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Personalized and automated messaging at scale

We provide Messaging solutions for reminder, OTP, promotional, or transactional messages at scale.

Messaging products

SMS is a cost-effective, non-intrusive approach to communicating with consumers. We make it easy and fast to send secure SMS messages with a powerful dashboard and APIs.

Promotional SMS

Our automated, cloud-based promotional SMS service will help you grab your customers’ interest, and promotional messages boost consumer engagement and profit.

Transactional SMS

We enable you to automate a predetermined trigger to send instant Transactional SMS messages. Send transactional SMS to keep your customers updated on their transactions.

WhatsApp Business API

Switch to WhatsApp and use the WhatsApp Business API to decrease callbacks, customer wait times, and repeat calls.

For Small Business & Startups

Fonada can help startups and small businesses leverage premium customer engagement solutions without worrying about steep setup and infrastructure costs. You can instantly start marketing and selling your products or services through our cloud-based solutions that can scale concurrently with your business.

For Enterprise Business

Fonada offers reliable and scalable cloud-based customer engagement solutions for enterprises. We can help you build custom solutions that can handle your growing business requirements while ensuring the best cybersecurity practices. We constantly innovate to help you stay ahead of the market.

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Fonada has partnered with top companies including Google and TrueCaller to deliver flawless customer engagement solutions. We work strategically with our partners to ensure innovation and quality are delivered cost-efficiently and reliably.

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