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How to Increase Sales in Business to Create Your Success Story

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Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions,...Read more


Fonada, a trusted CPaaS & cloud telephony solution provider in India, is popularly known for revolutionizing communication with Cutting-Edge Technology. Our advanced customer engagement solutions,...Read more

How does a business become successful? Is it the policy, strategy, customer relationship, or product/service? Whatever the answer, we can say that running businesses have become manifold challenging post-pandemic. Many companies struggle to meet revenues, close deals and achieve their desired targets. But the question remains unchanged – How to increase sales in business?

Increasing business sales cannot be achieved in a day, and much planning and hard work are involved in getting the results. If you want your business sales to accelerate, you need to know how effectively you have to promote your product/service in the market. Go through the content to better understand how you can increase business sales and reach more customers.


Everyone has something to sell, be that a product, a service, or even information. With so much competition in sales marketing, everyone is offering lucrative benefits to their customers. Does that help them increase the sales of their products? 

Yes, to some extent, but do you think this is sufficient to succeed in business? 

The only way to flourish in business is by increasing sales. An increase in sales won’t just happen. Many thoughtful sales strategies are to be adopted for the best results. Let’s find out some strategies you should implement to create your success story. 


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How to Find New Customers 

  • Outlining the Market for Your Product

Winning new customers is challenging, but if you use the information about your existing customers, you may win many new customers and increase sales. Once you identify your target audience, it becomes easy to itch in promising sales. Make sure you know your key messages, qualities, and their benefits to the potential market. Make your customers aware of your policies and guidelines. Tell them the reason and benefits if they opt for your brand/product. In short, the value proportion has to be stated clearly.

Find the marketing and advertising plan that best suits your potential customers after figuring out where to reach them.

  • Identifying Your Existing Customers 

Ever wondered who your customer is? What value proposition should you offer to your customers? What are your competitors providing your current customers in the market? To get the answer to all these queries related to increasing sales in the marketing business, you need to do some market research.

 Market research is not confined to increased sales but also to solving your customers’ problems and ensuring their trust in your product. Attracting more customers is about listening to their needs and providing satisfactory solutions.

It can be done quickly and economically by sending surveys and questions to your existing customers utilizing one of the many online survey tools. Your market research can also involve more extensive interviews with targeted customers and qualitative studies on what target customers’ impressions about your business, products, and services.

  • Design New Strategies

Your products and services may not appeal to everyone, so understanding your target market’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) are critical. While developing a marketing strategy for new customers, you need to understand the following features.

  • Demographics 
  • Psychographics 
  • Ethnographic

How to Boost Business Sales

Boost Business Sales

One of the best and proven ways to expand your business is by selling more and more of your products/services. There are many patterns to increase sales, depending on your business goals, industry, and market. Here are a few ideas for driving sales to help your business cultivate without breaking the bank.

  • First and foremost priority – Existing Customers

As per the statistics, 65% of the sales come from existing customers. They have shown trust in your product/ service and have boosted your business, so they should be on top of your list. Approach them with upgraded and personalized services. Extend your relations with them by providing them benefits and perks for being your business associates.

  • Give benefits – Attract New Customers

Look for creative ways to combine some services and make an attractive package. You can provide new customers with a great deal by presenting them with some assistance at the cost of one. With packages and bundles, customers will appreciate the entire package’s convenience and feel like they are receiving more for their money. But the concern for a new customer is that everyone offers some or the other deal – so why choose yours?

Differentiating yourself from your competitor and offering your customer valued products is the key to success. Do thorough market research and offer something which cannot be denied!

Just be sure to price your bundles consequently, and don’t discount your products heavily that you decrease their perceived value. 


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  • Find an Edge – Social Media

Social media is emerging as one of the most efficient marketing platforms. These sites know a lot about their users. They provide new avenues for attaining and nurturing your audience, thus ensuring more sales. Helping customers solve their problems, promoting deals and attractive packages, and providing giveaways will boost sales.  

To get the maximum output, you must be sure that your social media profiles are optimized. Your profile should convey who you in real are and what you are selling.

