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What Is A Phone Verification API?

The Phone Verification API is a tool that helps businesses verify the authenticity of customers’ phone numbers or users in real-time. With the help of this service, businesses send a verification code via SMS or voice call to the user’s phone number and then ask the user to enter that code in a web or mobile application to complete the authentication process. 

Phone verify API helps businesses ensure the identity of their users and prevent fraud and spam. By using verify phone number API service, businesses can automate their verification process and quickly confirm the authenticity of users’ phone numbers without requiring any manual intervention.

Features Of Fonada’s Phone Verification API Service

Effortlessly verify your users and enhance your platform’s security with our phone verification API.

Real-time Verification

The verification API solution helps businesses to instantly verify users in real-time, allowing businesses to automate their verification process.

Fraud Detection

What makes the API service unique is its fraud detection feature that helps businesses prevent fraudulent activity and reduce the risk of spam.

Reporting And Analytics

The detailed reporting and analytics features of Fonada’s phone verification API solution help businesses track verification results and identify trends over time.

Multi-Language Support

Phone verify API services supports multiple languages, allowing businesses to verify phone numbers in different countries and regions seamlessly.

Multiple Verification Methods

Phone API supports SMS and voice call verification methods, enabling businesses to use the most appropriate way for the verification process.

Customizable Verification Messages

With the help of API service businesses can customize the content and format of the verification messages, including the language and branding.

Scalability And Reliability

Fonada’s phone number verification API service is highly scalable and reliable. Allowing users to process large volumes of verification requests without downtime or delays.

What Is The Importance Of Integrating A Phone Verification API With A Web Or Mobile Application?

To fortify the security of their web applications, businesses should integrate a verification API service into their existing application or CRM. The service should possess the ability to manage verification codes delivered through multiple channels, including

By taking this proactive approach, the chances of unauthorized access can be minimized and critical user data can be shielded from potential breaches.

How Does Fonada’s Voice Broadcast Work?

Stage 01

The user enters their phone number into the application or website.

Stage 02

The API sends a unique verification code to the phone number via SMS, voice call or email.

Stage 03

Once the user enters the verification code into the application or website and proceed.

Stage 04

The phone verification API then checks the code entered by the user against the code that was sent to the phone number.

Stage 05

If the code matches, the user is verified and allowed to use the application or website.

Use Cases Of Phone Verification API For Businesses?


Account Creation

The Phone Verification API is quite useful for businesses as it helps them to ensure that the person creating the account is who they say they are or not. This helps prevent fake or fraudulent accounts from being created.


Two-Factor Authentication

Businesses can use the phone verify API as a second factor of authentication. It adds an extra layer of security to user accounts and helps avoid potential online threats.


Transaction Verification

Phone verification plays a major role in transaction verification for businesses. This can help prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring.


Customer Support

Phone verification API enables businesses to verify the identity of customers who contact customer support. This can help ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive account information or make changes to their accounts.



Phone verification can be used to comply with regulations and industry parameters, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Benefits Of Fonada’s Phone Verification API

Keep your platform secure and trustworthy with our phone verification API

Increased Security

Our verify phone number API service reduces the possibility of fraud by offering a reliable way to authenticate users.


Phone verification APIs are highly scalable and can easily handle large volumes of requests.

Reduced Costs

Phone verification can reduce costs associated with fraud prevention and account recovery by verifying users' phone numbers with verification API.

Compliance With Regulations

Some industries follow strict regulations around user authentication and data security. Phone verification can help you to comply with these regulations and avoid fines or other penalties.

Improved User Experience

A phone verification API can enhance the user experience by simplifying the registration and login process.

Why Choose Fonada For Phone Verification API?


After rigorous testing, Fonada's phone verification API service has been validated to be dependable and secure.

Multi-Channel Support

With Multi-channel support, receive verification codes through voice, text and mail. "


Enjoy the flexibility of a highly customizable service that lets you personalize the verification process according to your business requirements.


Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, Fonada's Verification API solution is designed to cater to your verification needs, with the ability to handle large-scale verification requests efficiently.

Competitive Pricing

Get competitive pricing and the best value for your money with our phone verify API service.

Dedicated Support

We have a team of experts available round the clock to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter while using the service.

Seamless Integration

Our verification API solution is easy to integrate with your existing applications or websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is API for validating phone numbers?

An API for validating phone numbers is a software interface that programmatically checks whether a phone number is valid or not using specific formatting and numbering rules.

How to find the best cloud based call center solutions in India?

Phone verification is important for several reasons:

  • Reducing fraud
  • Improving security
  • Ensuring accuracy
  • Complying with regulations
How API verify phone numbers?
  • API sends a request to a phone number verification service.
  • The validation service checks the phone number format
  • The phone number is then checked against a database of fraudulent or spam numbers.
  • Verification codes may be sent to the phone via SMS or voice call for further validation.