Number Masking

What does number masking mean?

The best option for companies to protect their clients’ identities and stop unauthorized access to their private data is by using phone number masking. By routing the call via a temporary proxy phone number, this solution masks the participating phone numbers.

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Benefits of number masking solutions

Insights from real-time data

To improve customer engagement and evaluate the performance of your agents, you can use call logs and actionable data insights on call performance.

Monitoring and call tracking

You can monitor Incoming and outgoing agents, and customer calls for quality testing and data analysis.

Ensure the privacy of customers

The phone number of your consumer is never made public during the transaction. The firm is ultimately responsible for protecting the privacy of its customers.

Platform-specific transactions

Additionally, the best way to prevent off-platform transactions is by using number masking, improving your monetization ability.

Save money

Call your clients without using up your staff members’ mobile balance. It is more economical to connect them through us.

Features of Number masking


Customers may contact you directly using the API-integrated call button on your website and mobile application.

Auto Dialer

Automate outbound calling to increase agent productivity and customer engagement.


With the IVR’s multi-level menu, answer any client query to start an interaction right away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Call masking, commonly called number masking, is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology that businesses use to mask the contact information of everyone on the call. Call masking protects both parties’ identity, personal information, and privacy through voice calls or text messages.

Protects the privacy of the user

Businesses should take essential measures to secure their customers, and their private information as the number of data breaches rises over time. Call masking permits unlimited communication between the parties without disclosing personal contact information. Additionally, it enables flexibility to call people from various devices without leaving a trace of your contact information.

Increases revenues by building customer loyalty

When a customer’s number is safe and secure, they feel more at ease transacting business with that business. Call masking is a successful customer retention strategy since it helps build customer confidence and trust. It is critical to boost brand loyalty and promote repeat purchases.

Saves Costs on Communications

Call masking avoids the need to set up additional contact centers or buy local numbers. By hiding your phone number, you may easily and affordably meet the communication needs of all of your company’s branches.

Centralizes business communication

Phone number masking improves business communications. It routes auto-response voice messages within the specified timeframes.

Analyze customer and agent conversations

You can trace calls and messages using call masking, which makes it simpler to record, track, and analyze customer and agent conversations. It helps contact centers measure interaction quality, gain consumer insights, and improve agent performance.

Increases call responsiveness

Customers who value privacy hang up on suspicious caller IDs or unfamiliar prefixes. Call masking helps to create a local caller ID with an easily recognizable area code. The prospect or client is more likely to answer when they recognize the call is coming from a local number since it makes them feel more at ease.

Masked numbers protect phone numbers and anonymize communication. Instead of using their phone numbers, consumers connect using a proxy number.

Number masking lets drivers and passengers organize trips without sharing numbers. It is essential to protect the rider’s and the driver’s safety. For instance, if the passenger leaves anything in the driver’s car. Without disclosing their phone number, they may get in touch with them.


Doctors may receive many calls with all the calls, video calls, and messaging. Many doctors have begun using call masking so patients may call for voice consultations. After the call, the number becomes invalid, enabling doctors to keep the number’s privacy.

Ride Sharing

When we hire a ride-sharing app, we contact the driver to give him the exact location. The passenger may phone the driver without giving his number. So you may communicate with your driver.

Call masking helps companies maintain client privacy and keep customers engaged. Call masking protects brands and consumers’ identities.


Call masking helps delivery services and e-commerce platforms track leads. In the delivery service, delivery agents need the customer’s address to deliver the products. If the address is incorrect or the agent can’t find it, they may phone the customer. The agent number hides when the delivery agent calls the consumer, and the customer may call back on the same number.

Call masking is temporary, whereas a virtual number is permanent. We use the virtual number to give a local touchpoint and to reduce long-distance calls while we can reuse the call masking number.

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