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A Complete Guide To Phone Number Options In India For Entrepreneurs And Businesses

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Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions,...Read more


Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions,...Read more

The phone number you use for your business can reveal a lot about your company. It is a key method for communicating with customers and can shape their initial impression of you. By selecting the appropriate phone number, you can build trust, promote discussions, and exhibit the professionalism of your small business even before engaging in conversation. 

However, every small business is different, and the ideal phone number for your company should fulfill your unique needs. From Indian mobile numbers to landline numbers, different phone numbers cater to multiple needs. With numerous choices available, deciding which one to use can be challenging. To assist you in selecting the best option, this guide explains the various types of phone number options in India, their features, and how to identify the most suitable one for your business.


The importance of having a dedicated business phone number is very high. Using a specific business phone number lets you easily separate personal and work-related conversations, remain organized, and present a professional image to clients. This enables you to assist customers more effectively, achieve work-life balance, and create a positive impression. Whether personal or company mobile numbers, every phone number has a story to tell. 

Typically, a sales call is your initial interaction with prospective customers. You can make a strong first impression by having a unique phone number for these calls. Additionally, tracking every customer interaction and maintaining a separation between business and personal conversations is simple. As a small business owner in India, you may be frequently on the go, and a virtual phone number allows you to answer business calls at your convenience. Furthermore, since this number is not associated with a specific phone, you can transfer it between devices as needed.

Toll-free numbers have historical significance. Customers recognize the 800 prefixes and immediately associate them with a legitimate and credible business. This increases trust in your brand before customers even answer the phone. Additionally, it demonstrates to potential clients that your business has a nationwide presence.

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Available Phone Number Options In India

Available Phone Number Options In India

Businesses and entrepreneurs frequently ask about the types of phone numbers available, but telecom operators often fail to provide clear explanations on their portals. Therefore, this article aims to demystify India’s various phone number options. Basically, phone numbers available in India include a landline number, mobile number with or without SMS facility, and toll-free numbers. Here comes the biggest question: How many Indian phone numbers are there?

Generally, you get the following phone number choices for personal and commercial needs. These include landline number, Indian mobile number, India phone number, company mobile number, home phone number, personal mobile number, and office landline number. Let’s discuss how many types of phone numbers in India are available for business use. 

Landline Number

A landline number allows for inbound calls, but incoming and outgoing SMS are impossible. Outbound local and STD calls can be made, and the caller will be charged the normal call rates based on their plan. The number can be reached from any mobile or landline phone in India or worldwide, and it will be location-specific with area codes such as 022 for Mumbai, 011 for Delhi, and 044 for Chennai.

Mobile Number Without Incoming SMS

  • Outgoing sms & no incoming sms
  • Outbound local & std calls possible
  • Inbound calls available
  • Normal call rates charged for “consumer calling in” depending upon their plan
  • Can be reached by any mobile or landline phone from across India and the world
  • The number series will be specific to the state 

Anyone Outside Delhi Calling on a Delhi Mobile Number Has to Dial a “0” or “+91” and Will be Charged STD Rates. Even a phone number is publicized with a “0” because no mobile number will be local charges for all Indian consumers.

Mobile Number With Incoming SMS

Both outbound and inbound SMS are available, including local and STD messaging for outbound SMS. Inbound SMS is also available. The regular call rates will apply to consumers calling in, depending on their plan. These unique serial numbers can be reached from any mobile or landline phone across India and the world and are provided by specific operators and solution providers.

Mobile Number with Incoming SMS, but NO Call Facility

Both outbound and inbound SMS are possible, but there is no option for making outbound or inbound calls.

Toll-Free Numbers

Every business type looks for a toll-free number for various reasons. Efficiently promote your services and products with toll-free telephone number campaigns that can offer many benefits for your business:

Increase Customer Reach: Toll-free numbers allow customers to contact your business in real time, regardless of location. It can help expand your customer base and boost sales.

Increase Lead Conversion: A toll-free number can drive higher call pick-up rates, resulting in significant lead conversion rates for your business.

Build Professional Image: Having a toll-free number can boost your business’s professional image, making it appear more reliable, established, and trustworthy.

Boost Customer Satisfaction: Customers appreciate that they are not charged for calling a toll-free number, encouraging them to build trust with your business.

Expand Global Reach: A toll-free number can help your business expand its customer service reach nationwide.

Track Marketing Campaigns: Toll-free numbers can be used in marketing and advertising campaigns to enhance brand awareness while also allowing you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

24/7 Availability: With a toll-free number, your business can be available to customers even after business hours, providing better customer service and satisfaction.

Some Key Features Of A Toll-Free Number:

  • No outgoing or incoming SMS (although some solutions, like ours, offer outgoing SMS via a sender ID)
  • No outbound calls are possible
  • Inbound calls are available
  • There are zero call rates for the consumer calling in; instead, the organization owning the toll-free number pays for the call cost
  • It can be reached by any mobile or landline phone from anywhere in India

International Toll-Free Number

There is no option for sending or receiving outbound or inbound SMS, but inbound/incoming calls are available. If a toll-free number is taken from a specific country, such as Brazil, international customers from that country can make free calls without any charges.

