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What Is Predictive Dialer Software And How It Works?


August 21, 2023 Arun Upadhyay

What is Predictive Dialer & How It's Work

Business enterprises use automated predictive dialer software to streamline their calling process better, transmit data, and send verbal messages. Among various auto dialer systems, predictive dialer software matters the most. A automated predictive dialer is an automatic software system that improves contact rates and maximizes call center productivity. With the help of intelligent algorithms, automated predictive dialers ensure agents are always on calls to alleviate dropped calls and high abandonment rates.

That is why predictive dialer systems are popular and highly useful. This content puts light on what is a predictive dialer and how a predictive dialer works. Moreover, readers will be able to understand what a predictive dialer is in the call center.

What Is Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is a specialized software used in call centers for outbound calling. It aims to optimize agent productivity by automatically dialing multiple numbers simultaneously based on available agents, call history, and predicted call completion times. This technology ensures agents are connected to live calls instead of dealing with busy signals or voicemails.

Predictive dialers in call centers significantly enhance call center efficiency, minimizing idle time and maximizing customer interactions. Their significance lies in improving call outreach, increasing agent talk time, and ultimately boosting sales and customer service outcomes.

Online predictive dialer software systems are automatic dialing systems designed for outbound calling to increase calling agent efficiency when they are not available. When agents are available, an efficient predictive dialer automatically dials the next call in line. Call or contact centers make the most of it to improve their productivity and reduce idle time as it automatically dials phone numbers.

Who Uses Predictive Dialers?

When it comes to predictive dialing software, its applications span far beyond just outbound sales. Various industries capitalize on call center predictive dialers for a range of purposes. The most common use cases for the call center dialer include customer research to reach customers, market research to interact with significant audiences, political campaigning to get customer data in real-time, and telemarketing to enhance sales efforts and customer updates.

Predictive dialers find practical use in various industries and businesses that rely on outbound calls for their operations. Several sectors and enterprises commonly utilize predictive dialers to streamline their outbound call processes.

Industries That Benefit From Using Predictive Dialer

Banking: In the banking sector, predictive dialers efficiently manage large customer databases for loan inquiries, investor outreach, and payment reminders. Hosted predictive dialer solutions leverage cloud technology to ensure seamless service, swiftly connecting agents with customers despite the extensive contact volumes.

Debt collection: In debt collection, predictive dialers efficiently manage tasks like reaching new loan seekers and sending payment reminders. They ensure continuous and accurate connections, boosting agent productivity effectively.

Insurance: In the insurance sector, predictive dialers streamline customer outreach. They ensure agents connect with real individuals by detecting answering machines and busy signals, enhancing efficiency and communication quality.

Political campaigns: In political campaigns, technology has transformed outreach strategies. Predictive dialers play a crucial role by facilitating surveys and polls, aiding parties in gathering vital data to shape their electoral campaigns. These dialers efficiently connect with constituents, collecting and storing data on the cloud for insightful analysis and strategy refinement.

Telemarketing: In telemarketing, predictive dialers offer substantial advantages. They allow uploading customer databases for personalized pitches based on the displayed information. Features like intelligent call routing enhance agent performance, handling more calls, and boosting prospect conversions effectively.

Travel industry: In the travel industry, connecting swiftly with potential customers is crucial for planning vacations and trips. A predictive dialer efficiently reaches out to leads, allowing agents to focus on engaging in conversations. These cloud based dialers integrate with CRMs, aiding teamwork and tracking customer interactions.

They maintain call logs, prevent contacts from being overlooked, and automate calls to retain existing customers based on their travel history. For travel agencies, predictive dialers effectively enhance lead nurturing and customer retention efforts.

Why Call Centers Prefer Predictive Dialer Software?

Predictive dialers are efficient tools used in call centers to place a high volume of calls and route live answers to agents. They use algorithms based on unique factors such as call center size, call length, and time of day to predict answered calls. It enhances productivity by automating call handling. Generally, about 17% of call centers prefer to go with predictive dialers. The utilization of predictive dialers varies based on call center size:

  • In small call centers, approximately 2% employ predictive dialers.
  • Medium-sized call centers show a higher adoption rate, with around 21% using predictive dialing technology.
  • Among large call centers, approximately 26% make use of predictive dialers.

Predictive dialers have become part and parcel of modern call centers for the following advantages that make a big difference.

