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Be it a start-up, small business, or a large enterprise, Fonda pride itself on working with growing businesses of all stratagem. We aim to help companies grow substantially through our communication tools. We help verticals build improved operational efficiency, better call delivery rates, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Here are a few of our client’s success stories who availed of our broadcasting services.

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Trade India

Number Masking Solution

The answering agent call gets patched. The seller inventory is protected as all numbers are masked.

Customized Panel

Personalized panel features for efficient operations.

Direct Inwards Dialling (DID)

Each TradeIndia merchant is assigned a DID. About 1 Lakh numbers are mapped behind each DID.

Multiple CLIs

Trade India is using 10,000 numbers from Fonada, with CLIs in 12 cities.

Call Records

Call details retrieved for Agents are sent to Analytics and Training.


Outbound Dialing

Snapdeal delivers related information with a prompt sent to the customer with their order number and product name.

Delivery Updates

Fonada sends a voice call reminder to Snapdeal customers about the delivery of their products.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Through the assigned IVR key on their phone keypad, every customer receives an IVR prompt regardless of customer purchase or not.

Data Analytics

Snapdeal plan their logistics according to the information sent back to the analytics, such as name, address, time of call, and frequency of redialling

API Integration

Snapdeal sends the customer data via HTTP API that retrieves information about the delivery.

Text-to-Speech Engine

The Fonada Text-to-Speech engine converts all dynamic product details into voice prompts in real-time.



Fonada runs multiple campaigns for Paisabazaar for better brand reach.

Promotional Messages

Policy Bazaar delivers promotional voice messages to the target customer base.

Interest Indicators

The customers are classified based on listening duration. These individuals are followed up with a custom SMS with a link to register on the Paisabazaar platform.

Personalized Panel

The Paisabazaar team uploads predefined sets of targets and prompts via the Fonada Panel.

API Communication

Paisabazaar utilizes messaging APIs to trigger SMS delivery in real-time.

Data Analytics

The Fonada panel streamlines all processes and displays relevant analytics for better agent performance.