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What Is a Toll Free Number and Why Does Your Business Needs It ?

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Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions,...Read more


Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions,...Read more

Whatever the industry or market in which your business operates, it must provide clients with a simple and effective method of communication. If you are starting, your local office number will likely be enough. However, your front desk number will probably no longer be sufficient as your company grows, expands, and draws more clients.

Therefore, acquiring a toll free phone number makes the most sense. We’ll discuss toll-free numbers in this post. You will learn what toll-free is, how toll-free numbers function, the benefits of toll-free numbers, and which toll-free number provider you should choose. 

What is a Toll Free Number ? 

We use the toll free telephone number to contact the company without paying any charges. Toll-free telephone numbers are compatible with all cell phones and landlines.

You may have seen these numbers on billboards, flyers, pamphlets, and even websites of businesses. Common prefixes include 888, 800, 855, 877, 866, and 844.

The companies pay the incoming charges on these connections so their consumers can contact them for free. The company pays for toll-free calls, not the customer.

How Do Toll-Free Numbers Work ?

  • The caller dials the number to make the call.
  • The call forwarding service receives the call.
  • The call center routes this call to a different line or number depending on your or the account manager’s predetermined routing rules.
  • The call finally reaches its designated destination.

What Are the Types Of Toll Free Numbers ? 

Check out the types of toll-free numbers below:

1. International Toll Free Numbers

Almost every country or market may get an international toll-free number, and international call forwarding may forward incoming calls to any device or location. It is crucial for international companies or those who want to become global.

2. Domestic Toll Free Numbers

Domestic callers may use a country’s toll-free number. These numbers enable toll-free domestic calling.

3. Universal International Free Phone Numbers

Businesses want to know whether they can buy free, global toll-free numbers. Global toll-free numbers don’t exist. Companies may use UIFNs, a single toll-free number for UIFN participants.

4. Vanity Numbers

A vanity number uses letters to generate a memorable number. 800-222-2223 or 888-465-4655 are pattern vanity numbers. Use a business number creatively to create a big impact on viewers.

What are The Uses Of A Toll Free Number ?

1. Voting Hotlines

We can use toll-free number solutions as voting hotlines. In India, many television show producers acquire toll-free numbers to enhance their interactive programming strategies. In India, toll-free numbers have become standard for reality shows, game shows, and talent hunts with viewer voting forms, in which the public can vote for their favorite contestants. A toll-free phone solution is necessary to motivate voters. The viewers call each participant’s number to vote.

2. Non Profit Helpline

Government and non-profit organizations use toll-free lines to provide helpline services, collect donations, and secure pledges from the public over the phone. For example, organizations often establish toll-free hotlines for donations and immediate relief in natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Similarly, they provide information, help, advice, and referrals to needy people. Specific communities, such as tobacco cessation services, mental health counseling agencies, and helplines for child abuse victims, use toll-free numbers to assist those in dire need.

3. Government Services

Citizens may call a toll-free number to get answers to their questions about essential government services. Individuals who want to apply for or renew their driving licenses or passports may get all the necessary information by dialing a helpline number. Similarly, specialized voice portals provide health-related information to queries on health-related problems, epidemics, illnesses, first aid, lifestyle, health policies, laws, directory services, programs, and guidelines.

4. Election Campaigns

Toll-free numbers are also vital for political campaigns. Parties use them to create a professional image with voters. Engaging voters is simpler if they can call a free phone number. Supporters may contact their favorite political candidates via phone and leave suggestions or feedback. Simultaneously, parties may monitor the location of callers and use that information to get insight into their strengths and weaknesses. They may then concentrate their political efforts on consolidating their strengths and resolving their weaknesses.

5. Business Usage

Toll-free phone numbers are often present in business phone systems. Their marketability and ability to deliver international toll-free calls meet the requirements of businesses.

Numerous industries use the toll free number for business purposes since they communicate with and engage with customers in various ways.

6. Large Customer Base Organization

A toll-free telephone number is perfect for customer support and assistance, enabling even vast customer bases to offer each customer a personalized and satisfying experience.

It lets customers quickly connect via your business number, regardless of location, and eliminates the call cost barrier.

7. Retail Service Companies

Retail and ecommerce organizations provide a toll-free number to call customer care to retain customer loyalty and increase future sales.

By using a toll-free number, you can give your customers uninterrupted telecommunications by directing their calls to your team members. They are most capable of addressing their problems.

8. Hospitality Businesses

Whether you are booking lodging, an event, or a meal, a toll-free service can manage it efficiently.

Incorporating IVR and automated call routing into your phone system enables clients to autonomously handle their bookings, requiring employee assistance only in specific cases. It enables your receptionists to use their time more effectively since your phone system performs simple things.

9. 24/7 Available Businesses

Your business is more accessible to a greater variety of customer lifestyles if it takes incoming calls at all hours. A toll-free number enables the seamless distribution of incoming calls to available operators, ensuring that consumers who make purchases at midnight or call outside of normal business hours get the assistance and support they need immediately.

10. Healthcare Services

Call costs should not be a barrier when providing advice and services to patients and customers in the healthcare industry. Again, by connecting your toll-free number to a phone system that can route calls, all incoming calls get routed to a specialist who can help the patient.

