyzing voice conversations.

Scale Endlessly

Our cloud telephony software may increase your business's image and brand loyalty.


Our IVR helps businesses analyze call recordings to measure print and digital marketing campaigns.

Improve Efficiency

Using our IVR Software, you may reduce call handling time and provide agents with the right info.

Best Office IVR Provider In India

Fonada’s office IVR system helps call centers and businesses of any size to manage calls complexity efficiently. It delivers single to advanced multi level IVR functionalities based on the extent of your product or service.

With Fonada’s office IVR solutions you can:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office IVR System?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automates customer interactions in incoming calls using pre-set menus. Quick query resolution and decreased wait time improve customer experience with minimal human intervention.

Why do businesses use IVR?

IVRs have custom-built menus that may speed up receiving calls, route callers, or schedule a callback. A caller may acquire information in seconds using an IVR system without involving an agent.

What are the types of IVR?

Inbound and outbound are the two types of IVR services. Inbound IVR systems manage incoming call volume, whereas outbound IVR systems dial calls automatically.

What features make a good office IVR solution?

IVRs help clients and consumers with queries and product launches. The best IVR system automatically recognizes caller intent and provides real-time analytics. It routes the call to the most qualified agent, who can swiftly resolve the query based on the previous intent.

What is a hosted IVR solution?

IVRs have custom-built menus that may speed up receiving calls, route callers, or schedule a callback. A caller may acquire information in seconds using an IVR system without involving an agent.