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Top 10 Best Bulk Voice Call Service Providers in India for 2024

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A Bulk Voice Call service is a useful tool for quickly reaching a large audience. It sends automated voice messages to mobile phones and landline telephones. This feature makes it easy for businesses to communicate with their target audience and contribute to creating personalized customer experience.

For businesses looking to grow quickly, using bulk voice calls is seen as a crucial and highly effective way to target your audience. This method consistently delivers excellent results.

If you’re a business owner considering using bulk voice calls, this blog can provide valuable insights. We recommend reading it carefully to better understand how this approach can benefit your business.

So let’s get started…

What is Bulk Voice Call?

Bulk voice call service means sending a pre-recorded phone message to a large audience simultaneously. It promotes effortless customer outreach. Businesses use this service for various purposes like announcements, promotions, reminders, or sharing important information with a targeted audience.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Businesses need to subscribe to the Bulk Call service first to use bulk voice call software or CRM.
  • Then, they must record and upload messages to the service providers’ dashboard.
  • They Also need to specify the target audience.
  • Once done with everything, it is time to schedule messages using the service provider’s dashboard.

Businesses, political campaigns, schools, and community groups find bulk voice calls as an efficient tool for reaching a broad audience. It’s a time-saving method compared to calling each person individually. Additionally, it’s a powerful tool for sharing messages with a diverse group in a personalized and timely manner.

Features of Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk voice calls are a modern and rich communication method that helps enterprises effortlessly convey their messages and engage with their target audience. This simplifies and enhances the way businesses connect and reach out to people.

Here are some unique features that contribute to the uniqueness of Bulk voice call

1. Mass Outreach

Businesses that want to share their message regarding their products and services with thousands or even millions of people at the same time can consider bulk voice calls. It is designed to make it possible to communicate with a broad audience instantly to facilitate mass notifications. Also, it eliminates the need for manual, time-consuming outreach.

2. Time-Efficient

Sending messages to connect with the target audience could be quite challenging if you are considering doing this manually. Think about the time saved when you can record your message once and have it broadcasted to everyone on your list simultaneously. Bulk voice calls streamline communication processes, making them highly efficient and allowing businesses to focus on other important tasks.

3. Personalization

Despite reaching a large audience, bulk voice calls provide the option to personalize messages. Including specific details or addressing recipients by their names adds a personal touch, making the communication more engaging and relatable.

4. Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled delivery offers flexibility to businesses. With this feature, businesses can make time-sensitive announcements or promotional offers seamlessly. Scheduled delivery ensures that your message reaches the audience at the most opportune moment.

5. Interactive Voice Response Options

Recipients are able to interact with your message, provide feedback, or participate in surveys through touch-tone input. This advanced IVR feature opens up possibilities for better customer outreach and marketing automation.

6. Cost-Effective

Bulk voice calls eliminate the need for a large team of individuals to make individual calls, making it a cost-effective solution for reaching a broad audience.

7. Delivery Reports and Analytics

Visualize having detailed reports on the success of your communication campaign. Analytics provide insights into the delivery status, helping you assess the effectiveness of your messages and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

8. Easy Message Management

Think about how convenient it is to manage your message content effortlessly—recording, uploading, and editing pre-recorded messages for broadcasting. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt their communication strategy on the fly and boost customer engagement.

9. Compliance and Opt-Out Options

Bulk voice call services include features for compliance with regulations, such as allowing recipients to opt-out. This ensures a positive relationship with your audience and adherence to legal requirements.

Benefits of Bulk Voice Calls

Facilitating bulk voice calls or auto calling is an effective way for businesses to connect with a larger customer base at once.  This is useful for strengthening customer relationship bonds, spreading the desired message or announcement among users, and smoother operations.

Here’s why it’s helpful in simple terms:

Saves Money and Time:

Sending bulk voice calls is a highly cost-effective way to talk to many people at once. It’s way faster and less expensive than calling each person or sending individual messages. It helps businesses save both time and money, letting them reach many people with one solution.

Saves Time:

Imagine calling hundreds or thousands of people one by one – it’s not practical and takes too much time. Bulk voice calls automate this, so organizations can share their message with lots of people in just a few minutes. This is crucial for important messages, promotions, or urgent alerts.

Personalized Messages:

Bulk voice calls can include personal details, making the interaction feel more personal. By mentioning names or customizing messages based on specific things, businesses can connect better with their audience, making people more engaged and likely to respond.

Reaches More People:

Voice calls get more attention than text messages or emails. People are more likely to listen to a voice message, making bulk voice calls effective for sharing important info, promotions, event invites, or surveys. This usually leads to better response rates.

Quick Communication:

Establishing quick communication with customers for making urgent announcements or time-sensitive info, utilizing bulk voice or mass calls is an absolute method for this.  Whether it’s a sudden event change, a new product launch, or an emergency, businesses can make sure their message gets to people quickly.

Languages and Inclusivity:

In a diverse world, businesses often need to talk in different languages. Bulk voice calls allow messages in various languages, making sure everyone understands, promoting effective communication and inclusivity.

Feedback and Data:

Many bulk voice call services give detailed reports. This helps businesses see how well their messages work, measure response rates, and get useful feedback. By looking at this data, organizations can improve their communication for future messages.

Use Cases

Bulk voice calls can be used for lots of things like marketing, event reminders, customer surveys, and more. This makes them a valuable tool for different types of businesses, fitting their communication needs.

In short, using bulk voice calls is a cheap, quick, and personal way for businesses to talk to many people. It’s not just for simple messages – it’s a flexible tool for engaging customers, sharing important info, and making communication better overall.

