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What Is Missed Call Marketing And How Does Missed Call Marketing Work?


September 6, 2022 Arun Upadhyay

missed call marketing

Do you remember when telephone call rates used to be very high, and we often got missed calls from our friends and families as a sign that they wanted us to call them back? Today, getting missed calls from relatives and known ones are quite rare as call rates are affordable for everyone. Today missed calls are not just an indication that someone wants to connect. 

It has introduced a new communication method, which is quite beneficial for businesses. Organizations and brands are using this marketing strategy for running missed call marketing campaigns to spread awareness about their products and services among the targeted audience. We can define missed call marketing as a medium that allows you to make a miss call on a phone number intentionally. 

Sometimes the call disconnects automatically or without an acknowledgment which doesn’t mean that caller will not get any response for his action. Callers get instant answers from businesses about their services, products, and latest updates. This marketing strategy is beneficial for both customers as well as organizations.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Missed Call Marketing?

If you want to strengthen, engage and grow your client base, then missed call marketing can be quite effective. It is a cheaper, convenient, and hassle-free alternative to today’s advanced IVR systems. Businesses can be benefited in multiple ways from this marketing strategy. 

Some Of The Effective Ways In Which They Can Help Your Business Are Given Below: 

1. Generate Qualified Leads

Marketers burn the midnight oil to generate a qualified lead for their organizations. Missed call marketing is considered one of the most effective tools for generating inbound leads. This marketing strategy comes with no complications, which is why customers show interest in such marketing campaigns.

For example, you can post some ads on online portals to invite prospects to give you missed calls if they are interested in your business. If you get a missed call from customers, you can call them back or send acknowledgment through SMS to convert them into leads.

2. Helps You To Manage A Database Of Qualified Leads

The missed call marketing campaign is entirely different from other marketing strategies. You don’t have to call every number in your database to convince them of your product and services.

You can generate a list of potential prospects who have recently shown interest in your business through missed calls. This way, you can only connect with qualified leads and convert them into customers.

3. Automate Operations

Missed call marketing is considered one of the most effective strategies for generating qualified leads because it can entirely automate your operations. You don’t have to manage human resources to manage missed calls from prospects, and you can also respond to them by sending automated SMS. You will be required an agent at the last stage to interact with customers.

4. Optimize Customer Service

Missed call solutions allow you to address many customers’ needs efficiently. For example, they can know about their application status or account balance by just placing a miss call.

You can respond to them by sending appropriate SMS for their requirements and help them to know about their balance or application status without interacting with an agent. 

5. Effective

Today Smartphones and the internet has become an integral part of our lives. They have become a prime mode of communication, which is why missed call campaigning is usually quite successful in generating qualified leads. Most of the customers give priority to phone calls for their communication. Missed call service allows users to show their interest in products and services without spending a penny.

Missed Call Marketing: Working Functionality

The working functionality of missed call Marketing is quite simple and effective. It allows businesses to connect with potential leads and helps them to grow. 

For Running A Successful Missed Call Marketing Campaign, Businesses Go Through The Following Tactics: 

  • Businesses let people give a missed call on their specific virtual number for multiple purposes: For example, to vote for something, to check status, express interest, etc. 
  • Once the customer gives a missed call to that number, his number is automatically saved to the business database. 
  • To take the conversation forward, businesses instantly respond to them with an SMS alert or a callback. 

This simple yet effective technique of marketing not only helps businesses to increase their customer database but also improve their services and products to gain the trust of the customers. 

How Missed Call Marketing Helps Businesses?

There is no denying that missed call marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tactics. It helps businesses to interact with targeted audiences and knows their interest. It is an ingenious way for brands to know their customers’ current mindset and what is happening with their targeted audience. 

This Applies To Multiple Organizations From Various Industries. A Few Of Them Are Discussed Below:

1. Banking Sectors

Banking sectors widely use missed call marketing. Since they have to deal with money, financial institutions need to offer customers an effective bridge of communication to reach them Instantly. 

Some of the Most Common And Used Use Cases For Missed Calls In Banking Are: 

  • Checking account balance
  • Requesting statements of transactions
  • OTP generation for authentication
  • Seeking emergency assistance with credit and debit cards

Banking sectors also use missed call marketing as a communication tool that enables prospects to receive information about the latest updates, new products, increased credit limits, etc.

2. E-Commerce

E-commerce businesses are required to offer customer service at scale to assist customers with their queries. Handling many customers with their requirements can be quite challenging and expensive, and missed calls can efficiently address these issues. 

Some Of The Effective Missed Call Campaigns For E-commerce Customers Are:

  • Customers can pre-order the desired product by just giving a missed call to a virtual number. In that way, they can register their interest in upcoming product launches.
  • Customers can verify their order and know about delivery status using missed calls.
  • Customers can place callback requests.
  • Can give feedback on services
  • Subscription for SMS and email alerts using missed call

Aerostar is a popular mobile commerce platform designed to assist farmers with their raw material requirements. We all will agree that most of our country’s farmers don’t have smart mobile phones, and they use simple feature phones with no access to the internet. Aerostar understood this issue and helped farmers place their orders with missed call service.

Farmers can place their orders using Agrostar’s missed call service and get the raw material for farming at their doorstep. More than seven lakh farmers across Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan use this service to get farming products without hassle. 

3. Gaming Sectors

The gaming sector utilizes missed call marketing campaigns to engage customers in numerous ways, such as: 

  • User, can you request a link to download a particular app 
  • Extract information
  • Know about the latest updates
  • Authentication login
  • Requesting OTP
  • Subscribing to alerts and newsletters

4. Government

Missed call campaign is quite helpful for the government. They use this campaign to engage citizens and improve their participation in civic activities. Some of the common use cases of missed call campaigns by the government are: 

  • Floating information about the new schemes
  • Sign up for the government scheme
  • Registration of citizens for new programs

5. Entertainment Industry

Entertainment industries use missed call marketing campaigns for several purposes, such as polling, scheduling reminders, casting their vote for favorite contestants, application registration for reality shows, etc. 

6. Health Care

Healthcare industries are increasingly using missed call campaigns; some of the daily use cases are: 

  • Appointment booking
  • Requesting information
  • Giving feedback
  • Checking availability for vaccination slot 


As we can see, missed call marketing campaigns have become integral to marketing strategies across industries. The best thing that makes this marketing strategy unique from others is its simplicity and affordability. It is not restricted to the type and size of the company. Both small and large companies can use this marketing strategy for multiple purposes and strengthen their client.

Frequently Asked Questions

Missed call marketing is a quite effective marketing strategy that allows the business to know  about its target audience for a qualified lead generation.

Starting a miss-call campaign is quite a simple process. You need to sign up with a reliable cloud telephony service provider like Fonada, and you can create your campaign without hassle. This cloud-based platform help brands connect with end-users with missed call service cost-efficiently. 

Missed call marketing campaigns are beneficial for a business in multiple ways some of the core benefits of this marketing strategy are listed below: 

  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Allows you to set missed call alerts as reminders for all your customers
  •  Manage a database of qualified leads
  • Automate Operations
  • Optimize customer service
  • Convenient

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