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Facilitate Ongoing Brand Conversions with SMS Marketing in India

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Every business entity in India must send messages to accomplish its marketing purposes. Gone are the days of mono-channel marketing. Nowadays, marketers have access to many contact points across various marketing channels.

On the other hand, customers expect businesses to use multiple channels to offer the best experience, which is why SMS marketing comes into action. In the modern era, SMS marketing is all about facilitating ongoing brand conversion. 

SMS marketing is simply sending promotional campaigns and transactional messages using text messages (SMS) to targeted audiences to communicate updates, time-sensitive offers, and alerts. You can use SMS in different ways. Some of the common use cases that give a better idea about SMS marketing can also help your business.

These use cases can include internal alerts, appointment reminders, urgent updates about events or customer orders, and short-term promotions for retail or eCommerce businesses. Go through the content to better understand the concept of SMS marketing and its benefits and services.


SMS marketing is indispensable for simplifying ongoing brand conversions. Investing in SMS marketing can be intelligent as it gives the business added advantages of direct customer communication, lightning-fast delivery, higher open rate, easy campaign tracking, broad audience reach, and increased revenue.

The best way to utilize SMS marketing services is that they work well with digital communication channels to raise brand awareness, enhance the customer journey, and optimize your business communication. Moreover, these services offer a successful customer experience. 

Be it 2-way messaging, promotional SMS, transactional SMS, bulk SMS, short code SMS, or voice SMS messaging services, quality SMS marketing solutions accomplish various business communication purposes.

Before planning any SMS marketing strategy, the business organization needs to know what is SMS marketing, what is bulk SMS marketing, is bulk SMS, and how to do SMS marketing in India.

Let’s move ahead and see SMS marketing benefits and service types that can simplify ongoing brand conversion. 

Benefits of SMS marketing 

eCommerce stores, travel companies, large organizations, and service businesses that require appointments are some businesses that can reap SMS marketing benefits.

Regarding the effectiveness of marketing communication, SMS is one of the valuable marketing channels for several reasons, including closing the email marketing loop, great for emerging markets, high engagement rates, and the ubiquity of smartphones.

Bulk SMS marketing benefits are the most tempting thing that catches the attention of marketers when it comes to marketing communication in the form of text. SMS marketing comes to your rescue when you focus on cost savings, customer reach, efficiency, and engagement. Look at some reasons why I use SMS marketing.

Less competition

Among the long list of competitive marketing channels, about 82% of email users obtain at least 25 emails daily. Surprisingly, only 25% of businesses use text messaging to promote and market their products and services. If business enterprises use this channel, they will likely get better marketing returns due to less competition in the SMS marketing circle.

Wonderful Engagement

If you look at several online reports and surveys on SMS marketing, you will find that SMS messages have an outstanding 99% open rate. In addition, recipients open 96% of SMS messages within 3 minutes of receipt. Candidly, you will hardly find better engagement than SMS messages anywhere else.

Massive Reach

SMS marketing can take a business in all corners of India and facilitate ongoing brand conversion effortlessly. With billions of smartphone subscriptions, SMS makes a big difference. If you think of reaching someone, an SMS sent via a cell phone can do wonders.

Huge Return On Investment

Marketing is an expensive concept. But digital marketing seems an easy and cost-effective solution. If you can calculate marketing investment, you will find that sending a text is as inexpensive as $0.0075 per message.

Moreover, each of these messages can result in significant sales. On average, a retail company sends 10,000 texts by spending around $75. Even a single deal can result in a high return on investment.

Quick To Send

Gone are the older days when people used to send messages to their audience, and it consumed lots of time. But bulk SMS marketing messages take no time to write, format or send. Now it is easier to personalize messages as per appropriate segments. So, SMS marketing is straightforward and relatively fast.

Trusted Cloud-Based Communications

Modern business communication has turned cloud-based. Users of a trusted cloud-based service get flexible pricing, extensive global reach, advanced software features, and simple integrations through programmable APIs.

High open rates, better conversion rates, inexpensive SMS, greater audience reach, instant delivery, campaign success visibility, easy opt-in/opt-out, and flexible and reliable are the prime benefits of SMS marketing for your business success.


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SMS Marketing Best Rules And Practices

Like every marketing field, SMS marketing professionals also follow some rules and regulations to make the most of any marketing campaign related to business communication through texts. We have already discussed the benefits of bulk SMS marketing.

This section will let you know more about how to do SMS marketing in India as it focuses on several rules and regulations concerning SMS marketing.

If you are marketing personnel looking for tips and guidance on making a successful marketing campaign through written messages, stick to the following practices and rules that promise better and more competitive outcomes. 

Ensuring Your Contacts Have Opted Into SMS

Text messaging is a practical, direct line of business communication sent to the customer through smartphones. While planning your SMS marketing strategy, you should stick to some unique rules and regulations. The first and prime important thing you need to consider is receiving permission from your contacts before you send SMS messages.

Legally, you can’t send a message to the consumer if you don’t have consent to use their phone numbers for your product or service marketing. Like email marketing, you also need to leave an option to unsubscribe from sending SMS via a link in each text message.

It is expected that SMS has an extremely high open rate. But you can force people to read your message with their willingness. Send messages only to the people who want to read them.