Predictive Dialer Software: The First Choice Of Call Centers

What Is Predictive Dialer In Call Center?

Opting for cloud-hosted predictive dialer software brings significant advantages, particularly for modern contact centers. Unlike traditional hardware solutions, cloud dialers offer reduced upfront costs and IT expenses while maximizing client interaction time. In addition to fundamental features like call routing, recording, transfer, and monitoring, leading cloud predictive dialers provide extras such as

  • Answering machine detection for efficient message delivery
  • Local presence caller ID for higher answer rates
  • Seamless CRM integration for enhanced lead generation
  • Time zone awareness to optimize call timing, and
  • Voice broadcasting

Improved compliance, increased agent efficiency, integrated organization management, intelligent call assignment, streamlined outbound calling, and reduced operational costs are the prime reasons predictive dialing systems are the first-choice call centers to elevate their performance. You can take help from a top-tier cloud-based solution like Fonada for superior results.

How Predictive Dialer Software Works?

Predictive dialer software is critical in optimizing call center operations by automating outbound call processes. This technology follows a step-by-step procedure that enhances agent productivity and minimizes idle time. The core mechanism of predictive dialers relies on call pacing algorithms and predictive algorithms to ensure a seamless and efficient calling experience.

Call pacing algorithms are at the heart of predictive dialer functionality, which dictates the rate at which the dialer places calls. These algorithms consider several variables, such as the number of available agents, the average call duration, and historical call data. By analyzing these factors, the dialer adjusts the rate of outbound calls to synchronize with the availability of agents, ensuring that they are connected to live calls as soon as they are ready. It prevents situations where agents are left idle due to a lack of available calls or overwhelmed with too many simultaneous calls.

Predictive algorithms also play a crucial role in determining when the next call should be initiated. These algorithms consider various factors, including the average call duration, the likelihood of a call being answered, and the time agents spend after each call. By leveraging historical call data and real-time statistics, the predictive algorithm predicts when an agent will become available after completing a call. As the call center predictive dialer initiates the next call a few seconds before the agent is expected to finish the ongoing call, it minimizes the idle time between calls, optimizing the agents’ talk time and overall efficiency.


Let’s understand how predictive dialers work.

  • Predictive dialer tools predict when agents will be ready for the next call and automatically dial numbers. They use special math calculations called algorithms for this.
  • A “pacing algorithm” in the predictive dialer software calculates how long calls usually last and how many dials it takes to connect to someone. Then, it adjusts how fast the dialer calls numbers based on its predictions.
  • If a call is not answered, the predictive dialer moves to the next number on the list. It means agents don’t have to find contacts themselves. Because it dials multiple numbers together, there’s less waiting time between live calls.
  • Predictive dialers can also determine when customers need a call back if a call does not work out. They gather data about your calls and help manage different campaigns at once.
  • If you use an easy solution like FonaDial, the setup is simple. You just put in the contact numbers and scripts. Agents set themselves as “available,” start a session, and the dialer goes through the list. Call details and scripts appear on the screen when they talk to someone. To end the call, agents use the hang-up button as usual.

The predictive dialer software operates through a sophisticated interplay of call pacing and predictive algorithms. The call pacing algorithms regulate the rate at which calls are dialed, ensuring synchronization with agent availability. On the other hand, predictive algorithms analyze historical data and real-time statistics to predict the optimal time for initiating the next call, reducing the idle time between conversations. This combined functionality streamlines outbound calling processes, maximizes agent engagement, and significantly enhances call center performance.

Benefits Of Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software offers several benefits for businesses engaged in frequent outbound calling. It enhances productivity by automating call processes, maintaining call records, and providing caller information beforehand. Predictive dialers help sales representatives and customer service agents speak with customers with minimal downtime, alleviate the hassles of cold calling, deal with unattended calls, and reach a subscriber’s voicemail. It proves advantageous, especially for sales teams seeking insights before pitching.

