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What Is The Virtual Number And How It Can Help Businesses To Grow?

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Virtual phone numbers are today’s advanced interaction channels that allow communication with anyone worldwide using internet-connected devices.

Therefore, it is easily understandable why online virtual phone numbers’ popularity is increasing daily. These numbers not only offer flexible communication facilities but also are equipped with a layer of privacy that maintains the calling process’s integrity. 

Today in this blog post, we will break down a few essential details about virtual numbers and how it benefits businesses. 

So let’s get started…

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are quite similar to telephone numbers but are not bound to a physical location. These numbers allow users to make or receive calls on any phone, such as cell phones, VoIP, or Softphones. Today virtual phone numbers have become an integral part of businesses Globally.

With the help of these numbers, companies can connect with customers worldwide regardless of their location. It offers them an absolute way of communication with their customers.

These numbers are precisely like standard telephone numbers, and this is the main reason why customers are unable to distinguish between them. 

How Does Virtual Phone Number Work?

Unlike standard telephone numbers, virtual phone numbers do not require any physical address or a Sim card to accept calls. It utilizes VoiceOver internet protocol (VoIP) to receive incoming calls. For making a call, users dial a number that uses internet-based protocols to forward the call to an actual number.

The entire call-making process does not require any telephone lines. Also, if the user wishes, the call can be easily transmitted to his laptop or mobile device. This is how virtual phone numbers work and offer a seamless communication facility to the users.

It is a highly advanced technology used globally to make calls and text through WhatsApp, Google Voice, or Messaging.  These numbers originated in the cloud and can be easily integrated with pre-existing telephone numbers that you already own. These numbers are also called cloud telephony.

Traditional phone numbers come with a few limitations; for example, if you use your landline or cell phone, you must sit and wait in one spot to receive or make calls. However, smartphones have some liberty as they allow you to move with your phone numbers. 

But to connect with the other party, you still need to ensure whether you are reachable or not. Virtual phone numbers are completely free from such boundaries. These numbers help you stay connected whether traveling or working from home. You don’t have to feel tied to a physical location or device.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are undoubtedly more beneficial than traditional landline numbers. They can efficiently work for small businesses and larger organizations that need to deal with huge call volumes. 

If you wish to get a virtual phone number for your organization then you must have a complete understanding of these cloud telephony numbers and how you can utilize them for your requirements. 

We Can Categorize Virtual Phone Numbers Into Three Types – 

  • Virtual Local phone numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Vanity numbers

Virtual Local Phone Numbers

These local virtual numbers are known as rate centers or area codes because they belong to specific geographical locations

Toll-Free Numbers

People can call on toll-free numbers without spending a single penny. Businesses use these virtual toll-free numbers for offering free calling services to customers. You can easily recognize these numbers as they follow some pattern. Usually, these numbers start with 866, 800, and 888. 

Vanity Phone Numbers

Vanity numbers are unique, catchy, and easily memorable.

Remember, you can utilize your existing phone number and integrate it with the virtual phone system. Organizations that install virtual phone systems have freedom, flexibility, and better savings. 

If you are looking for virtual numbers for your business from India’s  most reliable VoIP providers, then you can avail of the same service from Fonada, a leading cloud telephony service provider in India, and establish seamless communication with your customers 

Prime Difference Between Virtual And Regular Phone Numbers?

Local telephone companies are responsible for providing regular phone numbers, and these number requires a phone line for the function. Telephone companies usually assign phone lines to the pre-decided street address. The installation of a telecom line is a bit complicated and not feasible in every office. 

However, there are no such boundaries associated with virtual phone numbers, and they are not bound to one location only. It can efficiently work with employees in and out of the office because they have access to the same cloud PBX (private branch exchange).

This means businesses can efficiently operate over virtual phone numbers irrespective of location, time, and zone. Also, you have the liberty to restrict the accessibility of your virtual phone number depending on your staff’s availability.

Major Benefits Of A Virtual Number For A Business?

Virtual Phone Number

There Are Several Benefits Of Using A Virtual Phone Number For A Business. Some Of Them Are Discussed Below:

Cost Efficient

People can use virtual phone systems from every corner of the world without paying high calling charges. You can offer a toll-free phone number to your callers, and they can connect with you without facing any difficulty at no cost. 

Let’s put that into the practical world “suppose you are running a market campaign across the United Kingdom; you can ask your customer to call your business through your toll-free number. In that way, you can not only interact with your customers but also gain their trust“. By using the virtual number, businesses can expand their client base and assist their customers in every possible manner. 

Also, by offering DID (direct inward dialing), Service businesses can help their customers to connect with the person they want to speak with. This functionality lets customers associate with the right agent for their concerns, such as the sales team, tech team, etc., in just one click and helps them have a better customer experience. 

Unique Auto Attendant Feature

Reliable cloud phone service providers like Fonada offers auto attendant services. This auto attendant functionality is quite helpful. It greets callers with welcome messages and helps them to reach the right person. This functionality ensures that the caller can connect with the appropriate agent for his queries without wasting time.

Suppose “someone calls your virtual number and wants assistance with a billing question, in that scenario, his call will be automatically redirected to the financial expert of your finance. The call routing function can quickly connect customers with the right agent without letting them go through several steps.”

There is no such call routing feature associated with traditional phone systems. With such advanced features, virtual phone numbers are gaining immense popularity among businesses.

Offers Greater Peace of Mind

By using virtual phone numbers, you can not only receive incoming calls, but also you can make outgoing calls. These numbers can mask your ID, meaning you don’t have to reveal your identity before calling someone.

A recent survey found that 38 % of companies allow workers to work remotely, and staff that works remotely don’t need to install desk phones to receive business calls. Virtual numbers help them to mask their caller ID and offer great control and peace of mind when the caller connects with them. 

They don’t have to think that customer know their private number and intervene in their personal space. They can efficiently manage their working hours with the virtual phone number and accept inbound calls or divert them to voicemail as per their choices.


In a nutshell, we can say traditional numbers come with some limitations that don’t make them suitable for the business.

However, virtual numbers don’t have such constraints and boundaries. They can efficiently manage your business communication and help organizations to build their brand image. Also, assist their customers in having a better customer experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The working functionality of virtual phone numbers is exactly like ordinary numbers. You are allowed to use virtual numbers for WhatsApp without facing any difficulty. You just need to sign in to WhatsApp using your virtual number to operate the application

There is no such compulsion by the government to use virtual phone numbers in India. These numbers are similar to normal phone numbers. You can use these numbers to make and receive calls just like any other phone number