11. After Sales Support Businesses

A toll-free number after a transaction encourages customers to address their difficulties or problems rather than immediately submit a complaint.

By providing a toll-free service, customers are less concerned about the time needed to communicate with an IVR system or route their call to an operator with the necessary expertise to resolve their issue, enhancing their experience.

12. Personal Usage

A toll-free phone number can manage landline or mobile phone calls in personal situations.

It may be great for those who get many international incoming calls while minimizing long-distance call costs. Similarly, toll-free phone services ensure the same phone number everywhere, enabling callers to connect without incurring unknown international charges.

What Benefits Do Toll-free Numbers Offer ?

1. Portability

Toll-free numbers are portable; businesses may maintain their previous number for receiving important business calls. They do not need to get a new number when relocating their business to a new location. Therefore, there will be no interruptions in customer communications.

2. Reduced Costs

A toll-free phone number eliminates customer call charges and may also cut your business’s phone costs.

Contract payment plans or cloud options like VoIP use internet networks instead of mobile or landline phone networks. Depending on how you want to use your toll-free number, you may select and buy toll free number from various price options.

3. Better Customer Service

Customers prefer communicating to a company before buying or for post-sale services. Companies must ensure seamless and uninterrupted communication between customers and support teams. It is the only way to improve the client experience and keep their loyal consumers.

With toll-free numbers, businesses may enable customers to quickly connect their support agents to resolve issues improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

4. Easy to Remember

An 1800 number for a company is easier to recall than any other number. When a business’s toll-free number is simple to remember, people are more likely to contact the industry.

Toll-free numbers may improve the customer experience and raise the business’s revenue.

5. Cloud Advantage

Toll-free numbers’ compatibility with cloud platforms offers advantages to traditional phone systems. Cloud-based communication solutions provide high uptime and robust infrastructure, enabling businesses to build an outstanding customer experience.

6. Toll Free Numbers Enhance Business Credibility

Toll-free numbers are great for all business sizes and specifically for startups. As a newcomer, providing your consumers with a toll-free phone number will help build your credibility.

7. You Can Easily Track Your Campaigns

If you operate several marketing campaigns, they may go on billboards and other print and digital media. Once you have assigned toll-free numbers to your campaigns, you can begin monitoring different campaign-related details.

You may track the specifics of customers contacting you for each campaign. Additionally, their geographic location and preferred call hour.

8. Improve Customer Retention

Customers often discover that there is no direct contact information for the business. Customers get a negative opinion of you when you can’t contact them, which hampers your credibility.

The modern company is all about connecting with your clients. If you do not give your clients a way to communicate in this day and time, they will feel ignored and unappreciated.

Having a toll-free number improves customer service and increases customer happiness for companies. They’ll call you if you provide them with a toll-free number.

The more people reach out, the more you can improve your business. Calling the company at any time without paying is a bonus for customers.

How To Get Toll Free Number ?

The steps to get a toll-free number are:

  • Find the service provider
  • Register and choose a number prefix
  • Create an account and assign a number

Once you have selected a provider, you will need to check whether the number you seek is available by entering it into a database of the searchable toll-free number. If another company has not claimed the number, you may acquire both the number and a related plan.

If the desired number is already in use, the provider will often give a variety of similar options. Number portability lets you use an existing toll-free number with a new provider.

What is The Toll Free Number Cost In India ?

A toll-free number is often an 1800 series number that anybody in India may call without incurring any charges. The toll free number owner pays both incoming and outgoing call charges.

Features Offered by Fonada Toll Free Number Solution

Fonada offers the following useful features to make the most of your telecommunications.

1. Call Monitoring

Monitoring your incoming calls enables you to concentrate on numerous approaches to enhance your service. You may stay customer-centric by monitoring caller ID, routing calls depending on location, forwarding them to local operators, and providing support services during and after business hours.

2. Real Time Analytics

Analytics such as average call duration, locations, or busiest periods for receiving calls may assist your business with KPIs.

You can use these to adjust your marketing to your current customers and those like them. Real-time analytics may also help you predict a high demand on your phone lines, enabling you to optimize your call center’s resources and increase productivity.

3. Call Recording

Call recording incorporated into your outgoing and incoming calls eliminates the need for your operators to keep track of every call detail.

Viewing the recording, operators may concentrate on customer solutions and personal contact. Similarly, you can use these recordings in the future for training or for gathering feedback from your contact center staff.


Toll-free phone numbers enable your customers to make free calls to your company, providing various benefits based on your phone system and its features.

You can use these numbers for personal and commercial calls, facilitating communication with international callers, and facilitating the operation of efficient customer care and customer support.

A toll-free number facilitates call forwarding and routing by connecting incoming calls to any configured device, whether a landline, call center, or mobile phone.

Regardless of the location, your telecommunications will continue to deliver the best possible customer service while presenting your company as professional with contact details that are easily accessible and understandable. Toll-free numbers have become an absolute need for businesses. Call Fonada if you want to buy toll free number for your business.


Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions, including Voice, Messaging (SMS & RCS), WhatsApp Business, and Conversational AI tools are designed to empower individuals and businesses to communicate effortlessly and efficiently. Embark on a journey into the future of communication with Fonada, and unlock a world of seamless connectivity and productivity.

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