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What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API provides enterprises with a secure and reliable channel for business communication to drive engagement for sales, support and promotions. 

With WhatsApp Business API solution, you can send promotional and transactional messages to clients or new prospects with creative inclusions such as text, documents, audio, and video.

A professional using a whatsapp business solution on a laptop to communicate with clients.

How to Get Started With WhatsApp Business API?

Transform Your Customer Communication With The Best WhatsApp Business API Service Provider In India

WhatsApp Business Account Creation​

Businesses need to share their official Facebook Business Manager ID to create a WhatsApp Business Account.

Facebook Business Manager IDs for Managing Multiple Accounts. This image depicts a Facebook Business Manager interface showcasing multiple business IDs, ideal for managing various Facebook accounts.
Verification and Approval Process for WhatsApp Business API

Verification and Approval​

Once account creation is done, businesses are required to verify their Facebook Business Manager ID by submitting business documents such as Company Formation Documents and Taxation Certificates. Once the Business Manager ID is verified, a request is sent for WhatsApp account approval.​

WhatsApp Number Configuration​

Businesses provide a fresh WhatsApp Number and WhatsApp Display Name to be configured with the mapped Business account. ​

WhatsApp chat icon for messaging on smartphone or computer.
WhatsApp API Go Live

WhatsApp API Go Live

WhatsApp number and display name are approved and verified, and the API token is ready to be used with Fonada WhatsApp Panel for all transactional and promotional messages​.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API Services

Boost Customer Engagement & Business Growth with the Best WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in India

Operational Efficiency

With WhatsApp for business, you can reduce the number of human resources required to run your call centre by resolving customers’ queries with WhatsApp chatbots.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Resolve all your customers’ queries in no time and optimize customer waiting time with the WhatsApp chat widget.

WhatsApp Notification

Deliver Personalized
Alerts Automatically

Send personalized notifications on WhatsApp to keep customers updated about their orders & reminders on autopilot with WhatsApp business solution provider.


Open Rate

Offers high open rate as compared to other channels.

24 Hours


Set up chatbots on WhatsApp to be available 24*7 for your customer and enhance customer experience.

WhatsApp Business API & Engagement Platform

Elevate your communication with nationwide consumers through WhatsApp business solution

Service Chatbots

Easily set up WhatsApp Business chatBots to automate responses via our user-friendly drag-and-drop dashboard to solve customers' queries efficiently and quickly.


Automated Reminders
& Updates

With best WhatsApp API provider, set reminders for upcoming events, send timely updates about the status of the order, new offers, deals and many more.

Live chat

Live Customer

Let your customers connect with your agents directly on WhatsApp for their queries and help them to get instant resolution for their issues through auto-suggestions shown to agents contextually.

How WhatsApp Business API Solution Is Beneficial For Businesses?


Entry Points

Let your customers reach you on WhatsApp with multiple entry points such as web or app widgets, QR codes, ads with a click on WhatsApp etc.



Secure your customers' confidential data and conversations with end-to-end encryption.


& Reporting

Easily access real-time analytics and reports through the dashboard and analyse the campaign performance closely.



Manage high call volume efficiently by moving customer calls to text on WhatsApp.


Boost Agent Productivity

Let your agents handle multiple conversations at once with the WhatsApp Business API and Engagement Platform.


Enhance Customer

Offer quicker queries resolution to boost Customer Experience.



Interact confidently with your clients through text, audio, or video formats, offering better connection versus sending an email.


Rich Media

With business API, send and receive documents, images, videos, or other formats of files from WhatsApp easily and quickly.

Create Campaigns That Convert With The Best WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than one number for WhatsApp Business API integration?

No, WhatsApp business API is designed to function with one unique number only so you cannot use more than one number for the same.

Can I use a phone number that is already linked with WhatsApp?

Yes, if you can ensure that the number was not previously used for WhatsApp

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API?

Small businesses use the WhatsApp Business App to interact with customers, while WhatsApp Business Solution, allows medium and large businesses to integrate WhatsApp into their CRM systems for automated messaging, notifications, and customer support.

Is WhatsApp Business API free to use?

No, it's not free to use. There are costs associated with using the API, including messaging fees and service provider charges.

How do I get a WhatsApp Business API account?

You can get a WhatsApp Business API account through an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, who will guide you through the registration and setup process.

What features are available with a WhatsApp Business API account?

With a WhatsApp Business API account, you can access features like sending notifications, messages templates, chatbots, and CRM integrations.

Can I integrate WhatsApp Business API with my CRM or Helpdesk software?

Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp Business API Solution with your CRM or Helpdesk software to manage customer interactions more efficiently.

How do I develop chatbots for WhatsApp Business API?
You can develop chatbots for WhatsApp Business API using platforms like Fonada, Twilio, MessageBird, or by building custom solutions.
What are the security considerations when using WhatsApp Business API?
Security considerations include using authorized providers, encrypting data, and following WhatsApp's guidelines to protect user information.
Can I use WhatsApp Business API for marketing and promotions?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp Business API for marketing and promotions, but you need to follow WhatsApp's policies and guidelines for business use.