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How to Create WhatsApp Business Account and Use its Features

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What is a WhatsApp Business account? It’s a separate WhatsApp account for your business, compared to the personal account you already use with friends and family.

More than fifty million organizations have used WhatsApp business accounts due to its speed, efficiency, and convenience, making it the ideal communication platform. The platform has expanded and included many features to improve customer engagement.

You may manage day-to-day operations using a WhatsApp Business account, including product sales, customer interactions, promotion, creative campaigns, customer service, and more.

WhatsApp Business works well for small business owners who don’t need a lot of extra features.

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What Is a Business Account In WhatsApp?

business account on WhatsApp is similar to the regular WhatsApp Messenger app. It is basically a variant of it, with features focused on serving customers, engaging with prospects, and enabling sales via a messaging platform familiar to most users. You can use WhatsApp Business on your computer, Android, or iOS. It primarily targets small and medium-sized enterprises.

The primary objective is to enable businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time and respond to their questions and problems. Business App users can send customers as many messages as they want. You will only need to obtain their mobile number before you can send the message. You can send any content through the app if the recipient doesn’t block you.

There are two different types of WhatsApp accounts available for businesses:

  1. The WhatsApp Business Application: is designed for small, local enterprises with a single user account.
  2. The WhatsApp Business API: is designed for medium to large enterprises with many account users.

WhatsApp Business Account Features

Business Account Features

Small businesses can do the following with WhatsApp Business App:

  • Build A Business Profile: A business profile can include business hours, a website address, contact information, and other details. Users of WhatsApp can see this and know for sure that you’re representing a legitimate business. This assures that you represent a business and not a personal account.
  • Classify The Chats And The Customers: Label customers as relevant (for example, New Client or Prospect), and classify chats based on whether they concern an order, a customer inquiry, or something else altogether.
  • Set Up Automated Responses: You can configure greeting messages and quick response options to keep business customers updated.
  • Send Broadcasts To Customer Groups: If a customer has added you to their contacts list, you can send “broadcast” messages to all of them.
  • Use Fast Replies: Use the appropriate answer to customers in chats with just a few taps. Save answers you’ve already written, tap to choose one, and avoid writing it from scratch.
  • Build A Product Catalog: Create your WhatsApp-based catalog of business items or services to promote them.
  • Metrics: This function allows you to monitor the number of messages received, sent, and read messages in your business profile.
  • Short Links: A unique and exclusive link to your business account. You may use the Link in emails, social media, and websites.
  • Chat Labels: Chat labels enable you to classify distinct conversations with clients for identification purposes. You can create labels according to the customer’s journey or the related industries from which they originate.

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Considerations Before Switching Whatsapp To A Business Account:

Instant messaging is the primary function of both WhatsApp and WhatsApp businesses. But, WhatsApp Business account features several automation options to communicate with customers on their requirements and inquiries.

How to create a WhatsApp business account? To register a WhatsApp business account, a mobile number is required. The critical thing to remember is that a contact number can only be linked to one account. So, the business account on WhatsApp needs a distinct number to use WhatsApp Chat on the same phone.

Instead of transforming a personal my WhatsApp account into a business one, a new account should be created from scratch.

How To Set Up A Whatsapp Business Account In Easy Steps

Whatsapp Business Account Steps

The WhatsApp Business application is free to download and is available for smartphones running Android as well as iOS. How to convert a WhatsApp account to a business account? You must first back up your conversation history to prevent data loss. Install WhatsApp Business on your mobile device. After you have reviewed and agreed to the Conditions of Service and verified your phone number, you may move on to creating your business profile.

Here is a detailed explanation for adding your personal or new phone number to your WhatsApp Business account.

1. Always Keep A Backup Of Your Whatsapp Chat History

The first step in ensuring that no conversations or attachments are lost during the transfer is creating a backup of the data stored in the WhatsApp messenger. You may accomplish this using the normal WhatsApp mobile app.

Go to Settings, then Chats, Chats backup, and Click the “Back up now” button.

If you want to save a vital conversation from a person or group, you can export it from WhatsApp:

  • Start the chat
  • More > chat export
  • Select if you want to export either with or without media.

A “.txt” file containing the chat history would be emailed as a “.txt” attachment. After the backup procedure is finished, you can move on to the following step.

2. Install The Business Account On The Whatsapp Application

The next step involves downloading WhatsApp Business from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on what kind of phone you have. Once the programme has been downloaded, you may select its button on the home screen.

3. Review Conditions And Register

When you’re ready to confirm the terms of service, click the Agree button. In comparison to a standard account, this business account on WhatsApp will notify you if it detects that you’ve entered your personal number. To continue with registration at this point, you will need to submit a business number.