  • Analytical Insights: Integrating CRM, predictive dialers provide real-time customer information. Reports and call records offer insights, helping monitor agent performance and call handling quality. It enhances customer service and informs business decisions.
  • Cost Savings: Ideal for high-volume calls, predictive dialers automate and connect only live calls, saving expenses on unproductive connections.
    Enhanced Efficiency: Employing algorithms, predictive dialers allocate calls based on duration. It elevates call center agent efficiency, enabling simultaneous calling and timely connections, thereby minimizing waiting time.
  • Idle Time Reduction: Predictive dialers bypass unproductive calls like busy tones, reducing agent idle time. Staff availability is managed, resulting in more calls handled and increased efficiency.
  • Improved Customer Service: Predictive dialers schedule calls conveniently by predicting answer times and connecting calls to available agents, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Sales and Lead Generation Boost: Predictive dialers automate calls, increasing agent-led engagement. It maximizes sales opportunities and meaningful conversations. Automated screening qualifies leads, ensuring agents focus on conversions.

Utility Of A Cloud-Hosted Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialers stand out from other automatic dialers due to two key features. Firstly, they use call metrics to forecast when a human agent will be ready for the next call, ensuring efficient timing. Secondly, predictive dialers can simultaneously dial multiple numbers, optimizing agent availability and productivity. Incorporating predictive dialers makes them valuable assets for efficient call centers. Cloud hosted predictive dialers offer the following benefits to call centers of all types.

  • Access customers’ calling information
  • Accumulate critical customer data,
  • Aid data analysis
  • Elevate customer interactions
  • Improve lead management
  • Increase agent talk time
  • Reduce call abandonment rates
  • Streamline call center operations
  • Strengthen lead management

Predictive Dialer Effectiveness

Auto Predictive dialers have proven to enhance call center efficiency and productivity significantly. Predictive dialers reduce idle time and increase talk time by automatically dialing multiple numbers and connecting agents to live calls when they are available.

This efficient call pacing ensures that agents are engaged in meaningful conversations, boosting their overall performance. Additionally, the predictive algorithms used by these dialers help optimize call connections, minimize call drops, and maximize successful interactions. It leads to improved lead conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction as agents are better equipped to provide timely assistance.

Furthermore, predictive dialers streamline the workflow by eliminating the need for manual number dialing and call distribution. It allows agents to focus on building customer relationships rather than performing repetitive tasks. Integrating features like call recording and real-time monitoring also aids in quality assurance and training.

Overall, the effectiveness of predictive dialers lies in their ability to enhance operational efficiency, increase agent productivity, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for call center campaigns. Compare predictive dialers with auto dialers and predictive dialers, highlighting the key distinctions and their respective use cases.

Predictive Dialer Vs. Auto Dialer


FEATURES                                                         PREDICTIVE DIALER  AUTO DIALER
Agents Availability Check Yes No
Algorithm-Based Dialing Yes No
Automatic Dialing Yes Yes
Average Number of Calls Answered Very high Low
Call Waiting No Yes
Customization (based on Time & Demography) Yes No
Data Mining Yes No
Device type Software Software
Down Time No Yes
Frequency of Call Connection Very high Low
Idle Time No Yes
Lead Management Yes No
Overall Productivity Very high Low
Price Low High
Recording of Messages Yes Yes
Routing of calls Yes Yes
Time Management Yes No
Wasted Calls No Yes


Progressive Vs Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer is an app that call centers use to dial dialing phone numbers from a list of contacts automatically. Predictive dialers revolutionize call centers and sales teams by calling multiple numbers and seamlessly connecting them to available agents. Agents save time as they no longer manually dial, wait, or screen calls, resulting in a 300-400% increase in productivity with up to 50 minutes of talk time per hour compared to the previous 10-15 minutes.

Pros: Increased call volume, improved efficiency, and AI-empowered calling

Cons: High burnout, customer alienation, dropped calls, and call abandonment

Progressive Dialers

A Progressive Dialer automates outbound calls, eliminating manual number dialing for agents. Unlike predictive dialers, it waits for agents to finish a call before dialing the following number, ensuring availability. It dials one number per agent and suits various sectors like sales, customer service, and telemarketing for enhanced efficiency.

Pros: Fewer hangups, personalized touch, and more breathing space
Cons: Fewer effective results and low agent productivity

Call Center Predictive Dialer Features For Your Business

When selecting an online predictive dialer for your call center, thoroughly evaluating its features and functionality is essential. These features boost productivity, operational efficiency, customer respect, and overall call center experience. Align your dialer’s features with your business goals to ensure a successful selection process. Here are key features to look for:

Automatic Dialing: The predictive dialer automates number dialing, saving agents time and reducing errors. It also employs a pacing algorithm to adjust call rates based on agent availability and utilizes an algorithm to predict agent availability and keep calls ready.

