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Chat GPT 4

A powerful and versatile multimodal capable of seamlessly processing both text and image inputs to generate remarkable textual outputs.

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GPT-4 offers improved reliability, creativity, and can handle more nuanced instructions than GPT-3.5, making it a more capable and advanced multimodal language model

Why Chat GPT- 4?

GPT-3.5 is limited to text prompts, but GPT-4 can recognize and analyze objects in images as inputs. GPT-3.5's responses are limited to 3,000 words, whereas GPT-4 can generate more than 25,000 words

GPT-4 And GPT-3.5?

What is the Difference Between

Capabilities That Make Chat GPT-4 Unique?

1. GPT-4 is a large and advanced multimodal language model. 2. It can process both text and image inputs to generate textual outputs. 3. It can recognize objects in images and analyze them. 4. It can generate responses of more than 25,000 words.

What are the Limitations of

Inaccurate responses known as "hallucinations" have been a challenge for many AI programs, including GPT-4. GPT-4 can rival human propagandists in many domains, especially when teamed up with a human editor.