4. Register

The next step is to link the business account to a phone number. Whether you use an existing personal number or create a new one, WhatsApp will recognise it as such during the conversion process from Messenger to a business account. To move on to the next phase, check the number and click on it.

5. Confirm The Number

Enter the new number associated with your company account, and WhatsApp will send you a 6-digit verification code. If the app doesn’t automatically find the code, you can type it in manually. If you don’t get the OTP code through SMS, you can choose to call.

6. Authorize Access And Transfer Funds

During the of WhatsApp business account, leave the phone ringing. After it has taken place, put it back to normal. Choose to Restore or Continue. After that, click Next. Give permission for photographs, videos, and files to be added from a personal account to a business account on WhatsApp.

7. Synchronise Contacts and Photos

WhatsApp for Business would require access to your contact list, photo album, and file storage. To provide permission and allow the app to access your contacts and media files, tap the “Allow” button.

8. Make A Whatsapp Account For Your Business

Fill out the relevant information to get started, such as the firm’s name and category, and select a suitable profile image, usually the brand logo, that users will identify with the business. Input your business’s category, name, and profile photo.

9. Set Up A Profile For Your Business

Create a profile for your company by filling out the required fields with relevant information. The business profile gives users and customers an overview of the business.

Go to “Settings” > “Your Business Name” and fill in the information required there.

10. Start Chatting

After completing all the outlined processes, you can properly set up your WhatsApp business account. To ensure good functionality, compose a text message and initiate a chat.

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Useful Messaging Tool: Whatsapp For Business

If you want to transform my WhatsApp account into a business account, be sure to check out the messaging tools it offers.

The WhatsApp messaging application is an attractive feature to consider. You’ll find them in the “Settings” menu, under “Business Settings Options,” then “Messaging Tools.” Quick Replies, Away messages, and Greeting Messages make up the three main parts of messaging tools. Users who make stock queries will initially receive a Greeting message.

The Away message notifies people that you are temporarily unavailable but will return soon. On the app itself, you’ll have the option to set your Away time with the assistance of an auto-response message. And the Quick Replies feature will help you save much time. You can also change your Quick Replies to suit your requirements.

As the app has developed, connecting a WhatsApp business account to an existing online presence, such as a website or a Facebook page, has become increasingly simple. You need to use a simple link to follow the steps.

Should Your Organisation Use Whatsapp For Business?

Whatsapp For Business

WhatsApp Business account features an all-in-one solution for people who want to give their customers the best service possible. Also, many features, such as semi-automated messages and broadcasts, make your work easier and let you reach more people in less time.

With WhatsApp Business, businesses can directly message their customers safely and securely through the WhatsApp chat platform. Whatsapp has an advantage over SMS in that, unlike the latter, it is associated with a specific phone number and presents the user with a personalized business profile instead of a simple number series. This lets users know whom they are talking to or getting messages from.

WhatsApp also gives reliable information about when messages were sent and received. So companies can know which messages have been sent and, in the end, read.

Business messaging is now being used for “conversational commerce,” allowing sales and support personnel to respond to product or customer support concerns with rich, relevant messages to help close a sale or satisfy a customer.

  • With a WhatsApp Business profile, you can add your brand’s personality to every interaction with a customer.
  • WhatsApp has enabled connecting with customers in their current location.
  • WhatsApp has also become a preferred global channel for conducting business transactions.
  • WhatsApp is an excellent medium for promoting two-way conversations.
  • WhatsApp is known for its end-to-end encryption and its careful attention to the privacy of its subscribers.


You can easily use and control the available features and tools to improve your business on my WhatsApp account. With WhatsApp’s Business Management, businesses can track their activities in great detail from any location and at any time. It simplifies the management process and boosts efficiency.

A WhatsApp business account has many useful features for businesses, and it’s an excellent tool for keeping in touch with all of your customers no matter where you are.


WhatsApp Business Account – FAQs

There is no data loss when switching from a personal my WhatsApp account to a business one. You’ll need to make a backup of your chat history before you can access it after switching to WhatsApp Business. While the transfer occurs automatically, you may be asked to restore from a backup.

No, you can’t use the same contact number for WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business simultaneously. Each application requires a unique mobile number and account. To switch between the applications, you must log out of one and then back in with a new phone number.

The primary distinction between WhatsApp Vs. WhatsApp Business is that WhatsApp is exclusively for personal communication, whereas WhatsApp Business provides marketing tools. WhatsApp is intended for use by individuals for personal communication. As its name suggests, WhatsApp Business focuses on business owners and enables them to communicate with their users.

WhatsApp Business, accessible for free on Android and iOS, was developed with the needs of the independent entrepreneur in mind. With a business account on WhatsApp, you can easily automate, sort, and respond to customer messages.