Mind The Timing Of Your Messages

Customers like to receive messages and respond happily at a time that suits them the best. Unlike email or social media, people open text messages immediately. People only check social media messages a few times daily, which is why SMS is great for urgent messages. You need to know that you can’t abuse this potential by disturbing business contacts at odd hours of the day.

Like other countries, the Indian government also enforces laws about sending marketing text messages. Although text messages bring fruitful results, you need to stick to pan-Indian rules and practices regarding marketing communication. 

Include Your Company’s Name In Your Messages

Sending a message to the customer with proper identification can make a big difference. While sending bulk SMS messages to the potential audience, most service providers use a short code that prevents the audience from knowing the right destination of incoming messages.

So, let your contacts know the details of the message sender in the first place. Before sending a promotional coupon to customers, make sure you clearly indicate your identity.

Always Add A Call-To-Action (CTA) 

The prime purpose of sending marketing messages is to urge people to take action and make decisions. You may want people to visit your website, attend an event, fill out a form, or press a link, and you need to tell them to drive click-through rates. Always add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your message so people can react fuss-freely. 

Use Sms To Complement Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing comes with a long list of channels marketers can use for customer interaction. These channels work together to form a complete and highly-functional marketing communication system.

Using SMS and other digital marketing channels enables businesses to build solid customer relationships and attain leads at a great scale.

SMS and email marketing are complementary to each other. You can’t imagine the existence of digital strategies without SMS marketing. You can use email for sending detailed information and SMS to share more time-sensitive and urgent information.

SMS Marketing Services For The Competitive Edge

Business enterprises interested in telling their business story to the audience need to make a personalized message per their brand needs. This way, they can ensure bulk SMS marketing communication hassle-free.

Whether it is about drafting notes, instant delivery, or uploading contact lists, SMS marketing simplifies the SMS promoting process. Some telecommunication service providers can help you deliver one million SMSs in less than a minute.

They use SMS marketing to increase your return on investment (ROI). Flash sales, loyalty programs, SMS coupons, text-to-win competitions, alerts, discounts, notifications, and promotional deals are these types.

SMS marketing service providers deliver bulk SMS facilities in a customized and personalized form. They have direct connectivity with top telecom operators in India. Moreover, they understand how you can reach specific consumers effectively with a bulk SMS message.

Their enterprise messaging solutions and bulk SMS advertising and marketing services help you professionally send promotional and transactional business messages to your targeted audience. The following are some unique SMS marketing services that can help you get a better competitive edge and gain the upper hand. These include:

  • 2-way messaging services
  • Bulk email, bulk SMS reseller, and bulk SMS services
  • Business API services
  • IVR/toll-free number services
  • Long code SMS and miss call alert services
  • OBD messaging and OTP SMS services
  • Promotional SMS and RCS services 
  • Short code SMS services
  • SMPP connectivity services
  • SMS-based advertising services
  • Transactional SMS services
  • Voice SMS messaging services

A top SMS marketing service provider in India can help you send and track innumerable marketing SMSs with a single click of a button. Bulk SMS marketing services and solutions let you send well-timed and targeted messages to your potential customers in the blink of an eye.


Every business owner prefers to facilitate ongoing brand conversion effortlessly. So, there is SMS marketing that accomplishes multiple purposes at a cost-effective price tag. Whether you are searching for the benefits of bulk SMS marketing or quality SMS marketing services anywhere in India, you need help and guidance from the best communication service provider.

For more information on SMS marketing solutions for your unique business, call 1800 137 3839 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does SMS Marketing Mean?

Short message service or SMS marketing is a type of marketing used by business enterprises to send promotional text messages to potential customers. SMS marketing is not very different from text message marketing. Moreover, SMS marketing is a part of digital marketing. 

What Are The Types Of SMS Marketing?

As a part of their integrated marketing strategy, SMS marketing is quite popular and used by big, mid-sized, and emerging brands. Brands use the following SMS marketing types to inform, educate, and entertain their targeted audience. These include

  • Alerts & notifications
  • Flash sales.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Promotional deals and discounts.
  • SMS coupons.
  • Text-to-win competitions.

Does SMS Marketing Actually Work?

SMS marketing is highly effective and works well. Online data and statistics show that the SMS open rate is as high as 98%. Interestingly, it is higher than any other marketing channel. Moreover, most customers prefer receiving texts to other forms of communication.

How Do I Measure My SMS Marketing Results And Improve?

Marketers can use some SMS software and tools like Google Analytics to track the number of particular clicks from your SMS campaigns. Use the tool to have the figure and easily calculate your click-through rate. The easiest way to calculate or measure marketing results is to take the total number of clicks and divide the same by the total number of delivered SMS. Also, multiply the amount by 100.

How Do I Do SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a unique practice. If you are on board with SMS marketing, you can consider the following tips and suggestions to maximize your success. These tips include creating an SMS marketing team, knowing your customer, writing clear messages, using call-to-action buttons, getting your timing right, promoting opt-in across all media, and focusing on your best clients.

Is Bulk SMS Marketing Helpful?

Yes, SMS marketing is helpful as it lets you achieve your promotional goals. A unique SMS marketing service lets you set up complex services for existing promotion drives. In addition, a perfect SMS marketing strategy enables you to get a higher income and offers a customer-centric service that solves complex business problems and leads to a loyal client base.