Short Code (Only For SMS)

Both outbound and inbound SMS are available, but there is no option for making outbound or inbound calls. Some providers in the VAS space provide these services.

Single Number Solutions 

Single Number Solutions are similar to landline numbers, but the same phone number is blocked across specific circles/states. There is no option for sending or receiving outgoing or incoming SMS, but outbound and inbound calls are possible. This number type is more expensive and only available with select telecom operators. The availability of these numbers is decreasing because some numbers may have already been sold to other customers across circles, making them difficult to obtain but still possible. These numbers can be reached from any mobile or landline phone across India and the world.

Toll Numbers 

Toll Numbers (1800 numbers) are similar to Toll Free Numbers with one significant difference: callers who call the Toll Number are charged at local rates rather than free. Other than that, all other features are the same as Toll-Free Numbers.

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What Is +91 Called In Phone Number?

What Phone Number

The international code for calling India is +91. To call an Indian phone number outside the country, the international format is +91 XXX XXX XXXX, where +91 is the country code and XXX XXX XXXX is the local phone number. The plus sign (+) is an international prefix symbol used when making international calls. 

Indian phone numbers typically have 10 digits, consisting of a 3-digit area code and a 7-digit subscriber number. Therefore, to call an Indian phone number, you would dial +91, followed by the 10-digit phone number. It’s important to note that phone numbers in India have recently been updated to 11 digits, with the first digit being 0. In such cases, the dialing format would be +91, followed by the 11-digit phone number.

When you look for an answer to the question of what type of mobile number in India, your +91 phone number option helps you a lot. 

How To Get A Business Phone Number?

Business Phone Number

Your business phone number is vital to your brand and how your clients perceive your company. To select the ideal phone number, you need to understand the various types of numbers and how they affect the customer experience.

How To Obtain An 800 Number For Your Small Business

An 800 number is a widely recognized toll-free number prefix. While all toll-free numbers are beneficial for customer experience, an 800 number holds the most significant impact. This number provides an instant national presence for your business since it is not associated with a particular geographical area. Additionally, it portrays a well-established brand to potential customers.

How To Obtain A Local Phone Number For Your Business

A local number helps your business connect with the community it serves and shows your neighbors that your business is part of their neighborhood. Adding a different local phone number to your existing phone lets you maintain your connection with your community while keeping your personal and business communication separate.

How To Choose The Right Business Phone System

Selecting the right phone system for your business is crucial, and it helps streamline communication with your customers and enhances efficiency.

Lucrative Ways To Set Up A Business Phone Line

A business owner must find a cost-effective option for a business phone line. Although free services may be tempting, paid services are generally more reliable. The most effective solution is using an app with a second phone line. The best part? It does not cost as much as you might expect.

Identifying A Great Small Business Phone System

Evaluating numerous phone systems in the market can be daunting. Use the decision-making process outlined in this article to help you select the right phone system for your small business.

Obtaining A Business Phone Number

There are three standard options for the always-on entrepreneur. Your business phone number can positively or negatively impact your brand. Finding an affordable and sustainable solution for your small business requires understanding how different services impact your customers and your business experience.

Get A Business Phone Number With Fonada

Business Phone Number With Fonada

When it comes to obtaining a business phone number through a reliable telecommunication service provider, Fonada provides a variety of local and toll-free numbers that cater to your small business requirements. Each number has features that simplify client communication, boost professionalism, and enhance organization.

  • Pick a toll-free or local phone number within all states of India.
  • Differentiate business calls from personal ones.
  • Configure a personalized voicemail greeting.
  • Specify business hours to promote work-life balance.
  • Access voicemail on the move with automatic transcriptions.

Sign up for a free trial today to obtain your Fonada business phone number.


Understanding India’s various phone number options is crucial for entrepreneurs and businesses. Each option has unique features and benefits that cater to different needs, from toll-free numbers to single-number solutions and toll numbers. It is important to choose the right phone number based on factors such as cost, accessibility, and target audience. 

Additionally, being aware of the international calling code for India and the recent changes to phone numbers in the country is essential for making and receiving calls from outside the country. By taking the time to understand these options, businesses can ensure that they have the right phone number to meet their communication needs and effectively connect with their customers.

Experienced and competent mobile phone number service providers in India can help you with quality communication services in India. Whether you opt for an office landline number or a toll-free mobile number, Fonada can give you a competitive edge.


Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions, including Voice, Messaging (SMS & RCS), WhatsApp Business, and Conversational AI tools are designed to empower individuals and businesses to communicate effortlessly and efficiently. Embark on a journey into the future of communication with Fonada, and unlock a world of seamless connectivity and productivity.

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