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What Is Office IVR Solution?

Office IVR is a cloud-based interactive voice response system designed to automate phone interactions and route callers to the appropriate departments or agents. They are hosted on remote servers and designed to function independently. These systems eliminate the need for on-premise hardware and reduce high maintenance costs.


 Cloud-based office IVR solution can be integrated with various communication channels like voice, SMS, and chatbots to provide a seamless customer experience (CX). With the help of an office IVR system, businesses can optimize their operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Features Of Fonada's Office IVR Solutions

Set the industry standard with trusted IVR solution from one of India’s top IVR system providers.

Multi-level IVR

Tailor the IVR menu to meet your customers' needs and enable them to connect with the appropriate team instantly.

Call Routing

Seamlessly route all incoming calls to designated phone numbers based on your chosen routing option.

Call Reports

Fonada’s smart IVR solution let users fetch detailed call reports with just one click using dashboard.

Call Recording

On-call conversations will be recorded and updated on the panel and stored on the cloud for future reference.

Unlimited Channels

Call the same number many times. All calls answered or not will be on your dashboard.

Call Scheduling

You can schedule automated calls at any day and time.

No Setup Costs

Automated calls need no specific equipment or setup costs.

Types Of Office IVR Solution

Personalize your caller experience with our tailored office IVR solutions

TYPE # 1

Single-level IVR

The most basic form of IVR is the Single Level IVR. It is a call management system designed to handle customer queries by routing them to the appropriate department or agent. This can be achieved by playing a Welcome message to the caller, followed by a list of options from the IVR menu. Single Level IVR is particularly useful for small-scale businesses with limited operation areas. Once the caller has selected an option, the call will be transferred to an appropriate department or a specific agent for resolution. For instance, a welcome message might say,
  • Welcome to Company X.
  • To speak with a Sales representative, press 1.
  • For Customer Support, press 2.
  • For Accounts, press 3.
  • For any other inquiries, press 4
The call will be routed accordingly based on the customers’ selected options.
TYPE # 2

Multi-level IVR

Multi-level IVR is a highly advanced call management system that can efficiently handle multiple inputs from callers and route them to their desired destinations for query resolution.

For instance, when a caller interacts with a Multi-level IVR, they might be presented with a Welcome message and a few language options. Upon selecting their preferred language, they may be directed to a menu that includes multiple options for Sales. Once they select the Sales option, the call will be routed to various sub-menus that diversify products and services, allowing the caller to select their specific area of interest.

How Does IVR Solution Work?

Stage 01

IVR interacts with callers using prerecorded questions and answers. Auto-attendant features greet callers and provide an IVR menu.

Stage 02

Most IVR systems use Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signaling (DTMF) to let callers use their keypads to choose pre-determined options.

Stage 03

Advanced IVR systems use speech recognition to provide human-like interactions through voice commands.

Stage 04

The menu guides the caller to select resolution or information gathering.

Why Do Businesses Use IVR Services?

Empower your team to minimize the chances of missing any customer call with one of the most reliable IVR solution providers in India

Satisfied Customers

Clients can resolve issues without the need for a live agent through the use of IVR systems. Leading enhanced CX.

Streamline Customer Journey

Online customers require relevant support while their entire buying and selling journey. IVR call routing is highly effective and helps customers resolve their queries without human intervene.

Boost Customer Engagement

Customer involvement is necessary to retain clients in your business’s orbit. IVRs may help your firm create a customer interaction platform.

Establish Brand Image

Our smart IVR solution helps businesses establish their brand image in the market by enabling them to be proactive to customer queries and issues.

Smart Routing

With Office IVR solution callers may reach their desired destination with a few button pushes. Once it routes the consumer, customer service becomes more evident. Proper IVR design ensures accurate and smooth routing.

IVR System Routes Call To Department & Agent

A consumer may want to contact a certain agent or department. IVRs help in this area by offering instant connectivity. Callers may reach their desired destination with a few buttons pushes.

Use Cases of IVR Solutions

Streamline your customer interactions with one of the Top IVR solutions

Customer Support

Surveys and polls

appointment scheduling

order status and tracking

payment processing

account information and management

emergency response

outbound sales and marketing calls

lead generation

password resets and account authentication

Benefits Of Fonada’s Office IVR Solution

Use multilevel category menus to let your customers select the appropriate agent for their queries.


Forward business calls to agents’ mobile phones and landlines from anywhere.

Generate More Leads

Rapid iteration ensures client leads and loyalty by meeting customer needs.

Enhance Brand Image

Enable your callers to speak with specialists based on their selections from a multilevel IVR menu.

Manage Large Call Volumes

Smart IVR solutions manage high call volumes by automatically connecting to many customers.

Personalize Client Interaction

Personalize client interactions using names and past interaction history to predict needs.

Easy Setup And Activation

Integrate your CRM software with a plug-and-play solution.

Why Choose Fonada For Best Office IVR Systems?

Go Live Easily

Quick setup with no extra infrastructure. You may combine it with current systems using our API.


You may talk to customers and obtain feedback by monitoring and analyzing voice conversations.

Scale Endlessly

Our cloud telephony software may increase your business's image and brand loyalty.


Our IVR helps businesses analyze call recordings to measure print and digital marketing campaigns.

Improve Efficiency

Using our IVR Software, you may reduce call handling time and provide agents with the right info.

What Makes Fonada One of India's Top Call Center IVR Solution Providers?

Fonada’s office IVR system enhances your customers’ calling experience and connects them to the right department instantly. It helps call centers and businesses of any size manage call complexity efficiently. It delivers single to advanced multi-level IVR functionalities based on the extent of your product or service.

With Fonada’s best IVR solutions, you can:

Route calls to the right team and available agents using Fonada IVR.

Set IVR to automatically respond to repeated questions or monitor missed calls to schedule callbacks and increase business.

Start with straightforward drag-and-drop voice call flow builders and voice-bot auto-responders.

Customer support representatives can prioritize consumer inquiries by providing personalized greetings and soundtracks for callers, enabling automated responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office IVR Solution?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) utilizes pre-configured menus to automate customer interactions during incoming calls. With the help of IVR solutions, businesses can efficiently resolve queries and reduce wait times, leading to an improved CX with minimal human involvement.

What are the features of a reliable and effective office IVR solution?

IVRs help clients and consumers with queries and product launches. The best IVR system automatically recognizes caller intent and provides real-time analytics. It routes the call to the most qualified agent, who can swiftly resolve the query based on the previous intent.

What is a hosted IVR solution?

Hosted IVR is also called IVR. These systems have custom-built menus that speed up receiving calls, route callers, or schedule a callback.  A caller may acquire information in seconds using an IVR system without involving an agent.

Why do businesses use IVR?

Businesses use IVR to automate their business communication process and help their customers have personalized experiences with their issues and queries.

What are the types of IVR?

Inbound and outbound are the two types of IVR services. Inbound IVR systems manage incoming call volume, whereas outbound IVR systems dial calls automatically.