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What exactly is a virtual number?

Virtual Phone Number is a means to eliminate the physical limitations of traditional telephonic communication without setting up huge infrastructure. This technology adds versatility and mobility to business transactions and promotional information to consumers.

Virtual number

Benefits of virtual numbers

Single virtual number for a team

Your team may use one virtual number. No loss of information over many numbers.

Increased efficiency

Handle multiple calls at the same time, keep track of conversations, and work more efficiently

No loss of information

One number routes all client information and conversations.

Personalized experience

IVR gives clients a unique experience.


Pay-as-you-go, scalable

Features of virtual number

International number

Get virtual numbers for several nations to streamline your company’s global operations.


Use the IVR’s multi-level menu to interact with customers immediately.

Record calls

Record calls in real-time to maintain quality standards.

Route calls

Routing calls to available agents decrease customer wait time.

Calls concurrently

Respond to unlimited inbound and outbound calls simultaneously, boosting agent efficiency.

Multi-lingual support

IVR offers customized automated calling campaigns for messages in English, Hindi, and other regional languages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual phone numbers are internet-based, non-device-connected phone numbers. Instead, they connect to a preexisting phone line through which you may receive calls from anywhere.

A virtual phone number routes calls to the user’s real phone numbers. We use virtual phone numbers in IP phones and call forwarding to save long-distance fees.

A virtual number is an indirect telephone number. These numbers redirect incoming calls to one of the preset telephone numbers selected by the virtual number owner. A toll-free number is one in which the calling party pays nothing, but the subscriber pays for the calls. A toll-free number typically has eleven digits and begins with the number 1800.


Virtual numbers and call tracking control call expenses. A company can observe who phoned where, when, and how much. Call limits improve security and save expenses. A virtual number’s security profile stops users from making unauthorized calls, especially to costly regional and international PSTN lines.


Because virtual numbers aren’t attached to a device, we may call departments, teams, and people using the same number, regardless of where they work or who answers. Automatically calling people in the workplace or elsewhere.

Advanced Services

Virtual numbers enable hosted VoIP services, email integration, call and video conferencing, call forwarding, phone attendants, and SMS are possible. If the hosted solution is on the cloud, workers worldwide can have extension numbers that seem to be internal.


Customers prefer local service providers. Virtual numbers give your business a local presence even if you’re not there. Local virtual numbers personalize customer contact, and callers prefer local over long-distance numbers. With caller-id, it’s easy to detect who’s calling and customize responses.

Business image

 Virtual numbers can boost small businesses’ profiles. Having separate virtual numbers for various departments or functions boosts the organization’s image.


Calls to virtual numbers inside the organization may be automatically routed over toll-free Internet connections. So, internal calls or calls from customers may look like they are going to a local number, but the answer of the call is on the other side of the world at no extra cost to the organization. Reaching people anywhere, anytime, on many devices is cheap or free.

Virtual numbers work on desktop, mobile, and smartphone devices. It lets you add new features and services without buying new phones.

VIP numbers are vanity numbers. It’s an easy-to-remember number with your favorite digits or format. You have to pay a small premium to get these fancy numbers.

Virtual phone numbers are the perfect communication tool for organizations and people since they are efficient, safe, and affordable solutions to many communication problems.

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