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What Is Phone Number Masking?

Phone number masking, or call masking, is a technology used to conceal a personal phone number during an outgoing or incoming call. When agents receive a customer call or dial a customer, the call masking solution replaces the actual phone number on both ends with a proxy caller ID.

Call masking is powered by cloud telephony and uses a pool of virtual or direct-inward-dialing phone numbers to mask phone numbers with a proxy caller id. These phone numbers could be temporarily or permanently assigned to a customer or agent.

Why Do Businesses Use Phone Number Masking?

Organizations use call masking to make customer communication, across the customer journey, both secure and easy to track.

Customer Privacy & Data Security

Use call masking to ensure that your customer or prospect’s contact details remain hidden and secure.

Better Customer Experience

Cal masking enables customers to securely speak with their delivery agent for a better last-mile delivery experience. Or speak to their relationship managers anytime, anywhere for a VIP service experience.

Better Call Management

A call masking feature helps you manage and track all your customer communications. You can track calls, record them, and auto-log them into your CRM.

How Does Call Masking Work?

Stage 01

Choose your masked phone number from amongst a large pool of virtual phone numbers including local phone numbers from almost any city. The customer is auto-assigned a short-term number.

Stage 02

The originating call is routed via Fonada’s secure cloud server. The outgoing caller id is masked instantly with a virtual phone number and routed to the other party.

Stage 03

The receiver answers the call, without revealing their actual caller ID. Every call is recorded and can be monitored in real-time. All call data is logged within the CRM and your call center reports.

Features Of Number Masking

Keep your privacy intact with Number Masking Solution.

Auto Dialer

Automate outbound calling to increase agent productivity and customer engagement.


With the IVR’s multi-level menu, answer any client query to immediately start an interaction.

Two-Way Masking

Maximize privacy during calls by masking the numbers of both parties involved in the communication.

Call Recording

Reduce the risk of fraud and monitor your service quality by automatically recording all conversations taking place on your platform.

Call Logs

Easily track all your inbound and outbound calls and download call detail reports at your fingertips using our user-friendly portal.

Call Analytics

Enhance your business strategies by analyzing important call KPIs and accessing real-time information through a comprehensive dashboard.

Click To Call API Integration

Enable your users to connect securely and instantly with your business through Click-to-Call API integration.

Multiple Caller IDs For Every Agent

Effortlessly display different caller IDs for multiple agents or the same caller ID for all agents without any additional hassle.

Use Cases Of the Number Masking


Online Marketplaces and Classified Ads

Call masking can be used to enable buyers and sellers on online marketplaces to communicate with each other without revealing their phone numbers.


Customer Service and Support

Businesses can use call masking to enable their customer service and support teams to communicate with customers without revealing their phone numbers.


Delivery Services

Delivery services employ number masking to facilitate secure communication between drivers and customers.


Social Media Platforms

At various social media channels, the implementation of call masking provides privacy and security of both parties involved in communication.


Real Estate

Real estate agents can use call masking to facilitate secure communication with buyers and sellers.

Benefits Of Using Number Masking Service

Shield Your Digits, Control Your Communication With Number Masking

Real-Time Data

To improve customer engagement and evaluate the performance of your agents, you can use call logs and actionable data insights on call performance.

Monitoring and Call Tracking

You can monitor Incoming and outgoing agents, and customer calls for quality testing and data analysis.

Ensure The Privacy of Customers

The phone number of your consumer is never made public during the transaction. The firm is ultimately responsible for protecting the privacy of its customers.

Platform-Specific Transactions

Additionally, the best way to prevent off-platform transactions is by using number masking, improving your monetization ability.

Save Money

Call your clients without using up your staff members’ mobile balance. It is more economical to connect them through us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Phone Number Masking?

Number masking is a technique which is used to protect the privacy of callers and recipients by replacing the original phone number with a different number. Businesses use this technique for various reasons, including to prevent unwanted calls or texts, or to protect the identity of parties involved in a telephonic conversation.

How Does Call Masking Protect My Privacy?

Call masking services protect your privacy by assigning a temporary, unique phone number to each user that is used in place of their real phone number when making calls or sending messages.

What Are The Call Masking Features?
  • Prevents Identity Theft
  • Offers a secure channel for business communication
  • Enhance Customer satisfaction
  • Maintain a Professional Image of Your Business
What Types of Industries Can Benefit From Call Masking Services?

Call masking services can benefit many industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, banking, insurance, real estate, transportation, and more.