Truecaller Collaboration With Fonada

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID Can Help You Enhance Brand Reputation and Call Efficiency 

Stand out from the noise of unverified calls with Truecaller’s Verified Caller ID Solutions

On average, a person receives about 4-5 spam calls daily from fraud agents or brands without relevant product promotion.

To resolve this issue, Fonada partnered with Truecaller for Business solutions to provide safety in communication with Verified Caller ID displaying the caller’s information and intent with the help of ‘Call Reason’ for a secure and meaningful connection.

TrueCaller Features

Multi-platform Availability

Multi-platform Availability

Be it android or iOS, get verified calls with the Truecaller business identification service.

Brand Name and logo

Brand Name and logo

Displays verification badge to consumers for guaranteed brand assurance connection.

Call Reason

Call Reason

Let your consumers know the purpose of the call and improve their confidence through a relevant call reason.

How Truecaller’s Secure Caller ID Can Help Businesses?

Ensure trust and safety with a verified badg

Verified Caller ID can help brands enhance brand reputation with verified tags and green background for positive reassurance and authenticity of the caller

Add context with call reason

With the unique Call Reason feature, businesses can now convey their brand messages like account updates, payment notifications, promotions or discount alerts through a secure communication portal. This feature helps improve customer confidence by communicating the intent of the call even before it is picked up.

Priority Calling

This exclusive feature will allow businesses to mark time-sensitive, urgent calls as ‘Priority’. This feature will be particularly helpful for both users and businesses to avoid missing out on essential reminders.

Analytical Insights

Get accurate insights based on dialing patterns, call pick-up rate, spam, and fraud report, user behavior, and more for better revenue generation.