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Why You Should Invest In Landline Number For Business ?


October 10, 2022 Arun Upadhyay

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Businesses make critical decisions when it comes to selling products and services, presenting brands and values, and serving customers. A landline phone number matters the most for businesses that opt for different communication platforms. Among various business telephone numbers available in the market, the landline number is the regular type and most basic type of telephone number.

Landline numbers are good for business organizations that are locally focused. Business enterprises need to understand that landline numbers for business can help them make tons of cash. 

They can use a landline telephone as a toll-free number to serve their customers and earn vast amounts of bucks. Whether business or residential numbers, a landline phone number always catches all eyes owing to many benefits.

Business enterprises can make the most of landline phone number investment to improve communication quality and effort. Get updated information on benefits, selection criteria, and statistics concerning landline numbers for businesses in India.


Running a successful business is a daunting challenge because communication is critical. As a company owner, it is your duty and must-do job to maintain a flawless line of communication with everyone, including your employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, and other people directly or indirectly associated with your business.

Landline and mobile phones are two modern phones used by the whole world, and the prime purpose of both phone types is to facilitate calls. So, what is a landline phone number?

Landline and mobile phones are two modern phones used by the whole world. The prime purpose of both phone types is to facilitate calls. A landline phone number enables calls through physical wire connections. Before the advent of cell phones, people used this technology to make and receive calls.

Prevalent in all homes and offices a decade ago, the landline phone was the best option to initiate communication. Depending on their business type and needs, business enterprises can choose from a personal phone number, local phone number, toll-free (free call), and landline numbers to appeal to customers in different areas.

A landline number is the most basic and regular type of telephone number that organizations can use to run their communication processes as per the availability of a basic plan.

The fixed phone line number empowers leads and clients to communicate with potential customers without paying high call charges. Note that such a number remains fixed and immobile. 

A business landline phone number can give you a competitive edge as a professional organization. A business number works as a bridge between your potential customers and brand. Business enterprises irrespective of their types and sizes can do wonders by investing in landline phone numbers that take business communication to a new level. 

Why Do You Need A Business Landline Number?

People generally ask why your company needs a business landline telephone number when smartphones dominate the communication era. In a commercial world of online communication, fixed telephone or landline numbers still play a significant role in accomplishing day-to-day business activities.

When you need to connect with your targeted audience, existing clients, and new customers, you can’t go ahead without a typical business landline telephone.

You may have seen fixed telephone numbers from business enterprises displayed on your website and marketing material. When you have a telephone number displayed everywhere, you inadvertently send a clear and loud message to your audience. A landline number demonstrates professionalism and shows that a business is being operated from an authentic source.

On the other hand, consumers may take a business unestablished if it is operated from a mobile number. It is not wrong or illegitimate to run an individual company and represent it through a mobile phone number. But the image is everything and should reflect the professionalism that comes with a landline phone number. 

More prominent, well-established brands win the trust of their customers because they emulate the feel and look of a significant and well-established company. It is also vital for having desired success in the long run and generating new business.

It is a fact that large companies are easy to reach with the help of business-specific landline phone numbers in India and the rest of the world. In addition, two factors ensure you need a business landline number: privacy and location. 


Having a business landline telephone is vital for maintaining the company’s reputation and privacy. Basically, small businesses do most of their work themselves due to limited choices and resources. That is why they can share their personal mobile number with customers for setting communication.

It can work in specific scenarios, but it will be hard to handle too many calls through mobile, and it is more likely to be a barrier that divides your business and personal life.

Sharing unique mobile phone numbers as a business phone can affect your private life. So, keep your personal mobile number away from your business dealings, which will be a professional approach for your business. So, go with a landline number to get better business outcomes. 


Every company runs its business from a specific location. Be it India, the United States, or any other part of the world, every company or organization needs a business landline telephone number. It is a fact that your telephone landline number should be directly linked to a geographical location that exhibits your company and trading activity.

If you use a Noida landline number, but your website claims you are based in Gurugram, it may raise a red flag. It will create a poor impression and cast your company in a bad light.

So, invest in a business-only landline number and keep your smartphone number reserved for your individual life. Also, ensure that your landline number is geographically linked to the actual location of your company.

Landline Phone Number Statistics

According to global research giant Statista, there were about 884 million fixed telephone line subscriptions globally in 2021. There is a slight reduction in fixed telephone line subscriptions compared to 2020. 

Revenue in the Landline Phones segment extends to US$0.37bn in 2022. The market is more likey to grow annually by 2.92% (CAGR 2022-2027). The Landline Phones segment is anticipated to show volume progress of 4.7% in 2023. Compared to global data on landline phone numbers, about 23.8 million fixed-telephone subscriptions were listed across India in 2021.

