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10 Best IVR Service Providers In India


January 19, 2023 Arun Upadhyay

10 Best IVR Service Providers in India

IVR, an “Interactive Voice Response system,” is a vital part of any business today. IVR Calling system provide 24/7 client service in uncertain times. It uses configurable call flow techniques to route a customer’s inquiries to the appropriate individual or department.

Which IVR Service Provider Is Best In India? : It is very challenging to choose the top IVR service provider in India. There are so many unreliable and irresponsible companies on the market that more than a Web search is required to find trustworthy IVR Providers in India.

Quick Response Call System

An IVR number can help business communications scale and track better. When you use IVR solutions for your company, you give the impression that you have a professional and experienced organization. Without worrying about the underlying technology, you have every right to choose a more effective and convenient means of communicating with your clients and potential customers. There are numerous IVR solution providers on the market, but you must choose the best one for your organization that offers the full range of features and advantages of IVR services.

Learn About The IVR Features

Top IVR companies in India serve their valued consumers with various innovative features. The best IVR service provider offers businesses automated telephony tools to streamline customer support operations. The following are some of the essential offerings from the best IVR service provider in India:

Expertise-Based Routing

Skill-based routing establishes buckets for customer segmentation to determine whether to route calls to an automated IVR call system or a live agent.

Affordable Services

Most IVR Providers in India are affordable and simple to get. They support a multitude of built-in functions.

Call Holding And Queuing

Phone lines are scheduled for certain ring groups using call queuing and waiting.

Favorable Agent Routing

IVR solution providers in India offer preferred agent routing, allowing customers to connect with the most qualified available agent at any specified moment.

IVR For Self-Service Systems

Self-service IVR enhances routing capabilities, expedites resolution, and reduces operating costs.

Call Metrics

The Call Parameters Report gives real-time insights and detailed information on the number of client calls, standard inquiries, call history, and other metrics.

Customized Prompts

Personalized prompts aim to personalize voice messages for a positive customer experience.

India’s Best 10 IVR Service Providers In 2024

Here is the list of the top 10 best IVR service providers in India to help you with your business calls.

1. Fonada

Fonada is an innovative cloud-based telephony IVR service provider in Noida, India. We are ranked first of IVR solution providers in India. Fonada provides CPaaS solutions for voice, textual, and artificial intelligence. It assists organizations in redirecting incoming calls, delivering instant messaging solutions, automating filtering, and communicating with specific users. The top IVR Company in India offers its services to well-known organizations like Google and TrueCaller.

Key Features:

  • Ensure prompt transactions and authenticate users
  • Additionally, customers can communicate their needs via missed calls.
  • Start with simple call flow builders and voice-bot autoresponders.
  • Receive detailed call analytics in real time via your dashboard.
  • Use call recording to make smart decisions.
  • You can plan automated phone calls for any time and day.


Fonada provides a 10-day free trial inclusive of 1,000 free calls and SMS credits. Fonada pricing is available upon request.

Best For:

Enterprises and Startups

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2. Servetel Communications

Servetel is the leading cloud telephony IVR Service Provider. It provides toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, voice streaming, IVR-based services, and more. The Second-best IVR service provider offers its services to major corporations such as Cipla, SAP, Glidec, OLA, and Cars24.

Key features:

  • Both basic and advanced interactive voice response systems are included in the dashboard.
  • A user-friendly interface that permits the selection of numbers and virtual numbers.
  • Personalized Interactive Voice Responses (IVR), Automated Outbound Calling, Custom On-Hold Music, and Multi-IVR are all available.
  • You can also subscribe to bulk SMS services.
  • Voice broadcasting lets you call your customers immediately and connect with them.


Servetel has three different plan tiers: basic, advanced, and premium.

Servetel offers a 15-day free trial, including SMS, call, and IVR services.