How to Generate Sales Lead 

As we know, many ancient and modern techniques exist to find new customers and increase sales. Here we present to you some most efficient methods to generate sales leads-

  • Networking- Networking has also taken a 21st Century twist on the Internet, with the rise in popularity of such websites as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Plaxo. Many businesses find that this type of networking, making contacts through friends or former colleagues, can lead to new customers. 
  • References and Referrals- Word of mouth is the best way to ensure your trust in your customers. Your business contacts who are happy with you will provide you with leads for further growth and expansion. Your existing customers can help you sell to others by offering positive testimonials and supporting a refer-a-friend campaign created by your business.
  • Advertising – Businesses have to focus on making their products’ advertising effective. You have to be extra cautious about your target audience so that the medium of advertising can be chosen as advertising would be different for different generations. E.g., If you are addressing an older audience, then T.V. or a newspaper would be effective. However, if the target audience is the young generation, social media platforms would prove a boon to your company.

Some More Ways to Enhance Sales

Enhance Sales

  • Cultivate Leads with Email Marketing

One of the unique ways to improve sales is through email marketing. Stay in touch with your prospects through automated emails. It gives them a more personalized experience. They feel that they are been heard and develop good relations with you. This path eventually leads them to choose your products/services.

 It is a great place to endorse your deals and packages as well.

  • Tie-up with Other Businesses

Collaborate with other providers to increase your business sales. You can refer businesses to one another by offering attractive packages to your valued customers.

For example, hotels can partner with cab providers and benefit their customers by offering them attractive deals and offers.

  • Offer Free Trials or Demonstrations

Everyone is skeptical about investing their money in something they are unaware of. The doubt of whether the product/service will work for me always keeps chasing them. The easiest way to verify the value of your service is to let customers see and feel it vehemently. 

A free trial or walkthrough demo shows customers precisely how much money or time they could save from your offering. You will also want to provide excellent training and customer service in the trial period to confirm that they use your product and get the best out of it.

You can also win customers on call by adopting unique customer engagement strategies that do wonders with personalized messaging solutions


These tactics and methods will surely benefit your business with increased sales. Be consistent, focused, registered, and keep innovating and improvising to reap benefits. At last relationship with your customer will add value and goodwill to your company, assuring sustainable growth for your business.

Suppose you are a business owner, irrespective of business type. You need customer engagement marketing solutions to generate sales leads, find new customers, and grow your business with unique solutions. You better take help from leading cloud communication services providers in India. For more information on cloud-based communication solutions, email Fonada executives at or call 1800 137 3839.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Increase Online Sales?

Social media plays a vital role in enhancing online sales. It helps you to identify your lookalike customers by checking on your existing clients. You can also utilize social media platforms to promote special offers and attract new customers.

What Are Four Smart Ways To Increase Sales?

    1. Upgrade your sales channel
    2. Offer lucrative discounts or freebies
    3. Provide testimonials of your existing clients
  • Build healthy customer relationship 

How Do You Increase Your Reach To Customers?

    1. Offer newsletter
    2. Provide excellent customer support
    3. Refresh your old contacts
  • Business promotions on social media platforms

What Are The Excellent Ways To Maximize Sales?

  1. Understand your customer’s needs
  2. Identifying your target audience
  3. Analyzing your marketing strategies
  4. Ensuring repeat customers

What Is The Best Method To Boost Sales Online?

The best way to boost online sales is by developing social media profiles. It helps you increase your sales by providing an extensive database of customers. Social media is expanding and multiplying with each passing day, so now is a great time to emphasize selling through social media when so many consumers spend a ton of time on these channels.

How Can I Increase Sales In India?

Ensuring customer satisfaction should remain at the top of your list to build a long-term solid business. Don’t compromise with the quality; try to make more profits. Always keep improving and consistently provide the best service to your customers. Respect your customer’s feedback and fulfill all your commitments. 

How Can Customer Service Increase Sales?

Excellent customer service promotes more sales opportunities. Brands always want to impress their customers by building a good reputation and ensuring lifelong partnerships.


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