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How To Leverage Whatsapp API For Your Business – Know Everything

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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging service, with over 2 billion users. Almost all your customers are using WhatsApp for both personal and business purposes. Using the app to engage customers and communicate with them on their preferred channel is a wise business decision.

This post explains what is WhatsApp Business API and how to get it for your business.

What is WhatsApp API?

A WhatsApp API gives communication functionality to your applications. Wi-Fi internet connectivity provides access. With a WhatsApp API, you may make calls, send messages, and do other communication-related actions for free.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

Facebook launched WhatsApp Business API in 2018 as a programmable API that enables businesses to broadcast and receive unlimited messages to a global audience and improve customer experiences on WhatsApp.

Who Can Use WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API is for large and medium businesses, and it facilitates global customer communication by connecting with them on WhatsApp in a secure, simple, and dependable manner.

How to Get the WhatsApp Business API?

Get a New Phone Number

  • You may get a new phone number to receive text messages and calls from international numbers.
  • The phone number must link with the existing WhatsApp account.
  • You must remove the WhatsApp account if it links with the phone number.
  • You may switch to a different provider even if you have already registered with the WhatsApp API.

Signup with a WhatsApp Partner

After completing a purchase, you get redirected to a link that enables you to log in with your Facebook Business Manager.

  • Choose “Continue with Facebook”
  • Continue your Facebook login.
  • Select get started on the following page
  • Connect with the Facebook Business Manager.
  • Create a Facebook Business Account.
  • Create a new WhatsApp Business Account.
  • After creating the account, go to Step 2.
  • Enter the WhatsApp Business Name 
  • Select the Industry Category
  • Add WhatsApp number and choose voice or SMS verification method.
  • Enter the six-digit verification code here.
  • Click OK in the last step.

You get account information via mail within 30 minutes.

Verify the Facebook Business Manager

You’ll have access to the WhatsApp API Sandbox after completing the steps. However, First, get Facebook Business Verification.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business API

Effective And Secure Communications

End-to-end encryption makes WhatsApp the most secure platform for customer communications. Customers have even started to rely on WhatsApp for payment and banking-related support.

GDPR-compliant WhatsApp prevents businesses from sending messages on their own. Customers must first permit or start a conversation before sending messages.

Due to this limitation, businesses send clear, powerful messages, making the whole conversation very effective and user-friendly.

Transform Marketing

If you’re having trouble with results-driven marketing, WhatsApp API is just what you need. With a 99% open rate, you may showcase your brand to hundreds of customers who see your chatbot marketing efforts.

With proactive marketing and communication, companies may benefit from increasing eyeballs and attention. During this phase, well-timed communication may do wonders for your business.

Provide Post-Sale Assistance

The primary goal of using WhatsApp API is to provide customer support. Immediately after the order placement, businesses can start support through the channel.

WhatsApp can handle everything, from addressing complex customer queries to delivering shipments and updates. The only need for businesses is to automate and test the chatbot with 100% accuracy. If your WhatsApp chatbot is of excellent quality, the customer satisfaction rate will increase automatically.

Collect Documentation

Documents were either physically delivered or sent over email before WhatsApp. No consumer likes to complete their documentation the old-fashioned way in this digitally transformed era.

You may gather all the necessary documents with the help of WhatsApp and save them for later use. However, in the case of biometric scans, the customer’s physical appearance is a must.

Send Payment Reminders

WhatsApp may reduce drop-offs in the financial industry or business with a subscription model. Customers tend to forget about their payments, but you may remind them by message.

With the WhatsApp API, you may send payment reminders using the alert update template. Customers may now pay through WhatsApp using WhatsApp payments.

Schedule Appointments 

WhatsApp API integration with your calendar can automate appointment scheduling for all leads, eliminating the need for phone calls and email threads.

Even if the sales team is unavailable at a specific time, WhatsApp API sends the message to your customers of their next availability. Using WhatsApp API, businesses may save staff and customers a lot of time.

Effortless Agent Transfers For Complex Queries

With the WhatsApp CRM provided by your business solution provider, you may add a team of customer service agents to handle WhatsApp-based queries.

Customer support representatives may manage complex responses. You can do this by offering consumers the option to connect with a customer service professional or automating hand-off for qualified leads or complex queries.

Answer FAQs

It is simple to automate simple self-service inquiries by automating replies to all frequently asked questions. With WhatsApp, businesses can provide rapid responses to simple customer queries. However, complex queries need the assistance of agents.

Since WhatsApp replies are only triggered when the keywords match, businesses may set up to five input messages to trigger a response.

Personalize Experiences

WhatsApp personalizes messages using variables. It may get information from your added contacts and place it into specific locations in your messages.

In addition, WhatsApp currently supports ten languages for interaction. With multilingual support, Companies Can Communicate With Their Customers In Their Native Language And Gain Their Trust.

Instant Responses

Using WhatsApp API, you may automate customer responses. However, not artificially intelligent, the replies may be engaging and satisfy the customers. You may set up welcome, away, and delayed response messages.

With tools such as WhatsApp auto-reply and WhatsApp alerts, companies can successfully communicate with their clients 24/7, including on weekends and holidays. Dynamic reply buttons and interactive list messages make WhatsApp the most convenient customer communication channel.

Create A Powerful Brand Identity

7 out of 10 consumers buy from brands they trust. WhatsApp API helps this trust by developing a Strong Brand Identity with the respected WhatsApp Green Tick.

The Green Checkmark is WhatsApp’s direct confirmation of your brand’s reliability. When a user sees the Green Tick mark on your WhatsApp Profile, they will know they are talking with a reputable Brand.

