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What Is Phone Number Masking and How Is It Useful for Organizations?

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Advanced communication facilities have changed the way we communicate. Today calling devices have become an essential part of our lives. They are not just communication modes, as they simultaneously serve multiple purposes. However, this advanced technology has some drawbacks as it is not entirely safe regarding user privacy. There is no denying that our phone numbers are linked with sensitive data and information, and if we are not careful enough, it can cause massive trouble. 

This is where the need for phone number masking comes into the picture. Phone Number masking is an advanced data protection solution that ensures the data integrity of both parties involved in the telephone conversation. It’s a technique of masking a telephone number that helps callers to hide their numbers.

What is Phone Number Masking?

Number masking is safeguarding the phone number of a support agent and the caller. It is the most efficient way of securing precious customer data and privacy through masked phone numbers. It plays a vital role in cloud telephony systems. It is an arrangement of software that connects two parties through a communication bridge that hides the personal phone number of both entities involved in the conversation. 

It is the most effective way of maintaining the integrity of a customer’s identity so that it could remain unharmed and legal. Number masking not only safeguards the privacy of both parties but also helps them connect through a third-party proxy phone number that connects the call and serves the desired purpose. 

How Is Number Masking Useful for Organizations?

Masked numbers are pretty helpful for hiding the identity of the caller and agent. They act as a communication bridge between businesses and the customer without relieving their identity, which prevents spamming and help them to have secure transactions.

Call masking has become integral to advanced telephony solutions and helps businesses communicate seamlessly with their customers. Some organizations provide online cab facilities, food, and grocery delivery services, medicine on the doorstep assistance, etc. They have a team of drivers and delivery persons to deliver these services. By using masked phone numbers, they connect their team with the customers without harming one’s privacy and maintain the integrity of their identity. 

How Does Phone Number Masking Work?

Call masking solution is beneficial for maintaining customers’ privacy and keeping their numbers anonymous during telephonic conversations. You can understand the working functionality of a number masking service with the help of an example, suppose you run a business and a customer availed of your services. Now he wants to call your agent regarding a service update through your business application. In that scenario, a masked number will help your customer and agent to hide their identity during their telephonic conversation.

When a customer clicks on the “call us” button, the call is routed through the call masking route, and when the number is forwarded to the recipient, he finds a different number, a masked number. In that way, both parties avoid sharing their personal information and have a seamless communication experience. 

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How Is Phone Number Masking Beneficial for Organizations?

Today’s advanced telephonic services have completely changed our way of interaction. With new technologies, communication has led to several changes in human interaction. We can perform several activities using telephonic services such as cashless transactions, cab bookings, grocery updates, rentals, etc. Businesses that offer these customer-centric services are probed to ask for customer information, especially their phone numbers, which have become essential requirements for customer interaction with a company. 

Customers share their numbers with the belief that their numbers will be kept secret and there will be no misuse of their numbers in any form. The concern is genuine because many threats are associated with relieving phone numbers, such as unwanted spam calls, data theft, and transactional issues. 

Below given a list of benefits that will help you to understand the Prime use of  number masking service: 

Protect Your Identity 

Number masking allows you to use a virtual number as a customer-facing number. With the help of this service, businesses can easily map agents’ mobile numbers and offer a secure environment for communication with their customers. Number masking is the most efficient way of safeguarding privacy and allowing your customers and agents to have an undisturbed telephonic experience.

Enhance Customer Experience 

Suppose your customers are confident that their numbers are secure and no one will breach into their personal space after the conversation. In that case, they will be comfortable connecting with your business. In that way, you not only gain the trust of your customers but also enhance their experience.

Oversee Communication

Using a call masking service, you can initiate a call with just a click. It saves time and effort and enhances the customer interaction experience, which is quite beneficial for the growth of any business. 

Optimize Interaction

Number masking allows you to maintain professionalism in your business. This advanced cloud telephoning service is highly beneficial in letting your customers know they can connect with your business without worrying about their personal information’s safety and security. It also helps your customers to know that your business is not only completing their requirements but also values their privacy.

Easy Records and Maintenance

Call masking services allow you to have complete records and proper tracking of every single conversation. With personal phone numbers, businesses cannot track and analyze all conversations. Still, number masking solutions allow companies to monitor their agent’s performance and measure the quality of interaction with customers. This helps businesses to have crucial customer insights. Also, they can quickly figure out the area for improvement and deliver better services to their customers.


Number masking is not just a process of safeguarding the personal identity of customers and callers but also indicates how businesses can improve their services and have powerful customer retention solutions. 

Masked numbers maintain professionalism in your business and facilitate high-quality short-term conversations between two or more parties.  If you want to leverage number masking for any use case, then availing the same service from Fonada would be wise for your business. You can easily maintain a bond of trust between your customers and business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Masked numbers hide the actual phone number with the virtual one so that the caller can conceal his identity for safety concerns. The user connects with the other party via a third (‘proxy’) phone number that transmits a call to the desired destination. 

Call masking is necessary for safeguarding the customers’ and agents’ privacy. Advanced telephony solutions offer several benefits, but some major security concerns are associated with this technology. Advanced telephony solutions offer many benefits; however, some major security concerns are associated with this technology. 

Phone numbers are linked with sensitive data and information. A bit of carelessness can cause more significant harm to the user. Therefore, to prevent such security threats, companies use call masking solutions and offer a seamless communication facility to their users