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What Are Cloud Telephony Services?

With cloud telephony services, businesses can securely store their entire data warehouse on the cloud. These services can efficiently facilitate quicker access and streamlined control for data management. 

Our cloud telephony architecture is designed to empower businesses to access their information anytime, anywhere in the world, and leverage a suite of cutting-edge solutions, including virtual numbers, interactive voice response (IVR), click to call, missed call service, outbound calling, and more. 

The cloud-based approach to telephony provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and enhance CX.

Unleash The Full Potential Of Business With Dynamic & Robust Cloud Telephony Features

Transform Your Business Communications with Fonada’s Advanced Cloud Telephony Solutions.

Adaptive Integration

Our cloud telephony services are highly adaptable to every platform. They work seamlessly with third-party applications.

Agent Scheduling

Agent scheduling is a piece of cake with our cutting-edge cloud telephony solutions. Efficiently schedule call routing through IVR

Call Recording

Maintain the quality standards of your services, with our comprehensive suite of call recording, live monitoring and performance review features.

Number Masking

Ensure the privacy of your number by masking all incoming and outgoing calls with temporary virtual numbers.

Call Routing

Navigate each caller to the right department or agent with our advanced call-routing feature.

Live Call Monitoring

Our Remote Admin Portal lets you stay updated with every ongoing call between the customer and the agent.

Call Forwarding

Maximize every business opportunity by seamlessly forwarding each call to the available agent.

Real-Time Analytics

Experience the power of technology fused with business intelligence to track and analyze overall performance.

SMS Alert

Leverage every possible business opportunity by receiving instant SMS alerts for all missed and received calls with Fonada’s reliable cloud telephony services.

Cloud Telephony Solutions To Ace Your Business Needs

Fulfill all your business communication needs with Fonada, a leading cloud telephony company in India.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Office IVR System enables you to direct your customers to the appropriate department. It is a top-notch IVR solution designed for small businesses and call centers to improve customers' calling experience.

Automated Outbound Calling

Employ pre-recorded voice messages to engage with callers, eliminating the need for human intervention. This technology lets businesses simultaneously send automated phone blasts to their intended customers.

Missed Call Platform

Enable businesses to generate potential leads and conduct campaign marketing quickly and at little to no cost. These advanced solutions allow you to gather data from potential customers and create surveys, enhancing your brand image.

Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS service enables businesses to send a large number of messages to a group of recipients at once. It is used to send promotional and transactional SMS to a mass audience.

Calling API

Allows developers to add real-time voice calling functionality to their applications, including custom voice communication solutions like conference calls and voicemail.

Virtual Number

Manage your business calls efficiently with a single virtual number from anywhere, anytime. A cloud-based virtual number lets you personalize and answer calls anywhere, loaded with easy-to-use and advanced features.

Number Masking

Call masking, also known as phone number masking, conceals personal phone numbers during incoming or outgoing calls. It replaces the actual phone number with a proxy caller ID on both ends.

Toll-Free Number

A toll-free number is a phone number that allows customers to contact businesses without incurring charges. They typically begin with three-digit codes like 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833.

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Telephony?

Ace your unique communication needs with our advanced cloud telephony for business solutions.

Complete Insights

Gain deeper insights into customer engagement by tracking and recording conversations between the agent and customer.

Easy to set up

Cloud telephony solutions can be easily set up with your existing leading CRM software.

Minimal Investment

Get comprehensive call management capabilities without costly infrastructure with Fonada's highly cost-effective solution.

Enhance Caller Experience

Our cloud-based solutions are designed to elevate the caller experience by providing wait-time updates, customized settings, personalized regional greetings, and skill-based agent routing.

Enhance Productivity

Fonada's advanced solution suite offers cloud contact center capabilities that enhance customer engagement experiences while saving bandwidth, resources, and cost.

Use Cases Of Cloud Telephony Solutions


Customer Support

Cloud telephony services can be used to set up a customer support system that can handle a large volume of calls efficiently. With features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and call routing, incoming calls can be directed to the right department or agent, ensuring quick resolution of customer queries.


Sales and Marketing

Cloud telephony solutions are quite beneficial for marketing and lead generation. With features like outbound dialing, SMS campaigns, and call tracking, businesses can reach out to customers and prospects, track their interactions, and improve conversion rates.



Cloud telephony has become an integral part of healthcare sectors. These solutions can be used to set up a telemedicine system, enabling patients to consult doctors remotely. With features like video calls, call recording, and appointment scheduling, doctors can provide medical advice to patients from remote locations, improving access to healthcare.



Cloud telephony can help e-commerce businesses improve customer service by enabling IVR, call routing, and voicemail features. With the help of these solutions, businesses send automated SMS or voice messages to customers about the status of their orders, including shipping and delivery updates.

What Makes Fonada Most Reliable Cloud Telephony Service Provider In India?

Offer personalized customer journey on their preferred channels with Fonada’s robust cloud telephony solutions to streamline business communication process.

Best-In-Market Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that we provide top-notch cloud telephony solutions at a highly affordable cost.

Multi-Channel Platform

Fonada, provides a dedicated platform for all communication channels, enabling businesses to have a smoother experience.

Highly Secure

Our cloud telephony solutions are enriched with highly advanced security features, enabling businesses to have a secure environment.

CRM Integration

Effortlessly integrates our cloud-based solutions with third-party applications and all leading CRMs.


Experience enterprise-grade security for businesses and securely connect with all your prospects.


Expand your business effortlessly on a smart technology platform without any limitations.

24x7 Support

We are available 24/7 to provide instant support for users’ queries and issues.

Benefits Of Using Fonada’s Cloud Telephony Services

Protect the privacy Of Your Customers

After rigorous testing, Fonada's phone verification API service has been validated to be dependable and secure.

Real-Time Updates

With Multi-channel support, receive verification codes through voice, text and mail. "

On Call And SMS OTP

Enjoy the flexibility of a highly customizable service that lets you personalize the verification process according to your business requirements.

Build A Call Center

Get competitive pricing and the best value for your money with our phone verify API service.

Automated Calls And SMS

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, Fonada's Verification API solution is designed to cater to your verification needs, with the ability to handle large-scale verification requests efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud Telephony shift your business phone system that operates via internet (Cloud-Based) and provides businesses with dependable and cutting-edge telecommunications services that utilize cloud computing technology.

Cloud telephony service providers offer cloud telephony systems that are equipped with telephony software's and network connections that can operate effectively from remote locations. This capability enables businesses to establish cloud based call centers to address customer queries and service issues.

How cloud telephony works?

Cloud telephony solutions use internet to function. These solutions utilize remote equipment, software, and network connections to offer advanced telecommunications services to enterprises.

Who can use cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony can be used by a variety of individuals and organizations, including:

  • Small, medium, and large businesses of all industries
  • Freelancers and solopreneurs
  • Non-profit organizations and charities
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Government agencies
  • Call centers and customer service teams
  • Sales and marketing teams
How to choose a cloud telephony service provider in India?

To choose a cloud telephony service provider in India, consider factors such as-

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Customer reviews & ratings
How is cloud telephony different from traditional phone systems?

Cloud telephony is different from traditional phone systems in that it uses the internet to make and receive calls, while traditional systems use physical phone lines.