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Make, Receive & Monitor Calls With Voice Calling API

The best approach to reach customers is through calling. It’s personal, fast and most importantly, human. Our phone calling API manages, monitors and triggers calls programmatically. Calling APIs integrate voice calls with CRM, help desk websites and applications.

What is Programmable Voice API ?

An Voice API call is when a client application requests data from an API and the API delivers it to the client.

Why Programmable Calling APIs for your business?

Enhanced call tracking

Calling API records and monitor the calls and automatically provide visibility and insight.

Boosting efficiency

Click-to-call API benefits CRM, help desk, and other applications. You can dial by clicking a button.

Protect customers' privacy

Number masking protects the caller and callee’s privacy. It hides information about both parties behind a virtual number.

Enabling customer self-service

Automate common customer queries and let them use IVR to cancel a ticket and check their account balance.

Dynamic call flows

Programmable Voice Calling API program call flows based on customer input and programmatically route calls to the right agent.

Voice Calling API features


Allocation of Virtual Numbers

You can dynamically fetch, remove, purchase, and assign virtual numbers to call flows.



Enable phone calls from within your website or mobile app.


Authentication without a password

You can authenticate the user with the missed call with OTP.


Affordable number mapping

Manage customer conversations with a limited number of virtual numbers and save money.


Virtual number allocation

You can dynamically buy, fetch, assign and remove virtual numbers to call flows.


Call & SMS campaign

You can do bulk SMS and phone calls with dynamic or static content.

How does Voice Calling API works ?

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Benefits of calling API solution

Accelerate quality leads by a significant percentile to boost campaign effectiveness, regardless of the organization size. Get valuable data from your customer and non-customer base with missed call service and improve the quality of service delivered to the customers.


Audio calls are quick and convenient. High-speed internet enables instant local and international communication. Improve corporate efficiency by making calls from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Audio Conferencing

In-app calls feature audio conferencing enables 4-12 users to hold a conference if you use a media server. This setup is ideal for business meetings, medical conversations, financial consultations, and HR interviews.

Exceptional quality

Strong voice chat software offers superior quality to traditional phone services: no delays or drop-outs, clear, smooth communication.

Highly Protected

Voice call API India provides more data security than traditional systems with encryption protocols.

Call recording

Voice chat software lets you record and saves calls to keep important communications.

Why Choose Fonada For Best Voice Calling API Solutions?

Protect the privacy of customers.

Number masking protects the caller and callee. A virtual phone number hides the identities of both parties.

Enhance productivity

Integrate telephony with your helpdesk, CRM, or app using our click-to-call API. Click a button to call without manually dialling.

Enhanced call tracking

We monitor all calls. Our all details API provides more call visibility.

Dynamic call flows

Using input from your customers, programmatically decide call flows. Quickly route calls to the right agent/department.

Enable customers to self-serve

Our well-documented APIs help developers integrate quickly.

Your trusted and reliable Voice calling API partner in India

Fonada provides simple, secure sign-ups and logins to protect your business and promote conversions. Our APIs deliver smart, scalable phone number verification across platforms and languages.

You can Implement our voice API and experience better engagement, efficiency, flexibility, and decreased prices. We provide a complete solution for assured call delivery and high-quality voice calling.

Fonada voice API works across platforms and channels, and you can integrate PSTN, SIP, and VoIP to handle the app, web browser, mobile, and landline calls. You can also enjoy a supercarrier network and high-quality phone experience in one place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating voice calling into any application or website is possible using a call API. It connects the PSTN (public switched telephone network) and online apps. Voice API enables software call control, custom call flows, and more.

Most web APIs are between the app and server. The user makes an API call that instructs the application to do something, and then the application asks the webserver to do something. The API call is the application’s request to the web server.

Protect client privacy

Mask customers’ numbers from the customer service agent.

Personalize experience

You may customize an IVR for consumers that call from a given area or use a specific product.

Enhance tracking

Automatically record calls, capture caller number, and call length.

Improve customer experience

Automatically route calls to the right agent based on preset criteria.

Call flow management

Use cases-based monitoring, management, and call triggering.

Private, public, composite, and partner are four APIs in web-based applications.

There is no limitation on miss calls on per-day usage.

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