Blog / Text To Speech: What Is It & How Does It Work For Your Business?

Text To Speech: What Is It & How Does It Work For Your Business?


November 14, 2022 Arun Upadhyay

Text To Speech: What Is It & How Does It Work For Your Business?

Enhanced user experience is something that all business enterprises prefer to do to serve their customers and improve their customer base. Modern businesses are committed to facilitating smooth functioning regardless of the underlying technology, trends, and cost. Whether it is an online service, website, or app, digital life is all about using minimalist approaches and rendering comfort. Text to speech assistive technology is a unique way of taking words on digital devices and converting them into audio.

Text to speech (TTS) technology reads digital text aloud and converts text into synthetic speech. Nowadays, text to speech software is getting more sophisticated and offering innovative capabilities owing to progress in the world of speech. 

Find here all you need to know about how text to speech technology helps your business grow through text-to-speech solutions, services, software, and technology. Go through the content to comprehend marketing types, benefits, services, and ways to increase telemarketing sales.


When you hear the question: what is text to speech, the first things that come to your mind may be computer text to speech, text to speech software, text to speech technology, or text to speech computer. Many industries are embracing text to speech technology and software to transform workplace productivity.

Although TTS  is in its early phases, professionals use this technology to fulfil their commercial purposes. The number of businesses utilizing this software is expected to increase exponentially. 


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Text to voice or read-aloud technology is an assistive tech that speaks digital texts aloud. It takes words from electronic devices and converts them to audio by swiping fingers or pressing a button. The text voice is compatible with smartphones, computers, and tablets.

It may read out loud text files of web pages, Word files, and pages documents. So, this blog post will cover the text to speech types and functionality along with some unique benefits for business owners who always look for new ways to help their brand grow.

Benefits Of Text To Speech For End Users

Every business targets the quality of the customer experience, and every end-user user is a client. End users can be apps, users, device services, machine users, or online educators. TTS technology lets content creators meet users’ different needs and preferences by regulating their engagement with content.

Text To Speech software can be a great business tool if you want to penetrate the market, secure a better web presence, simplify the implementation of IoT, utilize the power of word-of-mouth marketing, enhance employee performance, and use digital content. 

TTS technology renders benefits of enhanced user experience and optimized development processes. Business organizations value text to speech readers higher than the target audience. Let’s dive deep to understand what text to speech benefits business enterprises can ensure with text to speech software solutions. 

Personalized User Experience

Be it a story, blog, or news, text to speech technology can read everything. This technology helps you solve the complexity of business communication, minimize your workload, and increase accessibility. That is why it contributes to augmenting an excellent personalized experience.

Integration With IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most sought-after technology that ensures a better user experience when combined with TTS. The IoT-powered equipment enables end users smartly and fruitfully interact with their targeted audience. 

Voice To Publishers And Customer Service

Publishing content is a frequent feature for all business types, and content is vital for informing, entertaining, and educating people through different channels.

Many content owners adopt text to speech converters to renovate articles, blogs, stories, and books into audio. On the other hand, customer service centers utilize text to speech for high-quality conversation with business consumers.

Comfortable Development

The modern world is known for scalable infrastructure and flexible technologies. TTS emerges as a unique technology that scales as per the changing business needs on the cloud and on-premises concurrently. Consequently, it saves resources and reduces the workload going into the maintenance operations.

Enhanced Learning

Text to speech software is ideally beneficial for kids and students in the field of education. The software lets kids understand better through the visual and audio output, and it positively and indirectly impacts students’ soft skills like creativity and confidence.

How Text To Speech Works

The text to speech (TTS) assistive technology employs AI (artificial intelligence) to interpret information and data written in a human-readable form with a human accent in one language into audio, voice, or speech. TTS conversion and text recognition are two areas where artificial intelligence demonstrates incredible power, and that is why many organizations use AI to develop cutting-edge methods. 

When it comes to the functionality of a text to speech, you need an AI-based system along with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. The natural language processing engine produces human-like voices to make the text more fluent and interactive. When a big text block passes on to the NLP engine, it processes words to produce the most desirable speech breaking it down into smaller fragments of sentences and phrases. 