Best For:

Startups, SMEs, and enterprises

3. Exotel

Exotel is another Indian company that delivers interactive voice services to its customers. Our research shows that this Bangalore-based firm is the third-best IVR provider in India. The company offers its services to prominent clients such as Practo, Redbus, Quikr, and others.

Key features:

  • The dashboard features a capability for creating virtual numbers that permit the addition of virtual numbers.
  • Businesses of all types can benefit greatly from having a toll free number, and you can get one by using one of these providers.
  • You can also enable programmed automated calls for clients to address their issues.
  • A built-in function for analyzing the performance and analytics of your business.
  • Voice API for customizing IVR to increase customer satisfaction.


They provide services in the areas of voice, short message service (SMS), and authentication. Pricing information is available upon request.

Best For:

SMEs and Enterprises

4. MyOperator

MyOperator is an industry-leading platform that collaborates with some of the country’s most prominent companies. Make My Trip, Lenskart, and FoodPanda are just a few examples, among many others. In addition to providing interactive voice services, they also provide a voice system for businesses.

Key Features:

  • Clients and customers can call virtual numbers.
  • A multi-tiered IVR system that can field numerous calls at once.
  • Voicemail, analytic reports, call history, a performance report, call details, and a live dashboard.
  • Call recording for quality control purposes.
  • Intercom feature for transferring calls between agents to improve internal communication.


They provide a free plan, which only benefits some of the consumers. The first subscription package costs Rs. 1500 per month and includes 1,000 free minutes for four users.

The second and third packages offer Rs.3000 and Rs.5000 per month, respectively, and are ideal for expanding businesses.

The enterprise-level bundle includes several added benefits, but you must contact the team to place a custom order and receive special pricing.

Best For:

SMEs and Startups

5. CallHippo

CallHippo has a humorous name, but the multitude of functions and integrations are no joke. The clientele of the reputable business includes Instagram, Deloitte, Box, Adobe, PayTM, and others.

Key features:

  • You can assign a unique number to each department within the organization.
  • Activate voice mail after business hours.
  • For quality training, incoming calls should be recorded.
  • To have customized music while on hold.
  • Option to obtain local phone numbers, including over 50 nations.


Bronze: For Rs 588 per user, you’ll receive a free number, forward to devices, SMS, voice, Teams, and call recording choices. This strategy is appropriate for startups.

Silver: For Rs. 1,103 per user, unlimited incoming calls, call waiting, user-defined working hours, after-call work, internal staff calling, call remainders, call cascade, and holiday routing are included.

Platinum: For Rs 2,573 per user, you can access call transfers, 3-way conferencing, IP allowlisting, APP block, route to an external number, personalized caller ID, call barging, and the ability to relay calls to numerous devices.

Best For:

Startups and businesses with international branches

6. Bay Talkitec

Bay Talkitec is an uncomplicated business that provides CIM, Mobile Vas, Smart VIG video gateway, Motion, and Voice announcer. The airport authority of India, the Income Tax Department, BSNL, MTNL, and LIC are all government clients of the top IVR Companies in India. Reliance Infocomm, Infosys, and Tata are private companies and also clients.

Key Features:

  • Feature for agent supervision, training, and conferencing.
  • Voice recording and voice mail.
  • Support for Web calls, faxes, and SMS.
  • Skill-based, automatically distributed incoming call centers.
  • Voice recognition technology and text-to-speech conversion.


On its website, the company does not provide any pricing information. On the other hand, you may get contact information for their executives on their website.

Best For:

SMEs and Enterprises

7. IVR Guru

IVR Guru provides an adaptable cloud-based telephonic solution for customer engagement and marketing initiatives. IVR Guru provides virtual number options that obviate the necessity for a costly telephone system.

Key features:

  • System for automatic call distribution.
  • Support for CRM connectivity with third parties.
  • Option for call recording for quality control.
  • IVR with multiple levels to handle concurrent calls.
  • Automatic dialer for outgoing and incoming calls.