DNC Compliance: Ensures compliance with the Do Not Call registry, preventing calls to registered numbers.
Intelligent Call Routing: Offers automatic distribution and routing based on agent skills and location.

IVR Integration: Integrates with an IVR to match callers with suitable agents and gather information.
Minimized Abandonment: Manages dialing setup to reduce abandoned calls.

Real-time Monitoring: Enables live tracking of agent performance and call quality, with recorded calls for evaluation.
Voicemail Recognition: Recognizes answering machines or voicemails, saving them for later attempts.

Outbound Call Optimization With Predictive Dialers For Your Call Center

Diverse dialing strategies aid call centers across industries in enhancing outbound campaigns and customer satisfaction. These strategies involve automated dialing of pre-programmed numbers based on specific criteria and logic, optimizing communication approaches. These strategies are preview dialing or click-to-call, automatic preview dialing, progressive dialing, and predictive dialing. Among these strategies, predictive dialing matters the most.

The Predictive Dialer employs algorithms and historical data to predict agent availability and adjust the number of outgoing lines accordingly, optimizing outbound campaigns. It uses statistical data like talk time and demographics to determine when and how many calls to make per agent, aiming for efficient and consistent “hello” connections. However, careful management is essential to prevent abandoned calls and ensure compliance, as this strategy requires proper monitoring.

Use case: The Predictive Dialer excels with large outbound campaigns in the B2C niche due to its improvement with increasing data input.

General benefits: The Predictive Dialer analyzes call data, tracking call duration, outcomes, and agent performance for insights. It enhances productivity by automating dialing and reducing manual wait times. This leads to increased sales opportunities and improved customer service with quicker connections to live agents. Moreover, it boosts lead generation by filtering unqualified numbers while algorithms predict agent availability, reducing idle time and operational costs.

Key Practices For Dialer Software Optimization

To optimize call center dialer software effectively, consider these fundamental practices:

Choose the Right Software

Assess business needs: Select software aligning with call center size, call nature, and goals.
Compare options: Evaluate features, pricing, and reliability through user reviews.

Optimize Call Scheduling

Staff during peak hours: Analyze busy times and schedule agents accordingly.
Use predictive dialing: Algorithms predict agent availability, boosting call efficiency.

Monitor and Analyze Performance

Leverage analytics: Utilize advanced tools for deeper insights and data-driven decisions.
Review call data: Consistently analyze trends and patterns to refine strategies.

Prioritize Customer Experience

Integrate tools: Link software with CRM, analytics, and ticketing systems for seamless data flow.
Minimize wait times: Implement strategies like call routing and callbacks to enhance customer satisfaction.

Train Agents Well

Establish metrics: Set clear performance goals to assess and improve agent performance.
Onboarding and continuous training: Ensure agents are skilled and updated on new features.

These practices contribute to the success of call center dialer software optimization, enhancing overall efficiency and customer experience.

Predictive Dialer Cost In India

The costs associated with Predictive Dialer Software in India vary based on factors such as the software provider, features, scalability, and customization options.

Generally, pricing models include subscription plans, often every month, tailored to accommodate the needs of different businesses. Requesting quotes or directly contacting software providers to get precise pricing information based on your specific requirements and budget is advisable.

Usually, the pricing of a predictive dialer ranges between $50.00 and $300.00 per agent per month, contingent on the incorporated software features.

5 Best Predictive Dialer Software Providers In India [2024]

Cloud-based contact centers provide easy-to-expand auto-dialing software in India. You don’t need extra hardware or setup, just an internet-connected device. Here is a brief list of the top five predictive dialer software options available in the Indian market.

1. FonaDial By Fonada

FonaDial software is a cloud based predictive dialer software that is the perfect communication tool for call center service providers. This tool can filter out unproductive calls, pass calls to agents , and leave messages. That is why this software significantly boosts productivity and engagement.