The above statistics highlight why landline phone number investment can help businesses improve their communication and serve the growing industry effectively. 

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Benefits Of Having A Landline Phone Number

In a world where smartphones are part and parcel of our daily life, the utility of a landline phone number can’t be curtailed. In simple words, a landline number is a regular phone number that enables voice calls relying on physical wires.

A decade ago, metal and cable wires were the only way to make and receive calls through a phone in homes and offices. Modern entrepreneurs need to make their businesses accessible and open even in 2022. One of the most important ways to achieve openness and accessibility is to ensure that everyone can reach your business by telephone. 

Things can be problematic for the people who run their small businesses if they fail to meet the expectations of their targeted audience. When you deal with loads of routine calls, it can drain your time and energy.

Responding to repetitive queries can drive any business owner crazy and overwhelmed. Here, a landline phone emerges as a unique option to other modern communication channels to get all questions to a particular platform. 

Investment in landline phone communication is needed because a landline phone number can improve internal and external business communication.

Many modern homes and offices still use phones or landlines to stay connected to their target audience. Get into some details about the benefits of keeping a landline.

  • Multi-Device Access
  • Better Call Management
  • Stronger Call Quality 
  • Emergency Outages
  • Reduced Call Costs
  • Increased Retention

Remember that a landline phone number looks professional when displayed on a website or marketing material. Customer care or sales executives handle a list of incoming and outgoing calls via landline numbers. 

Choosing The Suitable Landline Number 

People generally overlook choosing a phone number while starting your business. Your target audience perceives your phone number seriously, so you must choose a landline phone number that appeals to your audience. Don’t forget that a memorable phone number can provide a service to audiences for boosting your sales and brand awareness.

Choosing A Local/National/Freephone Number

Choosing and using a local number can be an excellent way for your business because customers feel more comfortable dialing your phone number.

If you are interested in opening your business up to a bigger audience or clients, a virtual national number can effectively make a big difference to your business. Like a national or local landline phone number, a freephone number can significantly assist your business when your new clients want to communicate with you.

Picking Up A Memorable Phone Number For Business

When it comes to augmenting brand awareness and your public profile, owning a memorable number can do wonders for your business. Catchy tunes, lines, and numbers appeal to the masses that can’t get out of their head. Look at some types of memorable numbers that can help your business:

  • Mirrored numbers – 0330 247 247
  • Palindrome numbers – 01202 123321
  • Repeated numbers – 01202 555555
  • Repeated numbers – 0800 22 22 22
  • Repeated prefix numbers – 01458 458458
  • Sequential numbers – 01892 345678

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Telephone Numbers In India

Department of Telecommunications, the Government of India, administers telephone numbers in India under the National Numbering Plan. India got the country code “91” from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in the 1960s. A landline number serves you with an inbound and outbound call facility with the possibility of STD.

This sort of number doesn’t offer incoming and outgoing SMS facilities. Here, call rates for consumer calling in depend upon a unique pan. This number can be reached by landline phone or mobile across India and the world. Moreover, Indian telephone numbers are location specific.

When we talk about fixed landline number, every Indian city, town, and village get subscriber trunk dialing (STD) codes of 2-8 digits long. On the other hand, the largest metropolitan areas and cities get only two-digit codes, including 

  • 11 – New Delhi, Delhi
  • 22 – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 33 – Kolkata, West Bengal
  • 44 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • 20 – Pune, Maharashtra
  • 40 – Hyderabad, Telangana
  • 79 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • 80 – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Some metropolitan areas, second-tier cities, and large towns in India also have three-digit area codes. For example

  • 120 – Ghaziabad and Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • 124 – Gurugram, Haryana
  • 129 – Faridabad, Haryana
  • 141 – Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • 265 – Vadodara, Gujarat
  • 484 – Kochi, Kerala
  • 512 – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • 522 – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  • 551 – Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • 612 – Patna, Bihar
  • 891 – Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh


In a landscape where mobile phones and the internet dominate visual and voice communication, a landline phone number can also make things happen in favor of business enterprises. Privacy and location are the two big reasons businesses need a landline number.

From quality to hassle-free communication, there are many benefits of having a landline phone number. When you opt for telephone numbers in India, you need to pick a landline number based on the location that suits your business directly. Hence, invest in landline numbers for business and get a competitive edge. 

Many communication service-providing companies in India offer a landline phone number or toll-free number services and solutions. For more information on fixed landline number services and solutions for your business, call 1800 137 3839 or email

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