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What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number has no physical location. A virtual number is like a cloud number that works over the Internet. Usually, these numbers are programmed to route incoming calls to one of the pre-decided telephone numbers chosen by the client. These numbers are largely used by businesses to connect with their customers to establish a local presence for sales or support.

The best benefit of using these numbers is freedom from on-site technology and hardware.It lets users access potential customers with a simple Internet connection. Business enterprises need a reliable internet connection to employ hosted phone numbers across India. Significant types of cloud-based phone numbers include:

Hosted 800 numbers (Toll-free, free-call, and freephone numbers)
– Hosted DID numbers (Virtual phone numbers with attached local area codes)

Why Do Businesses Need Virtual Phone Numbers?

A virtual phone number helps companies to integrate and simplify their business systems to improve overall efficiency. Businesses use virtual numbers to streamline call management for enabling compliance, enhancing customer privacy, data security and track calls made between customers and staff.

With the help of virtual numbers, businesses centralize their call management process while ensuring a secure, user-friendly and professional customer experience.

Business enterprises can have the following prime benefits of using virtual numbers:

Agents can manage their calls anywhere and anytime

Calls forwarding to the personal numbers of management

Convenient missed calls, outbound calling and IVR solutions

Easy to couple your virtual number with different valuable services

Easy voice recording during the call

No off-platform transactions due to number masking

Features Of Virtual Number

Unlimited Calling

Efficiently answer high call volume by using our unlimited calling channels.

Instant SMS/Email

Keep all your agents updated about received and missed customer calls by sending SMS and email alerts.


Gives your customers a seamless calling experience every time they connect with you using IVR powered virtual number solution


With an automated call recording feature, you can record calls, monitor customer service quality and make better business decisions.

Call Routing

Smartly route incoming calls to the right agents and departments using the customizable call routing feature.


Customize the system to complete the needs of your business

Call Forwarding

Enable call forwarding to several numbers based on your needs.

Parallel Ringing

Use virtual numbers to ensure agents don’t miss any calls.

Benefits Of Virtual Number Solution

1. Call Tracking

Track customer interactions and process quality with call recording and analysis dashboard

2. Eliminate
Setup Cost

Eliminate costly on-premise hardware setup and maintenance costs

3. Manage Business
From Personal Number

Instantly route customer calls to the appropriate specialists based on their selection from a multilevel IVR menu

4. Centralized
Customer Support

With a single virtual number, businesses enable customers to connect with them for their queries without any hassle.

5. Improve

Handle multiple calls efficiently, track conversations in real-time and get complete insights into incoming calls.

6. Geographic

Expand your local and national reach using virtual phone numbers with different area codes

7. Personalized

Provide a seamless experience whenever callers connect with you using self-answer and virtual receptionist features of IVR

8. Cost

Pay-as-you-go, scalable

9. Establish A Local Presence For Sales Or Support

Virtual numbers help you establish a local presence for sales and support, irrespective of the geographic region.

10. Maintain The Integrity Of The Information

All your customers’ information and data are routed through one number.

Why Choose Fonada For Virtual Phone Number Services?

Instant Setup

With our instant installation process, you can connect with your customers in no time.


Fonada offers fully developed cloud telephony solutions at the most cost-efficient price.

Real-Time Reporting

Track your call center activities in real-time using our intelligent dashboard.

User-Friendly Portal

With our user-friendly portal manage and monitor calls easily.

API Integrations

Integrate CRM and third-party apps to enhance business solutions.

Best In-Market Pricing

Get a high-quality cloud-based telephony suite with minimum cost and effort.

Superior Quality

We offer high-quality cloud telephony services at the most affordable rates and ensure success rates, voice quality, and reduced latency.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Fonada offers an SLA-backed uptime of 99.99%.

24×7 Improved Customer Support

Get enhanced live support from our product specialists through email, chat, and call. We are available 24×7, you can connect with us via phone, email, and Twitter

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Expand your company’s geographic presence without office space. Buy virtual numbers with various state codes to have a company presence in as many locations as you want. Enjoy the comfort of managing calls remotely with our virtual phone number solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number has no physical location. Virtual numbers work with VoIP desk phones, cell phones, and softphones. It’s perfect for office or work-from-home workers.

What distinguishes a virtual number from a toll-free number?

A virtual number is an indirect phone number. These numbers route incoming calls to the owner’s pre-set phone number. A toll-free number is one in which the calling party pays nothing, but the subscriber pays for the calls. Toll-free numbers start with 1800 and have 11 digits.

Is it safe to use virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are easy, secure, and inexpensive, making them the perfect tool for businesses and individuals.

Can a business have multiple virtual numbers?

Yes, businesses may buy multiple virtual phone numbers depending on their needs.

What does a VIP number mean?

VIP numbers are vanity numbers. It’s an easy-to-remember number with the numbers you want or your preferred format. These fancy numbers cost a small price.