  • ClientOS: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Deployment: Cloud
  • Pricing: Visit the company website
  • Target audience: SMEs, startups, and online stores
  • Trial: Free demo and 7-day free trial

This software offers many benefits, from call management to contact management to lead management. FonaDial predictive dialer system by Fonada is best for outbound sales as it accelerates productivity by

  • Automating efficient dialing pace
  • Boosting contact rate
  • Bypassing answering machines and busy signals
  • Bypassing voicemail, disconnections, and unanswered calls
  • Connecting agents only to live prospects
  • Cutting agent wait time between conversations
  • Dialing through lists quicker
  • Increasing agent utilization
  • Managing drop rates
  • Saving management time
  • Supporting FCC and FTC compliance

2. Five9

Renowned for its cloud based call center solutions, Five9 excels in predictive dialing and seamless CRM integration. This tool enhances agent productivity by bypassing busy lines and offers predictive, power, preview, and progress dialing options. Clients have experienced a 300% rise in connect rates.

Customizable for compliance and list penetration, Five9 is a go-to choice for lead generation, catering to time zones and offering tailored solutions. While pricing details aren’t on their website, contacting their sales team provides a personalized quote.

3. Genesys Cloud

Genesys is a prominent name in telecommunications, recognized for its customer experience and call center products catering to medium to large-sized businesses globally. Their flagship product, Genesys Cloud, offers comprehensive customer interaction management across various channels like SMS, voice, email, and social media. It encompasses predictive and manual dialing, call handling, queue management, recording, and real-time chat, all within an intuitive interface.

The software boasts an app marketplace with over 100 integrations, ensuring seamless integration with other CRM and analytics tools. Genesys Cloud offers three plans with increasing features: Genesys Cloud 1 at $75, Genesys Cloud 2 at $110, and Genesys Cloud 3 at $150 monthly.

4. CallHub

CallHub is a top choice for nonprofits, politicians, and advocacy groups seeking a mass communication solution. It’s known for its voice broadcasting and SMS marketing tools, making it a comprehensive option for call centers. Alongside predictive dialing, CallHub offers automated, power, and preview dialers, including a robo-dialer for automated message dissemination.

Useful features like follow-up scheduling, local caller ID, answering machine detection, and DNC enablement are available. CallHub integrates well with various platforms, such as NationBuilder for politicians and Blackbaud Luminate for nonprofits. Their pricing encompasses six plans, including Call Center, Voice Broadcast, Peer to Peer Texting, Text Broadcast, SMS Opt-in, and Collective Calling, each with distinct rates and options based on usage.

5. ChaseData

ChaseData offers auto dialer software with predictive dialing capabilities, ideal for businesses with high outbound call volumes. It maintains efficiency with features like simultaneous calling for up to 3000 minutes. Suited for various industries, including insurance, banking, nonprofit, B2B, and SaaS, the tool is particularly recommended for smaller businesses due to its industry-specific solutions.

ChaseData integrates with Zoho, Zapier, and Salesforce, enhancing its functionality, especially in higher service tiers. Additionally, users can select local, nationwide, or toll-free numbers for their business needs.


The article highlights the importance of predictive dialers in contemporary call centers and their role in enhancing overall business success. Online predictive dialers emphasize their significance as tools that automate outbound calls, streamline operations, and optimize agent productivity. Predictive dialers utilize algorithms to predict agent availability, resulting in reduced idle time and increased talk time.

They enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction by handling call pacing and recognizing voicemails. Moreover, predictive dialers are essential assets in the modern call center landscape, contributing to improved customer engagement, lead generation, phone call automation and operational efficiency.

Fonada offers the best predictive dialer software and communication solutions to the business world utilizing the following dialing technology: Auto-dialer, click to call, IVR dialer, power dialer, predictive dialer, press 1 dialer, preview dialer, progressive dialer, voice broadcasting, and VOIP dialer/soft phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

A predictive dialer is a specialized software utilized in call centers to optimize agent productivity by dialing multiple numbers simultaneously based on available agents and call history. It ensures live call connections, enhancing efficiency and minimizing idle time.


Selecting an effective predictive dialer involves assessing its features for optimized call center performance. These attributes enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Align dialer features with business goals for a successful choice.


Predictive dialers offer remarkable call center improvements by automating calls, reducing idle time, and boosting agent engagement. Efficient call pacing ensures more meaningful conversations and successful interactions, leading to higher conversions and customer satisfaction. These systems streamline workflows, enhancing efficiency and freeing agents from repetitive tasks.


When choosing a cloud-based predictive dialer for your call center, assess its features to enhance productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Align the dialer’s capabilities with your business objectives. Essential features include automatic dialing, DNC compliance, intelligent call routing, IVR integration, minimized abandonment, pacing algorithm, real-time monitoring, and voicemail recognition.



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