Top 10 Bulk Voice Call Service Providers in India

Businesses widely use bulk SMS and voice call services to strengthen their customer relationship bond and facilitate a smooth flow of conversion with customers.

Here is the list of the top 10 bulk voice service providers in India 


Fonada is a bulk voice call service provider popularly known for offering advanced CPaaS services. This platform also offers bulk voice call services. Our automated phone calling system allows users to send pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously.


  • Bulk Voice Calls: Fonada lets businesses connect with a large audience by making bulk voice calls and bulk SMS, ensuring effective business communication.
  • Real-time Analytics: Detailed analytics help users evaluate how well their campaigns are doing and make decisions based on data.


MySMSMantra provides services for sending bulk voice calls. It enables businesses and individuals to broadcast voice messages efficiently to a wide audience.


  • Voice Broadcasting: MySMSMantra makes it easy to broadcast voice messages through advanced robocalls with dynamic sender IDs, boosting brand visibility.
  • Interactive Voice Response: The integration of IVR and OBD provides an interactive and engaging communication experience.


Cloudshope is a bulk voice call service provider that allows users to deliver automated voice messages in bulk. It caters to businesses looking for an effective way to communicate with their customers via voice calls.


  • Automated Voice Calls: Cloudshope provides automated voice call services with DND filtering for compliant and targeted communication, suitable for telemarketing
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored solutions with industry-specific features meet the unique needs of businesses.


BulkSSMS focuses on bulk communication through various channels, including voice calls. It provides a platform for businesses to deliver pre-recorded voice messages to their target audience.


  • Voice Broadcasting: BulkSSMS simplifies mass voice communication with real-time delivery reports for efficient campaign monitoring.
  • Text-to-Speech Conversion: The platform converts written text into spoken words using conversational AI, enhancing the impact of voice campaigns.


BulkSMSPlans is a service that facilitates bulk voice call services. It is designed to help businesses in reaching a large number of people through automated voice messages.


  • Bulk Voice Messaging: BulkSMSPlans offers a user-friendly interface for bulk voice messaging with multi-language support.
  • Number Verification: Verification tools contribute to voice campaigns’ accuracy and efficiency.


MTalkz is a provider offering solutions for bulk voice calls. Businesses can use this platform to broadcast important messages, promotions, or alerts to their customers through automated voice calls.


  • Cloud Telephony: mTalkz provides scalable cloud telephony solutions for seamless voice communication.
  • Number Masking: Privacy is maintained through number masking, ensuring a secure and confidential calling experience.


ASTTECS provides communication solutions, including bulk voice call services. It caters to businesses seeking a reliable platform for sending out voice messages to a large audience.


  • Asterisk Integration: Asterisk by Asttecs uses the power of Asterisk for customizable and scalable voice solutions. It is dedicatedly  call center software with the power of bulk voice calls.
  • Support and Training: Ongoing support and training empower users to make the most of Asterisk.

Webtech Solution

Webtech Solution is known for offering cost-effective bulk voice call services. It serves as a digital platform where businesses can find attractive bulk SMS plans for facilitating their SMS marketing campaigns based on their requirements.


  • Business Directory: Connects businesses and consumers through a range of voice and SMS services.
  • Multiple Regional Languages: Allows users to broadcast bulk voice campaigns for their targeted audience in their preferred local language. The platform accommodates multiple languages, including regional ones. specializes in providing bulk voice call services. It enables businesses to create and deliver voice messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously, making communication efficient and effective.


  • Cloud-Based Voice Broadcasting: utilizes cloud telephony for efficient voice broadcasting with real-time monitoring.
  • Multi-channel Communication: Integration with multiple channels offers a holistic approach to communication and marketing.


Pacewalk is a platform that offers bulk voice call services. Businesses can use it to send out voice messages to a targeted audience, allowing for quick and widespread communication.


  • Creative Voice Campaigns: Pacewalk delivers creative voice campaigns with graphic design integration for a visually appealing experience.
  • Multichannel Marketing: The platform supports multichannel marketing strategies, allowing businesses to integrate voice campaigns seamlessly.

Bulk Voice Call – FAQs

Bulk calling is the process of reaching out to a large group of people simultaneously. This activity is majorly used by enterprises to promote their services or for making announcements, promotional activities etc.

To make or facilitate bulk calling, you need to subscribe to bulk call services. This process involves,
  • Selecting a reliable service provider,
  • Subscribing to its bulk voice call plans,
  • Uploading the contact list of users that you want to target via bulk calling

Bulk voice call service is an advanced communication tool that businesses use to connect with a bunch of people at once by sending out automated voice messages. 

Bulk calling can be easily facilitated using automated systems or services that can call and play a recorded message for contacts you want to reach.

Making a regular voice call is as simple as dialing someone’s number on your phone and talking to them when they receive it. 

Bulk SMS voice calls let you send both text and voice messages to a bunch of people all at once.

To make a system-generated call, use automated systems or voice-calling APIs. These automated systems are pre-programmed to initiate calls. All they need you to specify parameters like the message and recipients and execute the campaign for automated, pre-recorded messages.

Voice SMS service is like sending short voice messages to a group of people, useful for things like announcements, promotions, or keeping everyone in the loop.

Bulk voice calls are effective for quickly reaching a large audience. They’re commonly used in marketing, promotions, and urgent notifications, providing a cost-efficient way to convey messages to a broad demographic.

The number of voice messages a phone can hold depends on how much storage it has. 

modern phones are designed to store a good amount of messages.

Yes, 4G networks can handle voice calls along with providing fast internet, so you can use your phone for regular phone calls even with a 4G connection.