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Why Do You Need TRAI DLT Registration for SMS Service in India

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With the onset of the digitalized market in India, things have become easily accessible, and Telephonic communication with people far and wide has become easy and convenient. Apart from the benefits, many challenges are faced by the end users in their day-to-day life. It has further led to a rise in fraudulent and spam messages. To stop such practices, TRAI has mandated DLT registration in India.

The government has initiated DLT in the public interest to ensure control over SMS spam. TRAI DLT regulations bring transparency to the system, get a hold off the futile SMS spam, and protect consumers from fraudulent practices.

DLT records all the transactions between the enterprise and the end users and records and stores details at multiple locations. In the telecom sector record of all the transactions is maintained by a ledger which is made by various networking platforms. DLT provides an unmatchable DLT platform for business networking through SMS.

Introduction (What is DLT) 

The full form of DLT has distributed ledger technology. DLT is a blockchain-based registration system. DLT technology is designed to keep records of all the network participants’ transactions.

In simpler words, DLT platforms are operator-run portals where entities must register by giving their business details. 

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India made it obligatory for all businesses that want to send SMS to a large number of people. They must register their business entity, headers (sender IDs), and templates on any DLT platform. If your business is not registered on these platforms, operators will block your SMS, and you’ll not be able to send any messages to your customers.

DLT registration has been implemented to restrict Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and improve mobile subscriber privacy within the country.


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Why is DLT Registration Important? 

What is DLT Registration? 

DLT registration is an integral part of the SMS marketing strategy. All telemarketers and enterprises who send customer messages must register on TRAI DLT. DLT registration is essential to restrict unsolicited commercial communication and prevent fraudulent customers. 

Studies suggest that people get four or more unwanted messages daily on their mobile phones. Furthermore, the messages don’t stop even after opting for DND. TRAI has stated that it receives more than 40 thousand complaints per month.

Strict regulations have been imposed to eradicate this social evil by introducing DLT registrations by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Under DLT registrations, companies running unregistered/unapproved SMS business templates will be blocked instantly. To continue sending promotional or transactional messages to customers, the company must register on the DLT platform. 

It makes the system secure and trustworthy as DLT makes an exact copy of data for enhanced security, and all the documents show modifications instantly. A ledger with encrypted files is maintained using key combinations and signatures to keep the data secure. To be more precise, DLT is a systematic digital system that stores, manages, and secures records of all sender IDs and templates.

We urge all businesses to register their company under TRAI DLT registration guidelines to run uninterrupted Bulk SMS marketing services with reference to DLT registration charges.

Steps To Register On The DLT Platform

register the dlt plateform

Registering on the DLT platform is user-friendly and convenient; you just have to fill in some vital information and upload the required documents. There are five major operator portals Videocon, Vodafone, Jio, BSNL, and Airtel.

 The Basic Steps to Register on The DLT Portals Are as Follows

  • Entity Registration – A unique entity ID will be allotted to your organization once you submit the documents required for KYC (GST, PAN, TAN, and CIN) 
  • Sender ID (Header) Registration – Once you will be allotted an entity ID, you need to register all the headers on the platform. On that basis, the messages are classified into Transactional, Promotional, Service Implicit, and Service Explicit.
  • Content Template Registration – Upon activation of the Sender ID, you must register for the Content template (message text) on the DLT platform. Every template gets a unique Template ID and is shared across other DLT SMS platforms.
  • DLT Platform Templates Registered –Once the DLT platform registers and approves your unique content template; you can send it to your customers and clients.

There are different procedures to be followed for telemarketing and Enterprise DLT registrations. The process is simple, but it can take up to 72 hours to activate after uploading your documents.

How the DLT Registration Helps Enterprises and Customers?

TRAI issues specific guidelines for enterprises that need to run SMS marketing campaigns. Due to the increasing Spam SMS, DLT is introduced to keep track of all business activities, and this has been implemented to pioneer transparency in the functioning of the enterprise.

The guidelines aim to induce system transparency, withstand junk messages and counterfeit their customers from fraud. All enterprises need to send promotional BULK messages to their customers.

The DLT platforms are run by telecom providers such as Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea. All telemarketers and enterprises have to mandatorily register under any one of the operators and have to follow a set of rules.

It provides its Enterprises and customers with a unique registration number to make the process easy and transparent.


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DLT Benefits For Customers And Enterprises 

benifits of dlt registration for customers and enterprise

Customer Benefits:

DLT has proven to benefit its customers in manifold ways

  • It ensures the elimination of fraudulent and spam messages.
  • Security is ensured using blockchain technology.
  • It is more transparent due to its registration policy. It has separate registration for telemarketers and enterprises.
  • Customer consent is the prerequisite before sending the SMS.

Enterprise Benefits:

  • DLT has also ensured some great perks for its enterprises
  • Enhanced marketing practices are ensured due to substantial data security
  • Improved and reliable customer reach out
  • Communication with only profitable and interested customers
  • All templates and headers are registered with the platform


The existing Bulk SMS system was unaccountable, with many adverse effects. It raised a need for a well-organized, systematic, and transparent framework. To ensure citizens’ safety and interests, TRAI came up with DLT SMS. DLT has successfully managed to maintain the records of Headers, Templates, Customer Preferences, and complete details of all entities in the framework.

DLT is an extremely secure platform, as records are added with a cryptographic signature that is unique to each entity. To run a smooth SMS marketing business, we strongly recommend registering your company on the DLT platform to grow your business and reap profits.

Hence, DLT registration is mandatory as per TRAI regulations, and every entity will have to register on the DLT platform to send Bulk SMS.

If you need cloud-based communication solutions, take advice and help from one of the top cloud communication services providers in India. For more information and help on distributed ledger technology and communication solutions for your concerned business, call 1800 137 3839 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DLT Registration Free?

DLT does not come to you free of cost in India, and one has to pay a nominal fee of 5900/- to the first relevant operator on which the registration is being made. There is no liable fee if you also wish to register with other operators. 

Is DLT Registration Compulsory?

YES, DLT registration is compulsory in India to deliver bulk messages nationwide successfully. To avoid delivery failure, you should get your company registered with DLT.

What Is Required For DLT Registration?

A set of authentic self-attested documents is required to register for DLT, and some are listed for your reference.

  • Proof of Business Identity
  • Pan Card/ GST Registration/ Business Registration 
  • Certificate of Business Establishment
  • Business Address

Why is DLT Mandatory?

DLT has been made mandatory to curb the advancing problem of unwanted calls and messages. Any business entity wanting to connect to its customers has to opt for DLT registration to send bulk messages.

Can We Send SMS Without DLT Registration?

No, you cannot send messages without DLT registration. After the new norms by TRAI, companies must have DLT registration in order to send messages.

Can An Individual Apply For DLT Registration?

No, an individual cannot apply for DLT registration. You need to register as an Entity, Reseller, or Telemarketer.