Also, with the Green Tick, your contact’s name will display instead of the number, even for those who have not added you to their contact list.

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Connect Your CRMS And Softwares To Whatsapp To Send Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications trigger if a user does an action, such as making a purchase or payment.

Now, emails and text messages provide these alerts.

You will increase your open rates and conversions by automating these WhatsApp notifications.

Therefore, if you have a very high Abandoned Cart Rate, you may automate an Abandoned Cart Recovery Notification on WhatsApp and recover an average of 25-60% of abandoned carts.

Connect your CRM, Payment Portals, and eCommerce Platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Hubspot to Zapier through their APIs to automate these WhatsApp notifications.

The Best Platform For Two-Way Communication

Before purchasing, customers desire direct communication with brands, and WhatsApp facilitates two-way contact between brands and consumers. On WhatsApp, clients may communicate with you and get immediate answers to their queries.

Send Customers Personalized Communications

71% of customers are unhappy when they have an impersonal shopping experience.

WhatsApp is a perfect platform for customizing the customer experience. With emojis and the availability of rich media options like images, audio, files, and clickable links, you may build personalized messages to improve the buying experience of your customers.

Expand The Reach Of Your Business

There are 2.2 billion active WhatsApp users who spend an average of 38 minutes each day on the platform.

WhatsApp messages have a click-through rate between 45 to 60 % and an open rate of 98 %. WhatsApp is the ideal platform for sending Broadcasts to tens of thousands of consumers.

Reasonable Pricing

WhatsApp is a cost-effective channel for marketing your services and products.

If you use WhatsApp Business App, you will pay no marketing expenses. The WhatsApp Business App has minimal features that may not fit businesses with high message volumes.

End-To-End Encryption Offers Unmatched Security

Users worry about security and due to security concerns, 87% of people will not engage with businesses.

With End-to-End Encrypted Messaging enabled, WhatsApp removes this security question.

Similarly, all messages sent between businesses and customers using the WhatsApp API are secure and encrypted end-to-end.

It makes WhatsApp the safest platform for banks, financial institutions, and other businesses to share sensitive information without worrying about security.

What Is Business Whatsapp?

WhatsApp Business is a version of WhatsApp that caters only to business purposes. Businesses may promote their newest products and deals, engage with clients one-on-one, and make themselves easier to contact for business queries.

What Do You Need To Do After Setting Up The Whatsapp Business API?

Green Tick Verification

A green tick next to your business name helps develop trust among customers. However, it does not add any features or functionalities to the WhatsApp chatbot.

Set WhatsApp notification

Customers may only send proactive WhatsApp messages via WhatsApp alerts. However, even with these notifications, customers must opt-in to get business notifications.

Highly structured messages or custom auto-replies are interactive messages that businesses can use to engage customers and inform them of their orders or requests.

you must complete two simple steps to send a WhatsApp notification:

  • Create a list of contacts for WhatsApp notifications. It may be an existing or brand-new list.
  • Create a WhatsApp message template and get WhatsApp’s approval.


So this is a complete guide for leveraging WhatsApp business API in your business, and it is an excellent solution that caters to big and medium businesses. WhatsApp Business API is also a terrific solution for businesses who want to expand their reach and take issues into their own hands to enhance customer solutions and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to automate their conversations using automated responses, chatbots, and interactive messages. The WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to design a customized, customer-optimal communication flow.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is specifically for small enterprises, enabling an individual to use two accounts on the same device without requiring an additional standard WhatsApp account. WhatsApp Business has a different logo, so employees can identify which is for business.

Also, WhatsApp Business has the “Quick Reply” function, enabling users to submit predefined responses to frequently asked questions. In addition to “Quick Reply,” WhatsApp Business can send away messages, label conversations, and greet messages.

WhatsApp Business enables companies to send professional, free messages to customers’ devices as long as they have an internet connection.

WhatsApp’s popularity outside of business makes it valuable for companies, especially the ability to send free messages to customers’ devices as long as they’re online.

WhatsApp Business API

While WhatsApp Business API is for large businesses, WhatsApp Business is for small businesses. The WhatsApp Business API powers the company’s global customer communication, enabling it to connect with customers worldwide.

WhatsApp Business API is for larger companies who get too many messages from the Business App. You can use the WhatsApp Business App on a single device, and it is only for a single user, which is a severe limitation for large businesses. In terms of automation, the standard business application has limitations.

Creating and implementing a Business API helps companies to integrate the API with their WhatsApp Business Solution or WhatsApp CRM. The API supports an unlimited number of devices and users, and businesses may also use the API to send customer notifications. For APIs, creating an account needs permission, messages must answer within 24 hours, and Template Messages require WhatsApp approval before sending.

The Whatsapp Business API is more robust than the regular business application and is thus more useful to more famous companies.

Four steps are typically necessary to get a WhatsApp API account via embedded signup.

  1. Buy a phone number.
  2. Complete the submission form for a WhatsApp Business Account.
  3. Complete the embedded pop-ups for registration.
  4. Generate An Api Key To Connect Your Business Software.

The WhatsApp Business API is not available to everyone, and Facebook has selected 40-50 third-party solution providers to deliver WhatsApp Business API to businesses.

Business solution providers provide WhatsApp APIs to develop WhatsApp-based solutions. These BSPs may help you communicate with your consumers using WhatsApp APIs for the approved use cases of customer service and time-sensitive, personalized notifications.

For more information on how to integrate WhatsApp into your apps or business systems, call 1800 137 3839 or email