IVR Guru provides three pricing options: Startup, Enterprises, and Premium. You can get customized plans by contacting the IVR guru for a premium plan.

Best For:


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8. Genesys

Genesys is an industry leader in providing world-class customer experience management solutions to businesses in 120+ countries through its comprehensive global platform. With Genesys, support and uptime are assured.

Key Features

  • IVR with speech capabilities for improved customer experience.
  • A call flow builder that facilitates the creation of a call routing solution by drag-and-drop.
  • Completely automated, human-free customer service using speech-recognition-enabled IVR hosted on the cloud.
  • Open APIs for personalised call flows and data.


There are three plan options: Genesys Cloud 1, Cloud 2, and Cloud 3.

Best For:

Businesses and startups that are growing

9. Ozonetel

Ozonetel provides IVR with many levels, allowing you to manage calls in an organized manner. You can choose between using spoken language or DTMF tones when selecting alternatives. The cloud based IVR solution provider makes it simple for you to communicate with customers and keep track of conversations.

Key Features

  • Make customized greetings, after-hours messages, and seasonal greetings.
  • Customers can connect with the appropriate department by selecting from a hierarchical menu.
  • Cloud IVR routes call to them even when remote agents are not enrolled through browsers or mobile devices.
  • Agents have real-time access to client profile data for improved inquiry resolution.
  • Ability-based agent assignment based on the inquiry.


On its website, Ozonetel does not list any pricing information. You can reach them through their website for unique integration planning.

Best For:


10. Knowlarity

Knowlarity is well-known for its personalized interactive voice response (IVR) systems, distinguished by its ability to greet callers by name and make a favorable impression on clients and customers.

Artificial intelligence in the company’s IVR systems predicts the user’s interaction history and guides them to the right menu, improving customer experience.

Key Features

  • Customer service that is prompt and uninterrupted, with no difficult menu navigation.
  • Automatic call routing outside of business hours to specified agents for 24/7 assistance.
  • Support for designing complex IVR call processes with menu and submenu configuration options.
  • Keep a caller database with call durations, caller details, location, and conversations for quick issue resolution.
  • Choice of international, local, virtual, and toll free IVR numbers for international clients.


Three plans are available: the Advance plan, the Premium plan, and the Premium Plus plan, all of which provide similar features such as basic, advanced, and API access. Each package includes a 7-day free trial before purchase.

Best For:

Startups, SMBs, and Enterprises

How To Select The Most Reliable IVR Service Provider

Now that you’ve decided to use an office IVR solution, you must identify which service provider is best in India. There are available a number of the best IVR providers in India.

If you prefer an IVR installed on-premises, you can choose local IVR services. However, you can obtain solutions from any organization worldwide if you want a Cloud-based IVR. You do not require a local IVR service provider. Smart functionality is the ideal way to manage clients when selecting best IVR service provider in India with all types of company communication activities.

An IVR system’s comprehensive assistance for various commercial and industrial endeavors.

Listed below are some of the considerations you should make while selecting an IVR Solution provider:

1– Multi Level IVR Solution

2– Cloud Solution

3– Easily Configurable

4– Speech-to-Text Conversion

5– Adaptive Call Routing

6– Automatic Call Record

7– Click to Call Controls

8– Extensive Reporting

9– Test Before You Buy

10– Dedicated Assistance

Get IVR Solutions To Improve Customer Service And Sales

Customer experience is the total quality of your customer’s interactions with your organization.

To keep your business afloat, it is essential to maintain a great customer experience. Happy customers tend to stick with a business. Customers who have a favorable experience with your firm can become brand advocates, leading to additional customers.

Make it simple for your customers to locate IVR solution providers in India who can answer their phone-based questions. Install a business IVR system today.

Fonada, the best IVR service provider in Noida, is a perfect alternative if you are searching for an economical and efficient IVR solution for your startup. Speak to our experts now.


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