Toll free numbers

What does a toll-free number solution mean?

Your company’s 1800 number lets customers call free. Ensure seamless agent-client interaction for promotions and query resolution

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Benefits of the toll-free number

Available 24/7

Toll-free numbers let you serve customers after working hours.

Track marketing campaigns

Track the success of marketing campaigns seamlessly. Use toll-free numbers to collect customer feedback and surveys rapidly.

Business expansion in new markets

Premium toll-free numbers expand your customer care reach without on-site infrastructure.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers contact you at no cost, giving them more options for issue resolution and grievance resolution.

Boost the value of brand recall

Since 1800 toll-free numbers are easy to remember, customers may easily engage in multi-touchpoint campaigns.

Boost lead conversion

Toll-free numbers increase call rates, which boosts business lead conversion.

Features of the toll-free number


Routing calls

Call routing enables the free agents to take customer calls, reducing customer wait times.


Call recording

You may listen to and analyze automatic call recordings to understand your customers better.



Use the multi-level menu on the IVR to answer each customer’s query immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an individual or an enterprise can buy a toll-free number for their business. A toll-free number is a virtual number that acts as the company’s go-to contact path. Be it a start-up, small-scale company, or large organization, a toll-free number helps your business scale. It encourages customers to connect with our agents to solve technical or personal issues regarding the products and services offered by the company.

Customers can contact them seamlessly without paying for the dialed call through a toll-free number. It also helps businesses to better their brand recall strategy by providing a definitive registered number such as 1800 number. At Fonada, we provide a live panel for users to monitor their call logs and the impact it ensued during a specific period.

Buying a local number or a toll-free number remains a prominent dilemma for businesses for a registered number. Toll-free numbers are a handy and effective method for a business to promote the brand image on a nationwide scale. For established enterprises, toll-free number empowers a strong and authoritative presence in the market. But for small-scale industries and start-ups, a toll-free number, also known as vanity number, enhances the probability of getting recognized in the market as an emerging enterprise.


An array of benefits is available when you get a toll-free number for business and they are:

  • Free calling service for customers.
  • Create a nationwide brand image.
  • Continue business activity from anywhere.
  • A 24*7 customer support.
  • Increased agent productivity.

To get a toll-free number, an individual or a business can contact toll-free number providers such as Fonada, Exotel, MyOperator, Servetel, and Knowlarity. They avail extensions such as 1800 or 800 as an extension of their brand contact number. By following the few steps mentioned below, you can get toll-free number service:

Select a provider to initiate the process

  • Book your number by selecting a number of your choice.
  • Purchase a plan according to the volume it contains.
  • Upload personal details to confirm the validity of the company.
  • Enter the number of your agents who will get the call.
  • Pay for the service purchased, and you are good to go.
  • Within a few hours, your toll-free number service will be online.

Yes, the 1800 toll-free number is usually followed by a six or seven-digit number. A call placed by the dialer produces zero cost from its end and helps the user to recall the brand easily by recognizing the company extension. Toll-free codes such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833 are not interchangeable, whereas the prefix ‘1800’ reaches a different recipient than the prefix ‘1888’.

A toll-free number allows customers to connect with an agent without any cost. This enables the business to get a better response on their products and services. So, if you are looking to get a toll-free number for your business, you can inquire about the pricing model from providers like Fonada, Exotel, Servetel, Ozonetel, etc.

In India, to purchase the best toll-free number service, an enterprise has to search for a toll-free number provider that inclines towards the requirement of your business. By objectively looking at the price model and the call volume requirement, you can get a clear idea about the best service provider of a toll-free number.

Companies like Fonada, Exotel, Servetel, Ozonetel, etc. provide such services. The best toll-free number, as preferred by most businesses, is a number with the prefix ‘1800’. These numbers offer a concrete brand contact number and upscale brand image and brand recall. Toll-free numbers have a nationwide reach, and they help customers reach the company for their queries without having to pay for the call.

Usually, toll-free calls on mobile phones are no different from making other calls. Cell phone pricing doesn’t change for long-distance calls, so for customers, the benefit of calling a toll-free number remains as opposed to any other numbers. Businesses availing of this service purchase a limited number of minutes in their monthly or yearly plan. The person you are calling will not absorb these charges. For third-party toll-free lines, airtime charges are implemented. Go to the dialler app on your mobile phone, and type the toll-free number you want to call. Dial the toll-free phone number and connect with an agent without hassle.

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