Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

How is Fonada helping the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry?

Extend world-class support to your valuable customers with cloud-based voice, messaging video, AI-enabled speech analytics, and ChatBot/VoiceBot solutions. Create a smart way for your customers to remember your constant support through multiple channels to communicate with you anytime anywhere.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Things we do for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Offer streamlined interaction to your travelers and hotel guests anytime, anywhere on a robust communication channel.

sales lead generation

Sales and Lead Generation

Simplify the sales and lead generation process with broadcasting tools, Lead Management, Missed Call Solution in boosting sales with a targeted approach tailored according to your requirements.

Track Marketing

Track Marketing ROI

Integrate a unified multichannel platform to track and monitor by linking Missed Call Solution Virtual Business Numbers to your online and offline marketing campaigns.

Remote Working

Remote Working

Empowering efficiency with smart remote work and Video programs to be available to your customers from anywhere anytime for online financial services.


Security & Compliance

Secure your customers’ journey via Call Masking and Speech Analytics on a reliable and Automated Cloud-based engagement platform customized as per your business needs.

Logistics Delivery

Logistics & Delivery

Enable the team with a smart platform to keep your customers updated on their preferred channel of communication, configuring multi-level IVR to aid them in tracking every order in real-time.

Consulting Services

Customer Support & Feedback

Enable a customer-centric solution for banking financial services to win every customers’ trust by delivering a refined customer experience and collecting feedback on Chatbots /Voicebots, Automated Calls, and SMS by applying Speech Analytics.

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