You can also select the designated text to achieve the desired voice quality. Moreover, you can automate the process by choosing the perfect voice quality. So, AI-driven algorithms are used as the input to turn text into audio or speech output. This real-aloud technology reads the text aloud.  Interestingly, TTS works with personal digital devices that can read different text files. 

The TTS voice is computer-generated. Moreover, you can control reading speed. TTS also uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read text aloud from images. Now, it is clear what text-to-speech technology is. Go further and check the most common text to speech tools that benefit businesses and customers.


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Types Of Text To Speech Tools

Reading, writing, and speaking is excellent. In the same manner, listening is essential. Just imagine your mobile phone or computer reading aloud for you using top text-to-speech tools for productivity, accessibility, and enjoyment. TTS is a dedicated speech synthesis app that reads written texts aloud. The app has several use cases for business professionals, students, children, and adults. TTS tools help the visually impaired and people with dyslexia.

The software also contributes generously to overcoming language barriers and learning to speak a new language. Depending on the exact use of the device, there are many different TTS tools: Built-in text-to-speech for desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and digital tablets, web-based tools, text-to-speech apps on smartphones and digital tablets, Chrome tools, and text-to-speech literacy software programs for desktop and laptop computers. 

List Of Top Text To Speech Software 

Some unique benefits of employing TTS software for business purposes include enhanced customer experience, effective branding across touchpoints, and global market penetration.

You can also get an increased web presence, saved time and money, word-of-mouth marketing, enhanced employee performance, and optimized development and maintenance. Find a concise list of the most prominent text to speech software products available in the competitive market. It includes:

  • Murf – Customizing voice-over, adding pause, and editing voice-over
  • Speechelo – 23 languages, change speed & pitch, voice tones, breathing, and pauses
  • Synthesys – Large professional AI voice library, 3-click text to speech generation, cloud-based, and unlimited speech generation
  • Nuance Dragon – AES 256-bit encryption, Sync data across devices, and 99% accuracy with typing
  • Speechify – 30+ natural sounding voices, 15+ languages supported, and convert scanned text into speech
  • Notevibes – Realistic voice generator, read text aloud, save your audio as MP3, 47 natural voices, and 200 – 1,000,000 characters
  • Natural Reader – Built-in OCR, choice of interfaces, built-in browser, and dyslexic-friendly font
  • Linguatec Voice Reader – Fast conversion of text to audio, dynamic changing between male and female voices, customized voices through control of pitch, volume, and speaking speed, simple pronunciation correction through user dictionaries, and high data throughput for fast response times
  • Capti Voice – Speech tracking word by word, cross-device sync, screen-reader accessibility, advanced text navigation, and offline use
  • Voicedream – Reading modes, audio controls, visual controls, OCR, and library management


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Businesses interested in making the most out of any mentioned-above list of top TTS software need to have TTS solutions of recognized communication service providers. 


The above-discussed article has proven how text to speech technology and software tools are beneficial for enhancing your business. When it comes to converting digital TTS/voice and improving IVR options, TTS service providers offer unique TTS solutions with excellent voice quality, integrated pitch control, and multi-accent and multilingual support. 

To get the best out of TTS technology, take help and guidance from the top communication service provider in India. For more information on B2B telemarketing solutions for your unique business, call 1800 137 3839 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

TTS is synthesized speech from text. The TTS technology is used to interact and communicate with users while reading a screen, and TTS allows people to overcome the barriers of dialects and language.


Speech-to-text technology allowed students to improve academic performance and quickly transfer their ideas onto the page. TTS technology helps students with ADHD and processing-related disabilities.


TTS or read-aloud is an assistive technology. This technology helps in reading digital text aloud with a single click of a button. It takes words on a digital device and changes them into audio.


TTS capabilities in a computer relate to playing back text in a spoken voice.


TTS technology and software enables companies to enhance customer experience. TTS technology’s benefits include natural and human-like voices, consistent brand image, the minimum workload on call center agents, increased automation, accelerated customer services, and reduced operational costs.


Text-to-speech (TTS) plays back written text as spoken words. You can hear text that appears on screens in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote.


Android allows you to convert your text into voice in different languages, and Android offers TTS classes for this purpose.


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